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Siding by FinishBuild

Also known as wall-cladding, siding is a layer of a specific material that is used for the protection or adornment of the walls, ceiling or floor. It is common that, when the passage of time affects the surface, it is decided to install a siding that conceals the damages. Some types of siding are: ceramics, wood, paper (used for wallpaper), stone and paint. It is possible to place coverings both inside the house and outside.

Here at FinishBuild you can find a wide variety of siding that will help you protect your home or business from the weather. In our siding section, you can choose from a wide range of materials and finishes, so we can ensure that you can get the product that best suits your requirements.

Vinyl siding is a very durable and resists fading and weathering for eternal beauty. Fiber cement siding is a great alternative to wood siding and is made of a combination of cement, recycled materials, wood fiber and special additives.

Engineering wood siding offers the traditional appeal of wood but with less maintenance. The stone veneer siding beautifully accentuates other cladding materials to give the exterior of your building a perfect look. Complete the look of your home with decorative panels and cladding accessories.

Imitation brick cladding is made with a realism that makes it difficult to differentiate it from a real brick wall. It offers a wide variety of models of multiple colors, sizes and appearances, from modern bricks to older, worn, rustic bricks or the elegant English brick. It can be used for any type of construction, whether renovation or new construction, adapting to any type of surface quickly and facilitating its installation.

It is undeniable that stone is an element that is setting trends in current architectural design. And, in addition to aesthetics, we all want the best quality and maximum safety in the construction of our homes and places we frequent. Strong architectural bases, top quality materials, resistant facades … And in this matter the stone masonry used in the stone cladding has an essential role.

The coverings are like the skins that surround both the facades and the walls or interior partitions of houses and other buildings. They are the external terminations that follow, they function as decoration and must offer protection and security. These can be classified as natural stone cladding or artificial stone cladding.

Natural stone siding is laminated based on factory standards with natural stones. These veneers can be applied to both exterior walls and interior walls. On the other hand, artificial stone sidings are compounds consisting of aggregates and treated binders to achieve an appearance similar to that of a natural stone and are generally used in interior walls.


If the idea is to apply a siding, the first thing to do is remove the previous layers until the surface is smooth. Otherwise, the aesthetic result will not be satisfactory.

In the case of floor coverings, the most modern do not require glue but are installed in a floating manner, fixing them to panels.

External siding, on the other hand, are also important for the protection of buildings. Brick, marble and tile are among the most popular materials.