ALFI brand ABUMSB Undermount Farm Sink Installation Kit 36″ White Rods

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ABUMSB:This kit makes it quick and easy to install your new undermount sink. It consists of two 36″ white metal rods that can be cut to fit the inside width of your cabinet. They mount on to the cabinet walls with the 4 metal flanges and screws supplied in the kit. The sink then sits on the rods which support it from beneath and secures it in place. If you choose to not purchase this kit, you will need to create your own support for the sink using two 2’x4′ wood pieces or metal rods. This kit simply makes it quicker and easier. This kit helps maintain aesthetics under your sink by taking up much less room than diy wood support bars. Easy to cut and fit for exact sink size. Made to support heavy sinks up to 180 lbs weight capacity, keeping your sink safely secured and in place. Best recommended option for undercount sink installation.

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