What you Need to Know About Carpets: Pros & Cons

When it comes to carpeting flooring FinishBuild thinks on three main important steps:  function, mood and personality. Because it is so closely associated with personal coziness and relaxation, carpeting flooring is frequently used in bedrooms, playrooms, and family rooms. On the other hand, carpets are also used in hallways, on stairs, and even in formal living rooms or parlors. Since carpeting is the reflection of softness in your daily life steps, we have come some useful tips to help you know if carpeting flooring is really what you are looking for.

Carpeting purposes

A well-planned and decorated living area is always a good strategy to start with before getting any carpeting feature. FinishBuild is always pursuing the best for your comfort so, therefore we suggest you to concentrate on the purpose and sometimes rooms have natural focal points such as places, windows, flooring or furniture. If you want eyes to travel immediately upon the groundwork of your room, try carpeting, go with one with a dynamic pattern or a colorful type.

The second step is to determine whether the furniture matches with your carpeting opting besides satisfying the function you have planned for the area. This is as vital as picking the material of your carpeting appearance because this would help you on extending both furniture and carpet functions.



Regarding carpeting flooring options are endless, and we believe this is an advantage for you and your requirement. Materials can be selected based on our important steps, mentioned above:

Function: If you are into a carpeting flooring material that adjust to your daily routines, strong, durable but also provide you that cozy effect then…

Nylon. Which is similar in many respects to wool carpet, nylon comes with the advantage of being affordable. Nylon material is tough to stains and general wear and tear, making it ideal for homeowners who are not planning on varying of carpeting looks.

Polypropylene. Simultaneously stain and water-resistant, polypropylene is a nice option for outdoor carpeting. Polypropylene is for households that happen to have sun all year around, because it does not fade in response to heavy sunlight exposure. However, it is not quite as durable as nylon, but it’s also less expensive.

Mood: In the mood for soft and new?

Wool. We have set wool as the perfect option for sustainable homes. If you are into a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then wool is for you. As flame retardant and resistant to dirt, wool is also a renewable resource; its fibers are naturally superior to synthetic fibers. However, this charming material needs an extra spoiling treatment due to the fact it is very easy to stain.

Triexta. Triexta is one of our favorite materials due to its innovated fabrication; triexta is constructed from corn-based polymer. This unique construction allows it to combine the sustainability of wool with the durability of nylon and polyester.

Personality: versatile and appealing

Polyester.Polyester is our option for your strong personality due to its luxurious look, which is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and a variety of other settings because it goes with any versatile and attractive profile. There is nothing quite like sinking bare feet into a fluffy polyester carpet. Because it embraces color so well, polyester is a common choice for those who desire brightly decorative carpeting flooring.


Hygiene: particles like dust, pollen and dander to the floor are one of the most health problems causes. Due to the carpet textile structure, these particles get trapped within the carpet fibers, making them harmful to the health of people with respiratory issues. Carpet holds on dust, allergens as well as moisture.  And the biggest problem with moisture is the growth of mold. This fact leads to the next con, which is Maintenance.

Maintenance: Carpets require high levels of maintenance, and if there is any lapse on your part to properly maintain the carpet, it will make the room look dirty and unsightly instead of warm and inviting.