Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic Tile 1×2-H-SCAB-STR-LOT5 1×2 Scabos HONED and Unfilled Travertine Brick Mosaic Tile-Box of 5 Sheets by Marble ‘n cosas Selections
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Mosaic Tile by Finishbuild

A great alternative to renovate your house in a spectacular way, if you find yourself tired of the simplest solutions such as painting the walls or decorating them with vinyl, is to coat them with mosaics that besides adding all kinds of interesting textures, allow you to implement different designs and colors in which you can reflect your tastes and personality.

There are so many options that this type of material offers when it comes to decorating, that you can not only limit to putting them in the bathroom or in places like the terraces and the garden, which are usually the most common sites for inclusion.

Some ideas that you can incorporate with originality to add style to your interiors, are the ones that we propose you immediately:

In the room, he places mosaics on the wall against which the head of the bed rests. Make a combination of colors based on the range you selected for sheets and duvets and you will get a cozy and different stay.

Use mosaics to decorate details. The center table of the room, certain decorations in the dining room or even sections on the walls, are some places where you can use the enormous visual interest that can be created taking advantage of these decorative fragments.

Make a mural in the hall or some common room. This is a spectacular way of personalizing your house without losing the good taste, incorporating some significant design and that agrees with the type of decoration that you chose in general.

Also it is worth to use mosaics in abstract pictures for the walls. They are great in the hall and the corridors, as well as being a form of expression that you can carry out. Playing with different colors on a base in some neutral tone, such as black, is ideal and safe to decorate your rooms.

Types of mosaics

• Regular Mosaics

• Semi-Regular Mosaics

• Uniform Mosaics

• Non-Uniform Mosaics

• Mosaics Generated by a Quadrilateral

Benefits of mosaic decoration

– They are durable. They have a long life

– High resistance

– They are easy to clean and are against permanent stains

– Excellent moisture resistance

– Hygienic surface

– Chemical resistance

– Temperature resistance below zero

Outside the bathroom and kitchen

Ceramic tiles are no longer a risky proposition; mosaic decoration has become a unique possibility for the humid areas of the house. It has been a while since the mosaic decoration has left bathrooms and kitchen to settle anywhere on the walls of the house. It is an elegant decoration. The mosaics can be ceramic, glass or different types of stones.

Decorate table with mosaics

If you are thinking about decorating your table or garden, the technique is very easy, you can apply without so much knowledge and so many materials. The advantage of decorating this furniture with mosaics is that you can use broken mosaics of any size, shape and color. The procedure you can do in your house you only need a marker and a design that you have previously chosen. Transfer it to your table, bite at the edges with a minimum depth of 2cm; now fill the design spaces with the small colored tiles, place white cement or adhesive to cover the small spaces with the help of a spatula.

This modern technique of decoration with mosaics has been for many the most economical way to decorate, due to the use of recycled materials.

Possibilities are endless with mosaic tiles, so if you are in the mood of adding texture and ornamental looks to a specific area of your home, office or business place Finish build has it for you. At FinishBuild we have mosaic tiles that can be easily use as a covering material for floors or wall areas.