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Moldings by FinishBuild

     Moldings are the most frequently used products to complete renovation projects and obtain more elegant finishes in any room. Whether you are transitioning between two rooms or between two different types of flooring, add a touch of decoration to boring ceilings, change the appearance of doors and windows, moldings are key to finishing your space with a great look!

Molding Types

  • Baseboard Molding

     Baseboard moldings are commonly used to hide the space between walls and floors. With the use of baseboards, you can also add a sophisticated touch to any room. This type of molding comes in a variety of materials, colors, and finishes to choose from.

  • Crown Moldings

     Crown molding is a form of cornice created out of decorative molding installed atop an interior wall. It is also used atop doors, windows, pilasters and cabinets.

  • Casing Moldings

     Casing is a molding that is responsible for framing a door or window. Casings covers the surroundings of all doors and windows, hiding any space between them and the wall. In addition to covering spaces, casings are also a decorative element widely used to beautify rooms.

  • Transitions Moldings
  1. Quarter Round Molding: Quarter round moldings are a versatile perimeter molding used to covering the expansion gap. They can be used together with a baseboard to give an ornamental touch. They can be used alongside a baseboard for an ornamental touch, or simply placed at the base of the steps or around cabinets. For a uniform look, quarter round moldings can be color matched to your flooring.
  2. T-Molding: T-molding is used to is used to create a flat threshold at the transition between two floors of the same height. It is frequently used to transition from wood to tile floors or between two wood floors.
  • Stair Nose

     They are used to create a smooth surface between the edge of the stairs and their floors. For a decorative and functional look , stair nose perfectly caps the edge of the stairs.