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Life has never been easier with these two home essentials; browse this section and check the possibilities of saving energy and time you have available!

The days of waiting to use a free machine in the shared laundry room or transporting large quantities of clothes to the laundry were finished. The process of selecting the washer and dryer will depend on the space available in your home, the capacity needed for you and your family and of course your budget. Buy washers and dryers at FinishBuild and equip your home with appliances that have all the latest features. We will help you find a washer to knock out load after load and have your clothes looking and smelling great.

Washing Machines

Make washing clothes a more bearable task with a new washing machine. The purchase of a washing machine is an important decision because depending on the amount of use you have can last between 8 and 14 years.

It is important to choose a washing machine according to your needs and space. All in one combo units are great to conserve space, as well as laundry centers; these machines only take up a one units worth of space and are great for apartments or smaller laundry rooms. Some front load washers can also be stacked to mirror the functionality of a laundry center, but carefully examine the features to ensure “stackable” is an option. There are lots of special features to consider, but here are some basic things to think about:

  • Efficiency: Energy savings over the life of any appliance is worth noting. If this is a concern for you look for a washing machine that has the Energy Star certification
  • Capacity: If you have a large family, or wash large or bulky items, consider a large capacity washer. Despite their large size, these units can be as energy efficient as smaller models and offer the same functions and wash cycles as conventional models.
  • Space: How much space do you have for a washer and dryer? In addition to the units themselves, you need room to open the doors completely. There are stackable and combination washer/dryer options available. If you had a top-load and are considering a front-load, make sure your space has clearance for the door to open fully.
  • Sound Dampening: Where will the washer be located? A quiet machine is essential if it’s near a living or sleeping area. Check the machine for vibration reduction, and look for added insulation and improved suspension for less noise


If for any reason you need to buy a separate dryer, do not worry! you’ve come to the right place. At FinishBuild, you can find a wide selection of standalone dryers in the brands, finishes, and fuel type to perfectly match your existing washer. We even have combination washer dryers and stackable laundry machines if you need both.

Check your dryer connections, some use natural gas and some use electricity. Your decision to purchase electric versus gas will depend on whether you have a gas line in your laundry area. If you want to change your dryer’s fuel source, you’ll need the help of a professional contractor.

Most electric dryers use a 240-volt current to heat up their coils, so it will require a 240-volt outlet so that it can be installed in your laundry area.