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Every time you shop you run out of space in your refrigerator? You have a big family? The turkey dinner or the piece of meat you bought for a barbecue does not fit in your refrigerator? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then you might be needing a freezer in your home.

Freezers are a great way to store a supply of excess food that you cannot fit in your refrigerator, and with their robust design, storing bulky items like meat and frozen veggies is easy. They are convenient for large families where bulk buying is commonplace, with the extra freezer space more food will be readily available.


Freezer capacities range from 50 litres on the smaller end to over 300 litres on the large end, so consider a size that will suit your household and that will fit in your allocated space before you start shopping. And make sure you can fit it through the front door when it arrives.

For a small family, a freezer with 50 to 150 litres of storage space is going to be ideal, where you can generally store a week’s worth of food. It is best to avoid empty space in your freezer as this will leave more room for warm air and the freezer will use more energy to maintain cool temperatures.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Freezer

Having a freezer in your home is very useful because it is an equipment that manages to conserve all kinds of foods and beverages you want, but, just as it is a type of refrigerator that is used a lot, it is vital to keep it clean. Like any appliance, your freezer always needs to be clean to function properly.

Believe it or not, experts say that when having a freezer at home or in the business, it is recommended to clean it at least once a week, because in addition to cleaning all the bacteria that it can have, It also extends its useful life, and this is because if it is kept sanitized it will always work well.

Take note of what you should know and do to be able to clean your freezer correctly:

  • Empty the freezer: To be able to clean it as it should and not leave any corner of the freezer with dirt, remove everything in it and leave it completely empty to be able to access all the spaces, so you can clean it quickly and properly.
  • Clean everything with a damp cloth: Keep in mind that to clean your freezer you should not empty water inside it because this could affect its operation. The best option is to moisten a cloth and go cleaning all the internal and external areas, if you want you can use only water as a cleaner, although to eliminate all the bacteria that can leave food in the freezer, it is usually better to use a neutral soap and Then pass a clean cloth.
  • Clean the door rubbers: The rubber of the doors of your freezer must be sanitized, since on the banks of the rubbers a lot of dirty is usually accumulated that over time prevents the freezer from closing properly, that is why to finish the cleaning make sure the door rubbers are perfectly clean.

Since you have all the essential instructions to clean your freezer remember that cleaning is best done weekly, and if you spill something clean it right away, because it sticks, leaves stains and generates bacteria.