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Faux Stone Siding Panels by FinishhBuild

If what you want is to make your home a more comfortable and cozy place, transmitting a great feeling of warmth, then a great choice would be to use faux stone panels. These panels can be placed in virtually any location, from a living room, to an office, a bathroom or a gallery.

With a wide variety of shapes, patterns and colors you can completely transform the appearance of a room by simply using our panels on one of its walls. Find your favorite panel here at FinishBuild, browse in our extensive product section and finalize that space you’ve always been dreaming about.

Why decorate your home with faux stone siding panels?

The faux stone panel is a decorative element that offers advantages and benefits that go beyond the visual aspect. With this type of decorative panels, you can make the look of your home traditional rustic combined with modern touches. The possibilities are endless with the wide range of textures, colors and shapes available.

Where can it be used?

Whether to cover a room in a cozy way, that matches your fireplace or simply want to radically change the walls of your home, these decorative panels are perfect to get the look you want.

With the use of panels the visual results are excellent, you do not even have to worry about their installation, since you can do it yourself with the right tools. In other words, this type of panels that mimic the stone have the perfect size and dimensions. Anyone can assemble easily and easily, screwing our panels directly to the wall.

Advantages of faux stone panels

One of the main advantages of choosing our faux stone panels as a decorative element for your home is that in doing so, the results are completely realistic. With this type of panels, you can renew your favorite spaces and give your home the warm look you have always wanted. If you compare it with the polyurethane panel, the stone panel is not only much more realistic and visually more beautiful, but it is also more economical and even more resistant.

Other advantages of using faux stone panels include:

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Great strength and durability wherever it is placed.
  • Provides a warm and cozy atmosphere to your home.
  • Easily integrates with any type of decoration.
  • You can get it in different textures, finishes and colors.
  • You can mount the stone panel yourself because it is easy to install.
  • It is cheaper than any other type of decorative panels.
  • Amazing realism and completely natural look.
  • It adapts to the decoration needs of your home.

-It is a much lighter material compared to natural stone cladding.