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Faucets by FinishBuild

If you are looking for the perfect faucet for your new home or you need to replace that faucet that has been dripping for a long time, do not worry! Here at FinishBuild you can get the faucet that best suits your requirements and at the best price.

In our catalog, you can get a wide variety of finishes that will perfectly match the style of your home, you can choose between polished nickel, brushed nickel, chrome, matte black, white, bronze, copper, oil rubbed bronze, brass and more!

Before Buying a Faucet…

If you are buying a faucet, pay close attention to the number of holes your sink or wall has to determine how many your new faucet should have. One hole kitchen faucets portray a modern look where the hot and cold handle is attached to the faucet. The two-hole faucet is a more classic look in which the two holes are for two different hot and cold handles. A three-hole faucet has room for hot and cold handles in addition to the faucet.

Types of Faucets

Depending on the number of holes and the purpose of the faucet you can find several types:

  • Water Filter Faucet: Staying hydrated is an important aspect of maintaining daily health. Your water filter can be cold water only or cold and hot water. If you’re an avid tea drinker, hot water filters are very useful!
  • Wall Mounted Faucets: Wall-mounted faucets are fashionable right now, hang on the wall above the sink and make it easy to clean the countertop
  • Pull Down: With pull down faucets, the spout of the arc faucet pulls straight down to act as a dish sprayer. You will not need an extra side sprinkler, which allows you to have a simpler looking configuration in the kitchen faucet. Since the sprayer is part of the faucet spout, it is able to reach more areas around the sink.
  • Pull Out: is very similar to pull down in that the sprayer is part of the faucet spout. It differs from pull down as the faucet is less of an arc and the sprayer pulls straight out as opposed to down. It still reaches to all parts of the sink for proper cleaning.
  • Bridge Faucet: With this faucet, there are holes for the hot and cold levers as well as the spout. The three parts are connected in a way that forms a bridge. This portrays a classic look.
  • Touch / Touchless Faucet: A touch or touchless kitchen faucet is a modern feature that makes for a very convenient dish washing experience. Rather than using a hand to turn on the water, the faucet has a detector on the spout so that all you need to do is place your hand in front of it and water comes from the spout. It is referred to as both touch and touchless faucet but they mean the same. This is a great feature to have in any modern kitchen as it makes for a faster dish washing experience.