Zumba Flooring: How I Built This Zumba Fitness Studio

The Zumba flooring

Your Zumba dance studio floor’s is the most important attribute you need to consider when reaching your project; according to what many medical advisers recommend, it is vital for both zumba instructors and dancers to avoid the wrong floors since this burning calories activity is a potential setup for injuries if is not practice properly and on the right underfoot surface. Not all types of floors work well, therefore be wary of unforgiving surfaces such as concrete, floor with hard tiles or carpeted. High quality laminate floors and hardwood provide a good venue for Zumba dance studios and we are glad to tell you that in our website you can find an excellent selection of these two flooring materials you can purchase.

Laminate floors and hardwood: these FinishBuild flooring options are ideal for all types of dance and aerobics exercise, including zumba, tap, and hip-hop, why? Because they are easy to install, do not absorb odors (and this is an important aspect in any fitness franchise), we are sure both Zumba instructors and dancers will be very happy with the feel of any of them during their workout.

Vinyl: we are sure we have mentioned this in previous article, but it is necessary to make notice that what we really like about this excellent flooring material is how multi- purpose use is. Choose among our vinyl selection in its thickest presentation and enjoy of a Zumba dance studio floor that may look exactly like wood, but avoiding all the associated problems of cleaning or maintenance.

Cleaning up and maintenance time! On the floor zumba dance

  • Initial cleaning: the single most important maintenance for protecting your flooring’s appearance and performance is to sweep or dust mop it, in order to remove all dirt and grit.
  • Weekly cleaning: going a little bit deeper regarding cleaning your Zumba dance space, once a week you can use an automatic scrubber with light duty scrubbers to achieve a productive means of maintaining your floor.
  • Preventive maintenance: since 90% of all the dirt in a studio area comes in on footwear, FinishBuild insists on installing and maintaining mats at the entrances, those ones permanently installed are ideal, at all outdoor entrances; by doing this you will notice the improvement in the indoor air’s quality, this will also reduce flooring maintenance costs and will surely prolong your interior floor’s life. Additionally, we need to mention that it is necessary to use a diluted neutral Ph. floor cleaner on your flooring and pay attention not to allow much water to flow on the floor.

How I built this Zumba? Other important elements in your Zumba dance studio

The success of your Zumba studio will be significantly influenced by the attention you pay to every single feature that will complete the spaces; the following are two of the most important aspects we believe you need to have in mind once you start with your Zumba dance studio project:


As everyone knows, any dancing studio is not completed without mirrors. When learning the basics of Zumba, it is relevant for classroom assistants to be able to see exactly what their bodies are doing in order to learn proper technique, in the same manner mirrors are important for Zumba instructors since they can monitor what they students are doing and how they are doing it. FinishBuild is constantly striving to give you key suggestions, so you can reach your design project at its best; this is why we would like to recommend you to opt for mirrors that are shatter proof, engineered glasses are the best option that would protect Zumba instructors as well as assistants in the event of any mirror suffering a blow.


Based on the surface you have selected for your Zumba dance studio, dance spaces can have tricky acoustics which make general sound equipment not that effective. The number of speakers and amplifiers in your studio will depend on its square footage and ceiling height as well as on your class size, due to the presence of people also can influence how sound travels. Regarding this aspect, from FinishBuild we would like to suggest you make sure to select sound equipment that is specially designed to work with specific features of a dance studio.

Lighting your Zumba studio on!

Windows in your Zumba studio will be an exceptional element since they will allow great ventilation by letting air flow traveling around the space and at the same time they will naturally light the studio; however, make sure windows are positioned higher up on the walls and in this way they will not be distracting to the Zumba dancers. On the other hand, overhead lighting should be soft, florescent as well as consistently spread out across the studio.

Zumba as a fitness lifestyle has quickly grown to one of the most popular exercise classes; this Latin dance workout has been performed by more than 12 million people in at least 110.000 places in 125 countries around the world and the entertaining activity seems like it will not stop any sooner. The more this sensation grows, the higher will be the demand for quality places that provide this kind of healthy services so in FinishBuild we definitely believe that as long as owners pay attention to each aspect, Zumba studio is a profitable business that will leave you not only good incomes but will help people’s health through its fun fusion of Latin dance moves and rhythms.

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