Why Is The Fitting Room Flooring Fundamental?

Have you ever pictured how similar or different it may be to design a house than it is to design a clothing store? FinishBuild believes that in both scenarios, the idea is to create a warm, functional, and inviting place, and of course you cannot forget that all that starts from what is underfoot. Sometimes people tend to neglect the floor, but we consider it is essential considering that when you walk and enter a room, you naturally look down and look at your feet and also at what is under them; therefore, for us offering the proper flooring for any of your designing projects is a priority. So having mentioned this, FinishBuild encourages you to manage the stress in the best possible way, turn it into a productive energy so you can run a successful business.

Since opening a clothing store can be an overwhelming process, you probably will have to research over and over again before coming up with a clear concept, the one you would like to recreate in your store. Regarding to this matter you might want to do a list of the items you need in order to have all the details covered; you need to think about for instance: figure out a budget (and try to stick to it), location for your business project, know your potential costumers, suppliers, employees and so on. In this article, we would like to focus on your clothing store’s fitting room, which are usually small single user cubicles where people may try on clothes. These are often found at retail stores where someone would want to try on clothes before purchasing them.

Tienda1 1 300x300 Why Is The Fitting Room Flooring Fundamental?A fitting room is a fundamental area in any store; due to the fact that when costumers try any piece of clothing on, they are basically doing their buying decision, consequently this is very profitable for the store as well as it leaves the opportunity for the costumers and the store to build a loyal bond, because they can feel the store’s commitment to excellence in every single aspect; this includes a great environment in the fitting area. Likewise, if well designed, fitting rooms provide an appealing space to the costumers which make them feel comfortable, while making their decision on any piece of clothing they try on.

There is another factor you must pay attention to, and it is the lighting, it is crucial for a fitting room. Because the right lighting shows fabric, colors and textile textures in the best way possible while costumers try clothes on, proper lighting in this area also creates a feeling of comfort or energy. The erroneous lighting, on the other hand, creates an unpleasant feel that lowers the perceived value of the clothing. What we believe is that light fixtures do not have to cost a lot, but they do need to create the right color and mood.

The flooring alternatives

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Si usted está buscando para instalar una nueva sala de montaje o actualizar y mantener la que tiene, le recomendamos navegar como muchas opciones que usted tiene, y encontrar los pisos más creativa e inspiradora para esta área principal de su tienda. Estas son las alternativas para pisos podemos mostrar:

Because it is an excellent earth-friendly option and it is available in FinishBuild, cork could suitably work on your fitting room project since it is a tile made from the ground up bark of cork oak trees, what makes it tremendously durable. Cork maintains room temperature, works as a cushion of steps and dampens sounds; this great alternative can be found in unfinished and prefinished versions, it can also be laid over existing flooring and its appearance is close to seamless. Moreover, cork is easy to install and repair.

Our always luxury laminate floors; create an elegant and inviting environment that matches with our lava laminate floor. You may think about a combination of vintage furniture and modern elements, in order to give your fitting room area an eye-catching look that will attract your costumers’ attention.

If the idea is to evoke a wood look in you clothing store’s fitting area, consider our brush elm porcelain tiles which beautifully simulate wood with a more refined finish (which make them more durable). Porcelain is a stable product, it does not absorb water nor sweat from costumers’ feet, and therefore it is a very sanitary material, it is also easy to clean. Sizes and color come for you fitting room conveniences, and if you complete the deco with any wood furniture, we are sure a warm look with suitably match with this flooring choice.

FinishBuild also offers you vinyl, and we have it in planks; the advantage we see in this flooring option is that you can replace just a single square of your fitting room floor if it becomes damaged.

It is available in a variety of tones and finishes, and perhaps this is what we like the most about hardwood; it adds a unique character to any space. The good part of this construction material is that it can be shaped to suit the fitting room needs you are requiring for your store.

Keep the fitting room’s flooring flawless

The right treatment can enhance your fitting room decor, add value to it, and pull an entire store together, not to mention the appealing feel you provide to clients when they try any new piece of clothing; floors maintenance is a huge factor. So based on our following suggestions, we are optimistic that you will maintain the fitting area looking its best.

In case your laminate or hardwood fitting room flooring gets a lot of foot traffic, avoid the wet-clean option to cleanse it, this is something you should do every one to two months. In its place, keep your wood floors well-vacuumed and spot clean as needed.

In case you have opted for cork tiles as the fitting room flooring, it is important for us to let you know that this type of flooring will only require weekly keep dry and vacuum; just wipe down with a cloth in order to eliminate dirt and dust.

Wood floors and sharp objects do not go well together, and this is something you probably know, so pay close attention to those costumers that wear high-heeled shoes and maybe ask them to leave them at the changing room door.

probador 3 300x166 Why Is The Fitting Room Flooring Fundamental?Investing in a high quality fitting room would drive customers try on apparel selections so they can make their buying decisions, and as we have mention; this will turn into more purchases for the store. This statement has been supported by the Alert Tech 11 in its recent study that expresses there are two fitting rooms’ variables that has an important role in increasing any store metrics. The first one stands that the percent of total store traffic which enters each fitting room, and the second one mentions the number of associate engagements initiated by the costumer.

Regarding to flooring options; even though nowadays wood flooring finishes are more resistant to water than the ones in the past, this does not mean you should flood your floors with cleaning solution. As we have recommend in previous article, when it is time to wet-clean, and since a fitting room is usually a small area, focus and clean it at a time with a damp (not wet), mop or cloth and dry it immediately.

And finally, the hygienic aspect; FinishBuild always considers every single detail, and so we would like to stress that the flooring options you have already read do not spread any type of bacteria and it also may give you a bit of peace of mind to know that in conjunction with a 2011 report by CNN; most of the bacteria in a fitting or dressing room do not live in it, but unfortunately they live in the clothes that you are trying on.

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