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Interior Doors

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Interior Doors by Finishbuild

The interior doors not only delimit spaces, but occupy a place that should later be taken into account when making decorative objects visually. Getting right with the right material and finish is still extremely important for the final result of the decoration of our home, but it is not the most important thing when it comes to choosing interior doors.

We must take into account the needs of the habitants of that house, the frequency of use (that can do some opening systems as especially sensitive folding) and whether it is necessary to isolate the noise or just need us to of intimacy.

Ideas for interior doors

You do not need the same door for the kitchen, a bedroom in the private area of the house or the guest bathroom. Neither is it the same to choose the interior doors that the access door from the street or the one that gives to a garden, balcony or patio.

Before a door model was chosen and, except for very special needs of a room, the entire house had the same model. In the current decoration it does not have to be this way.

The first choice for doors, whether we want to achieve a vanguard or classic style, is wood. The different woods with their particular colors, veins and properties can satisfy any decorative need and the new finishes and treatments make them highly resistant.

The doors lacquered in white or in other colors without the warmth of the wood, allow a greater variety and decorative play that make them especially desirable in homes with modern designs. The interior doors with glossy finishes, satin, decorated with vinyl.

The interior doors have the added advantage of visually enlarging the space if they have the same color of the wall, which in small departments is a magnificent visual resource. We can also turn the interior doors into a decorative element more by making them contrast with the walls and giving them greater weight in achieving the chosen environment.

If there is a place in your home that has insufficient natural light, you can use the doors with different types of glass to give a new light. In this case, glass interior doors may be the best option. The different terminations of the crystals allow achieving this without losing intimacy.

Another point to consider is the space that will occupy the door especially if, for any reason, we have decided that the span is something greater than the standard size.

If we do not walk in excess of space, we must evaluate if we are interested in spending a little more on a sliding or sliding door with wall or floor rails, folding doors or wall mounted. The greater investment in the door and installation will possibly compensate in the long term because we will gain useful meters in our home.

Although it will always be possible to bring doors to life, the choice of doors deserves to be considered because it is not an element of the house that we change from time to time, such as painting or textiles: it is important to know how to choose interior doors as they are called to accompany us for many years.

The main door

The front door is considered the business card of our home, and often the type of door marks the decorative style of the house.

In addition to its basic function as it is to provide security, we also meet two main factors, functionality and design.

Inside the house doors have important functions, such as separating rooms. Depending on the design and materials also allow natural light to pass which helps to compose the decoration of the rooms.

There are several models available in the market of architecture, but currently the pivoting door has stood out, as they are modern and stylish.

Interior doors, principal models

Single-leaf doors.

Single-leaf doors are widely used in the interior of homes because it is a traditional model.

In general, this kind of door is made of wood or MDF and can vary in color or opt for a colored door.

The advice is that if you have an apartment and the rooms are small, the brightly colored doors help give a greater sense to the decor.

With borders.

Door designs with interior valances lately are no longer used as much. When carrying valances the door looks like recharged and gives the feeling of “old”. However if you want to install doors of this type, always choose models with more subtle designs, which are the most appropriate models for the interior of the house.

Folding doors.

The folding doors are executed and duplicated like an accordion. This door model is ideal for environments where the need to optimize space is a priority. There is a great variety of materials for folding doors, but if the idea is to use them in humid environments, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, it is better to opt for PVC models.

Venetian doors.

Venetian doors allow ventilation of the internal environment. They are very used in balconies and terraces, bathrooms and even in pantries, because the air circulates well.

Using this door in the balconies, is usually installed accompanied by a glass window and the Venetian door.

Sliding doors.

This model is used for both indoor and outdoor use. Its characteristic is that the door opens sideways by introducing a lane inside the interior of the wall. This model is ideal to give access to the patios and balconies, as they do not obstruct the space and prevent them from being slammed shut by the wind. There are different models of sliding doors for exteriors, and if the option is for a balcony, the best option is to choose a model with shutter, so that you can control the light that enters the room.

Our interior doors selection has been chosen to please your home interior needs. Get inspired by all of the styles we have available and create a whole new look with any of these interior doors, they are the result of a long standing spirit of innovation and durability that can beautifully enhance your home’s appearance.