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Doors Accessories

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Doors Accesories by Finishbuild

Paying attention to the entrance door is extremely important when decorating the home, as it is the first impression that visitors receive. Depending on the style of the house, there are several accessories for fronts that can be added, such as bells, planters with plants, decorative crowns and others.

Door Accessories to decorate fronts

Decorative Bells: Door bells can fulfill the caller function or simply be decorative. The second can be placed in any corner of the garden, on the porch or next to the front door.

Planters with plants: Sometimes a planter next to the door has an important decorative effect, as is the case of ornamental trees or shrubs of small and medium size. Palm trees, carefully pruned trees or topiaries are the preferred species to decorate a gateway.

Decorative crowns: Crowns for doors, as well as seasonal decorative elements, are a delicate and elegant detail to add to the front of a house. Floral arrangements, dried leaves, pumpkins and other elements create an impact in the front garden.

Callers for doors: The callers, as well as the doorbell and door handle, are very important accessories in the main access of a house. Making them combine with each other and with the style of the door and the entrance is fundamental. There are rustic, polished bronze and shiny metals with various finishes.

Luminaires for doors: Choosing a luminaire according to the decoration of the front of the house is essential, because there are such a variety of models that it is difficult to decide. The most important thing is to illuminate the focal point, and at the same time make the front safe and passable. The path, the door or the whole space can be lit, the lights dimmed in the garden, and so on.

Details to decorate the entrance

The poster with the number of the house or its name, the benches or rocking chairs and the pendants for the porch are other accessories that you can add for the decoration of the entrance. Before quantity, prefers the harmony between the elements, to create a pleasant and subtly decorated space.

How to choose handcuffs and fittings for interior doors…

It’s amazing to see how interior doors can change the look of a home! If they had an oak and a white change, the house seems to be lit … If they had an old design and changed it to a modern one, instant redecoration … In the same way it is important to choose handcuffs or door handles with the same care. Even changing the handles on the interior doors can be a “knock” (and never better …) to “refresh” the decoration of the house in a simple way.

The most important thing is to achieve a balance between function and form, that is, which its aesthetics are adequate, but at the same time we choose the most suitable design for each type of door.

Sliding doors do not need the same type of handles or fittings as a traditional swing door or a swinging door, nor are interior doors embedded in partitions.

Helpful tips

Determining the functionality of the handles we want for the doors is critical. The rotary knobs are very economical but they eventually loosen up and fail to fulfill their function. The easiest to install may be the rosette shield handles (cylindrical) if you plan to do the work yourself (some of them can be adapted to hide the large hole that remains when removing the traditional doorknobs of the 80’s). If you have holes to hide, the best are the cranks with plate shield (elongated). The presence of children or the elderly in the home may be important in determining what type of handcuffs to use, since some such as knobs are not easy to handle for them.

Count how many doors will need latching or condemning in rooms that need extra privacy like bathrooms, master bedrooms, etc. You also have to evaluate if any office or office in the house needs locking (in which case you may need additional keyhole if the handle has a rosette).

Now comes the time to look for a style and adapt the aesthetics of the handles to the doors and the decoration of the house in general. If you are doing a renovation at home or premieres floor, keep in mind that most new interior doors bring a standard brass or chrome handle.

You do not have to settle for it … There are many models of design door handles for interior doors to choose from! Once the model is chosen (vintage and bauhaus type, with the permission of the everlasting rustic type handcuffs) and color (black, gold or chrome), you should choose between a gloss or matte finish.

If for you it is important that everything looks neat, be aware that bright handles are grated easily and shows the prints of fingers. One option is to use non-closing handles or kitchen handles. They are very comfortable, because they allow opening and closing without hands.

With the proper spring mechanism the door will close by itself whenever it enters or leaves the kitchen, preventing odors and noise from coming out of the space.

Do not forget the door stops. They prevent the walls and furniture from being damaged by opening the doors that bump into them.


The old gold-colored rotary knobs of the eighties are completely out of fashion. However, ball-and-socket knobs are in full force, square or round, and also ball-knobs with contrasting plate shields: for example, white knob on a black plate, all on a white, black or white door.

Color in contrast

Vintage type glass knobs also come back strong. If they are for doors, better with plate shield. The egg-shaped knob with rosette plate is also back … Handles Consider the Bauhaus designs, which triumph … They are based on designs of the famous German school at different times. They are discreet at the same time as elegant.

The finishes in stainless steel give a neat look to all types of doors, from lacquered in black or white to those of tone oak or birch. More economical, but also with an impeccable appearance, are the aluminum handles.

Rustic doors need special designs, whether of colonial type, aged or forged brass, bronze or Castilian (black) type. A good choice of material is zamak, an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper, which is characterized by its hardness and strength. Its price is significantly lower than other materials, ensuring a good quality.

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