Would you like to be happier? Here’s what your home scientifically needs

There is no denial that our homes are an extension of who we are. And just because your home looks stylish or impeccable does not necessarily means you own a home that makes you truly happy. As you might know, the way we layout our living rooms, paint our walls and shape every room of our property impacts our mood and affects our productivity. There are scientific studies that have shown that we can influence in our happiness levels by just adjusting the routines in our daily lives, as well as keeping certain items in our homes. The following are some of the most representative suggestions you should strive to have in your house if you want you and your family to be happier people in this world.

Add fresh flowers to your favorite house’s rooms

When I think of a healthy environment in my home, the first two feelings that come to mind are: joy and happiness. Well, this is exactly what fresh flowers bring to your home and this actually a fact supported by a Rutgers University study; which has found that there is a link between flowers and your satisfaction in life that is more important than we previously thought. Having fresh flowers in your home boosts happiness, thus reduces both depression and anxiety, and as an extra bonus enhances emotional contact with friends and family. In short, there is no need to use drugs, meditation or supplements each morning to make you feel happier, you just need a dose of vitamin F(lowers) for your body and soul.

Green or yellow walls

It should be a basic rule for any homeowner to read a little bit about color phycology before deciding what color their walls will be painted; this way you create soothing and productive moods in your home. A study from Vrije University in Amsterdam has shown that green and yellow walls evoke the greatest feelings of happiness. So, it is time to be bold and choose your favorite shades of these colors, yellow captures the joy of sunshine and it is an excellent choice for kitchens, dining and bathrooms. On the other hand, green is one of the most restful colors for the eye, and the best part is that this color is suited for almost any room of your property.

Photographs with emotional meanings to you

Displaying sentimental items around your home for instance, photographs that remind you memories of great experiences in your life will totally make you happier. This has been proven by a study at the University of Portsmouth, which shows that looking through emotional photos can actually result into positive feelings and provide homeowners with a good sense of calmness. How does it work? Well, when you see those emotional photos in your living room you instantly remember how funny and meaningful the planning experience was, as well as what you did in order to looking forward that experience and lastly how much you enjoyed it. So, from now and on you should consider the amazing idea of creating a home gallery full of positive memories, rather than filling your home with a lot of material items that do not impact you as much as a photo taken in a special moment of your life.

A journal

Yes, a journal! And I know you might have thought this is an awkward item in your home; but I do not mean that you should keep a high- school type journal, you can rather consider this idea as a very beneficial way to dissolve skepticism and improve your writing skills. Moreover, science continues to show that the more you write a journal, the more you increase your future mood and feelings. This has been actually published by the Association for Psychological Science, which found out that re- reading past writings can definitely make you feel happier. It is time to complement your outlets like exercises and therapy with some daily writings in a journal, in order to have more rewarding experiences.


Furry friends are absolutely great companions not only for kids but also adults. There are people who think that having pets at home increases the chances to make kids or elders prone to allergies, but there is scientifically evidence which proves that kids who grow up surrounded by pets are at lesser rick of allergies or asthma. For this and many others reasons, including meaningful support for owners, helping their owners to keep fit and healthy, it is advisable to have pets in your home.