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Patio Furniture by Finishbuild

The patio of your house is the ideal place to share good times with your family and friends, that’s why here at FinishBuild we bring you a wide variety of products to transform this space into a place to create beautiful memories

Make your outdoor space more welcoming and comfortable with beautiful, durable and functional patio furniture in all styles, sizes, colors and materials. Whatever size your patio, porch, deck or yard, in FinishBuild you will find everything you need at the best price.

Patio furniture materials

Depending on the climate of the place where you live and the style you want, there is a wide variety of outdoor furniture materials. Next we are going to talk to you about some of them:

  • Wicker and rattan: Synthetic versions look like natural wicker but are more durable and resistant to sun and rain
  • Aluminum: Fairly lightweight and corrosion-resistant, smooth finish
  • Steel: Heavier metal and needs treatment to prevent rust
  • Wrought iron: Heaviest and strongest material for outdoor furniture and durable; rust-resistant but rust-retardant primer and paint will also help
  • Cedar: Lightweight and resistant to moisture and insects
  • Eucalyptus: Mid-weight and naturally water resistant
  • Teak: Dense and hard, high resistance to weather, insects and marring

When buying patio furniture, remember that to keep them beautiful for much longer you should keep them during the winter months.

Before buying patio furniture

Before making the purchase of furniture and accessories to make your patio a second family room, welcoming and comfortable, you must first think of how many people will enjoy this space, how many square feet it has and of course, the color and style you want to get.

In Finishbuild you can get furniture sets of different materials, umbrellas, chairs, tables, cushions and endless articles!

Maintenance of Patio Furniture

The garden furniture is prepared for outdoor use. However, the surface suffers with inclement weather, so it is important to subject them to regular cleaning and maintenance, in addition to a renewal treatment, before reusing them.

Resin and plastic furniture. They are resistant to the weather, but with time they lose their bright appearance and turn whitish. Its maintenance is very simple, just wash them with soap and water, rinse them and dry them with a cloth to prevent the water from leaving stains when evaporating. A trick so that this type of furniture is not damaged by the excess of sun is to cover them with damp towels.

Furniture made of natural fibers. Bamboo, wicker, synthetic petan-rattan and rattan are the materials that deteriorate most, but well cared for can last a long time. For their maintenance, they must be cleaned with care to avoid damaging the fibers. First you have to remove the dust with a soft brush, then wipe it with a cloth dampened in water with a few drops of neutral soap. If the furniture is cane, you have to rinse them with salt water so that it stays rigid. Once dry, if the material requires it, apply a hard-bristle brush an open-pore varnish for exterior, reduced with turpentine.

Furniture made of iron, aluminum and wrought iron. Although these materials are resistant and durable, and are hardly affected by inclement weather, they can suffer the effects of rain in the form of rust. To prevent this from happening, apply a layer of paint or antioxidant varnish to the furniture every 2 or 3 years, depending on the weather. If the rust has already damaged the furniture, you must first eliminate its trace with a waterproof sandpaper or a stiff wire brush. Before applying the antioxide, it is necessary to wash and dry the sanded surface well so that the dust does not accumulate. Just clean them with soapy water.

Wooden furniture. Teak, burinba, iroco and other exotic woods for garden resist well the effects of water and sun, so they require little care. The resin of the wood itself provides them with a protective film. To keep this furniture in good condition, it must be cleaned periodically with a brush and soapy water, in addition to applying once or twice a year a layer of protective oil derived from the wood itself (teak oil or mixtures) or a wood renovator so that they recover their initial color. These protectors also counteract the effect of ultraviolet rays and the action of fungi and insects. If necessary, before applying these products you can polish the asperities of the furniture with a fine sandpaper.