Your Cruise Ship Flooring One of a Kind

“Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience” Francis Bacon.

One of the travel market’s fastest growing sectors is cruise ships; as reported by, worldwide passengers will increase their presence in this sector from 21 million in 2013 to 23.7 million in 2017. This brings up to consider that one of the best ways your cruise ship stays ahead is by choosing flooring as suitable as needed and keeping its décor updated. FinishBuild would like to add some more relevant reasons why you need to make a good analysis and then come up with the final decision for your cruise ship floors; the right flooring can offer the look of luxury and enhancement that keeps guests coming back to your company rather to another one, this means your cruise ship flooring project needs will certainly define the space and feel you want to show. It is a fact that with higher occupancies, comes higher foot traffic as well; so a flooring project for this type of areas requires different flooring based on the different zones available in your cruise ship, and at this point it is reasonable to think of the selection criteria: your floors will need to perform, be slip resistant and fire retardant, plus they have to be able to hold up to heavy traffic for long periods of time, which is very often.

Material possibilities to consider as a cruise ship flooring.

Since in FinishBuild we continuously strive to offer you flooring solutions, this time we want to help you choosing excellent marine flooring for your cruise ship flooring project. In every case, in order to pick the right flooring what you need to make sure is that the quality and beauty of the floors options enhance the appearance and value of the ship.

Exterior flooring


Since it is lighter than wood, your ship exterior area covered with this material will end up being lighter in weight. On the other hand, Aluminum is becoming more and more popular in the floor boating and cruise ships industry due to the fact that is very easy to install and needs low maintenance. The downside of this flooring material may be the cost, because it is not the same regular aluminum used for another purposes such as windows or door frames, or else it would be very slippery.


This flooring alternative can be easily modeled and so used with any kind of floor design. Unlike aluminum, fiberglass is not too expensive. One of the disadvantages of this material is that cracks and thus has a considerable level of maintenance, which does not cost too much but it takes few hours each time, and the cleaning needs to be regularly in order to avoid taking old stains off.

Wood or decking

Without any doubt this is FinishBuild’s most reliable solution for your ship flooring due to the fact that, if taken good care and regular maintained, it is very durable and there are various types of these two options. Whether you decide on wood or decking, both are strong and flexible, as well as they have water resistant properties.

Interior flooring


This interior flooring solution plays an important role in cruise ship installation, striking a bespoke broadloom; it covers areas like the main atrium, restaurants, casino, children’s areas, spa or gyms. Carpets in general absorb sound and provide insulation; this ways creates a safe environment.


This will be our favorite suggestion for the interior flooring; FinishBuild’s porcelain tiles are tremendously scratch resistant and durable, they are also temperature tolerant and stain resistant. What is more, porcelain tiles are allergy free and this definitely a plus since you never know what kind of health issues any of your clients might have.


This is another good option we could offer you; this flooring material adds beauty and elegance to any of your cruise ship, this is surely one of the most popular choices in the flooring industry.

Important considerations when choosing cruise cabins for a family with special needs

It is undoubtedly true nowadays ships companies are upgrading the look of their ships, by implementing more lavish finishes and taking the lux factor up a notch, not to mention how familiar marine companies are regarding guests with special needs and as a result, they now offer suitable services, adapting their spaces to everyone.

Limited mobility

Special needs members with limited mobility require a stateroom in the mid ship area because of its proximity to elevators to ease the navigation throughout the ship. Because of the fact that each ship has a limited number of accessible cabins with modified doorframes that can fit wheelchairs, be sure the cruise line agent you have considered for your vacations guarantees you to fulfill your needs and book well in advance.

Preventing motion

In case your family members get sea sick and you do not know it, your best option is selecting a cabin in one of the ship’s middle decks or in the ship’s back part

Avoid noise

For instance, if your special needs child is noise sensitive the best way you will guarantee his or her comfort is by avoiding cabins near casinos or elevators, these spaces are continuously used day and night. Instead of this, you should book for a stateroom on a deck between two decks of cabins, away from dining or entertainment locations.

Make sure to book a cruise ship with good safety system

Choose mid ship inside or porthole staterooms for you and your family away from staircases and elevators that kids can use to access outdoor areas such as pools. Cabins with a balcony are not good idea either, because of the fact that many older kids are physically able to open the balcony door locks and possibly try to climb on the railings.

To sum up, before you opt for a particular flooring material for your ship you need to inform yourself about their pros and cons; this way you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In FinishBuild we feel proud to let you know you count on design and install team, they will work closely with each client to ensure that costumers’ dream concept is realized.