Engineered Wood Flooring

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Engineered wood flooring by FinishBuild

Engineered wood flooring is a resistant option that adapts to various types of environments. Made of genuine wood, this flooring gives your home a timeless look. It has become a popular modern alternative to traditional solid wood for several reasons. Unlike solid wood floors, engineered woods are composed of multiple layers of compressed timber, before being finished with a top layer of solid wood veneer. As a result, engineered wood can boast the timeless look of fully natural wood floors with added stability. It’s resistant to moisture and heat.

Engineered hardwood can be made of any type of wood to provide homeowners with an opportunity to create the perfect custom look. If you would like to use planks wider than six or eight inches, engineered wood can be a good choice.

Using engineered wood flooring overcomes issues when installing in areas such as kitchens, conservatories or spaces with high amounts of temperature and humidity changes. The plywood base makes the product much more flexible and stable than solid wood floors. Besides that engineering and solid wood look almost identical, engineered wood floors are underfloor heating compatible.

Before fitting any engineered wood, you must allow 3-5 days for the floor to acclimatize. Preparation of the subfloor is paramount and all subfloors should be free of undulations prior to installation. Following this rule will make the installation process much easier and increase the life of the product.

Engineered wood flooring can be installed by do-it-yourselfers. It can be nailed down over a plywood subfloor, glued down over a plywood or concrete subfloor or floated over a plywood or concrete subfloor.

These floors can generally be used in any level of the home. Engineered hardwood’s construction fortifies it with greater structural stability so that it can be used at any level of the home.

Engineered wood flooring care

 To keep your floor in good condition, as with many other products, it is necessary to have a maintenance routine. Your engineered wood floor will retain its beauty for years to come with a proper maintenance and care. Below we will give you tips to help you take care of your floors-

  • Try to sweep or vacuum your engineered flooring daily. You can use either a vacuum cleaner with a soft flooring attachment.
  • The first thing you can do for your engineered wood floor is to get a good doormat to clean and dry shoes before coming in. Ideally both in and outside the door.
  • Put soft pads on the bottom of table and chair legs and keep an eye that they haven’t fallen off. To avoid patches and scratches on your floors avoid using protectors made of metal.
  • You will need to clean a little more often if you have light wood floors because they are more prone to wear. Light floors, are typically more sensitive to wear-and-tear than dark ones, and therefore require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.
  • Abrasive materials, such as steel wool, should not be used to clean engineered hardwood flooring.