What you Always Wanted to Know: Top 4 Interior Design Must Avoid Tips

6 HOME INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES YOU SHOULD KNOW 4 300x300 What you Always Wanted to Know: Top 4 Interior Design Must Avoid TipsHarmony can be defined as a state of balance, an equilibrium that an individual has established within himself and between himself and his social and physical environment. On the other hand, in art harmony represents is the visually satisfying effect of combining similar, related elements. And also among cultures, harmony it also represents an important factor between human relations, such as Chinese culture, where this idea is embodied on the “yin and yang”, which corresponds to the negative and positive, the female and male, or the darkness and light. This concept proves the complementarities of the life as well as its balance, thus harmony could be achieved.

On this occasion FinishBuild staff would like to share some tips to avoid in interior design, in pro of maintaining that balance between home areas. You can start small with a few accessories that you can add in order to see if your actually enjoy it visually. The key is trying a few different looks in order to see what your own style is. We are not saying that you must buy different items, you can do this by doing some research work. Maybe you are the lover pillows type, or maybe you enjoy the cozy type look with blankets at the end of the sofa. Research would definitely help you to discover your own balance.

By mixing styles you might get a more clearly look of what you are looking for. Classic with functional items for example, can add a fine but also multifunctional vibe. Another way to boost your creativity leader is by checking your wardrobe, which may give you a definition or at least a path to adopt. Take a look of the colors that are predominant inside your closet in order to define your palette, this can work as your personal assistant.

Mixture overdos

b2 581x581 300x300 What you Always Wanted to Know: Top 4 Interior Design Must Avoid TipsOverdoing a mixture of patterns is a common decorating mistake. Knowing a few rules about pattern selection like these from HGTV can keep your space from appearing too busy. Our favorite? Keep in mind color intensity (ie. don’t mix pastels with bold colors). Polka dots, stripes, and florals can work perfectly while their colors compete in similar hues.

Whether for privacy, added insulation, or plain decoration, window treatments are useful pieces to an interior design. Some windows have a charm of their own and can afford to go bare. However, most cases call for either shades, blinds, or curtains as an added touch.

Texture & Color

Going unintentionally neutral or monochromatic can translate as being color safe or even, having a fear of color. By incorporating pops of color or going bold with an accent wall you can do wonders for an interior. Colors infuse energy and mood to a space. Limiting this can be seen as decorating mistake, limiting the richness of your design. Nevertheless, if you really are a white-wall fan, adding colorful items on furniture, art pieces can create a good balance.

For a more global vibe regarding texture, you might want to go for bamboo blinds, timeless and eco-friendly textures. One of the greatest ways to improve the room’s vibe is by adding a few plants here and there. Adding plants creates a more natural feel to the room, and with the right plants, you will have a new and refreshing essence to fill the air. On no occasion underestimate tailored pleated grommet curtains, there are a variety of styles and countless fabrics that dress windows, adding another element of texture, color, and pattern.


honeycomb zuo modern 850032 honeycomb mirror 300x300 What you Always Wanted to Know: Top 4 Interior Design Must Avoid TipsUsing mirrors will make rooms appear much more spacious. And if your case corresponds to a small space a focal point can offer a place for the eye to rest and assigns a room with a function. Forgetting to give each room a purpose or point to focus on is a very common mistake, therefore by finding a focus or purpose for the room, and then settled the furnishings around that focal point you can encourage guests to sit and converse. The lack of mirrors or windows seems to give the room a boxy feel. Don’t hesitate to hang a decorative mirror or two on your walls, not only will your room look bigger, but it will also make the room brighter as it reflects the lighting.

Scale & Measures

Decorating a room with impeccable scale take some talent in order to make spaces and in order to accomplish this with different heights/sizes in your furnishings, art placement and window treatments the key is a combination of different heights. Putting too many small things in a room, plus cluttering the room sometimes block possibility to place the eye.

6 HOME INTERIOR DESIGN PRINCIPLES YOU SHOULD KNOW 2 300x300 What you Always Wanted to Know: Top 4 Interior Design Must Avoid TipsRegarding art, scale is the number one mistake that most people make. You can literally turn any wall of your home into your own personal art gallery, nevertheless, displaying should be choose with some criteria, when it comes to some form of art in your home spaces, whether it is a rare oil painting or a cherished drawing from your child’s pre-school days, location is key in order to maintain harmony on your style. The road block that most encounter is how to properly hang art. And the best way to ensure there are no mistakes, and nasty nail holes to fill, is trying to trace and cut-out the frames outline on paper. While others put too many large, bulky items in one room, making it look stuffed and small. Try a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes.

Regarding measure, furniture has to be linked to a well-established budget and measured properly. The furniture placement and size need be planned correctly, otherwise you might get too tight and that’s not the idea to a harmony area. We suggest you to go into the showroom with a design in place, helping you know what you want and making sure you stick within your budget.

Have fun with your arrangements, playing with size, color, and texture. You start, we Finish!

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