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Building materials by FinishBuild

If you want to make a construction or remodeling, your main objective should be to build safely, using quality materials that can guarantee a beautiful and lasting result. That is why in FinishBuild we have developed a section that can help you get all those materials you will need to complete your project. In addition to building materials we have for you decoration elements.


From wood, including synthetic materials, plastics to wood adhesive compounds, these products are here to help you with the interior and exterior finish, as well as serving as decorative elements. One of the materials that is currently in trend is polyurethane, which compared to wood, is much lighter, weather resistant, and above all you will forget the termite problems. Browse this section and see all the options we have available to you, including ceiling medallions, ceiling tiles, corbels, gable vents, onlay and rosettes.

Panel products

Ideal for cabinets, desks, areas of delimitation, the plywood material is oriented to provide additional assistance you may need to create small and other construction projects. Whether you are in a basement, wall or ceiling or even in a soundproofing project, FinishBuild finish it for you. Feel free to check our fiber board options and give your project a beautiful and smooth finish with sanded plywood.


FinishBuild has gathered the best materials to get the roof of your dreams. The roof is able to control the temperature of your home or business, in addition to adding an architectural appeal and protect it from the elements. There is a wide variety of roof types available depending on the material you choose, you may be using roof tiles, ridge caps, roofing sheets, underlayment and roof insulation. Metal roof panels and corrugated roofing have a much longer life. They’re lightweight, fire-resistant and reflect heat away from your home. You have plenty of choice when it comes to metal roof colors. Plus, metal roofing sheets install quickly and easily. The incredible longevity of metal roofing materials makes them an attractive option. Make your roof a distinctive element in your home by choosing the one that best suits your style here at FinishBuild.


Also known as wall covering, it is a material applied to the walls of the outside of a house and is generally used to improve its aesthetics, as well as to protect the walls from the effects of weather. FinishBuild offers a wide range of siding options to complement your home’s design, reflecting your lifestyle and taste. From the classic horizontal and traditional bevel to vertical board and batten or a sleek contemporary channel, FinishBuild gives you artistic rein with siding and trim profiles that will add distinctive architectural detail to your home. Protect your home with attractive, durable, low-maintenance siding. Spend more time enjoying your home and less time working on it. By choosing a good siding you can increase the value of your home, improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning, and you can save time and money on maintenance costs.