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Flooring Accessories by FinishBuild

Flooring accessories are essential both to begin with the installation of the floor and to give those finishing touches that will allow you to obtain amazing finishes. When using the appropriate accessories during the installation of your floors also has the benefit of extending its useful life. From tools and ornaments to pipe edges and sockets, at FinishBuild we can offer you everything you need to control that your floors have everything they need to impress your visitors.


With the use of a cork base for your floors you can identify the thermal insulation and acoustic insulation necessary for each type of floating floor. Feel the pleasure of significantly reducing the sounds emitted by your floors by installing a cork base. Cork bases also increase the durability and longevity of your floors because it efficiently eliminates any small surface failure under the installed floor. Get quieter, warmer and more comfortable floors. The insulating cork base is indefinitely durable and we can identify that they survived much longer than the floors.


Floor moldings are necessary to complete any floor project. Whether you are transitioning between two rooms, or between two different types of floors, floor moldings are key to obtaining excellent finishes that improve the appearance of your floors.

The purpose of the moldings is to cover edges, camouflage expansion spaces and bridge surfaces where the ends of wood and other types of floors, such as tiles or carpets, begin. Engineering floors often come with matching moldings, but for solid wood floors, you must purchase these pieces. There is a wide variety of mold types manufactured to meet specific needs, browse through our mold selection and find what you need only at FinishBuild.


The underlayment is a thin material located between the subfloor and the upper floor cover that can take different specific forms of the floor material than the support. Unlike the subfloor, which is part of the frame and structure of a house, the base mainly serves to provide a smooth and flat surface to allow an easy and attractive installation of the surface floor.

The base of its floors can also fulfill other functions such as: dampen the sound of the steps, soften the feeling of the floor under the feet and, in some cases, act as a moisture barrier.