What To About Artificial Grass for Your Exteriors

1966 was the year where the Houston Astrodome got carpeted with artificial grass, and from that moment until these days synthetic turf has come a long and interesting way. Moving beyond football fields and golf courses, today artificial grass carpets are becoming a more and more common choices for home landscapes; there are plenty of good reasons to choose it as your exteriors’ underfoot surface as contributes to save water (you only need water to clean it), moreover artificial grass looks quite similar to natural grass due to its soft even and green texture, plus this type of synthetic product do not get muddy or rutted, which is an extra bonus for your house flooring because it helps your interiors’ underfoot surfaces to keep cleaner.

Artificial grass was invented in 1964, at first it was created as a solution for dome covered athletic fields that did not count on enough sunlight to preserve natural grass. The composition of fake grass is made from a mixture of polymers (plastics), which are combined with an infill of sand or ground up rubber in order to make it soft and efficiently absorbent. Thanks to many technology advancements, nowadays people can benefit from such a versatile covering product whether for commercial or residential landscaping applications. Furthermore, as it happens with fabrics, there are plenty of possibilities to create different types of artificial grass; this also makes this synthetic product adjustable at various price points.

About Artificial Grass Quality and its Installation

You can know the quality of the artificial grass carpets your are wanting to bring home based on the number of blades of grass per square inch, if there are different blade heights or not and also how seams are treated; another consideration you might notice is looking for a grass that contents brown blades blended in, this is a quality feature and also offer a more natural look. Expert recommendations are never extra information you can get; so whether you decide to develop your artificial grass carpeting project with a professional or you are a homeowner with a strong DIY experience, make sure to keep in mind all the stages of such an important home improvement project before you start the installation process. According to many professionals, installing artificial turf or grass is a very similar process as laying carpet; the main idea is to stretch it as tightly as possible atop a secure base and make sure to hide the seams.

Who Can Benefit From Artificial Grass? Where to Install It?

Deciding who can benefit from installing artificial grass in a home’s exterior is not a hard question to answer; anyone can install this synthetic underfoot surface in their gardens due to the amazing versatility that provides. Homeowners with young family members are experts at knowing how messy a backyard can be after a great and fun afternoon or weekend, with artificial grass they avoid muddy and dirty moments that turns into undesirable footprints inside the house. We can also include pets’ owners in this list, since dogs and cats can be identified as muddy paw print creators on flooring after being outside the house this is the moment when having fake grass installed comes to the rescue and reduces dirty.

There are garden lovers, and there are those who just hate the art of taking care of home landscaping; artificial turf is perfect for homeowners that aim to reduce time in taking care of their gardens, with this solution there will not be need to mow or weed anymore. Nowadays we human beings are living really busy lives, but what about those who still want to own a stunning garden? Then an artificial lawn is the greatest choice you can make, you do not have to concern about scheduling a specific day of your week to spend time mowing or watering the garden.

Regarding what are the ideal areas to consider artificial grass carpeting, we need to make notice that any area where grass does not grow due to the fact that conditions are shady, wet, acidic or overused will be the best place to install synthetic grass. Another proper place to install this product is anywhere homeowners want to diminish their carbon footprint. You can also consider this option for rooftop gardens which do not support traditional lawns’ weight, or in those home putting greens areas where you want to create a truly artificial grass impact but you also want to skip the maintenance and water bills that give real grass caring. To achieve the best look and make the best from this amazing synthetic creation, consider smaller areas where artificial grass plays the main role.

About how much artificial grass costs

Fake or artificial grass prices can vary depending on the area you live, however it is well known that this is not an inexpensive investment. So based on the size, conditions and type of turf you opt for prices go from $10 to 20$ per square foot, installed. It may be a considerable amount of money once you consider the whole idea but compared to natural grass, this investment will save you from spending around seven to eight years of water bills, fewer chemicals and most important less maintenance; so you definitely will recoup the money you invested.

Artificial turf or grass was first created to perform at its best in athletic fields, therefore is a hard wearing and durable option for your home exteriors, you your family and anyone can play, walk or stood on it without wearing down so if you are considering artificial grass for your home landscape, be sure you are choosing a true long lasting carpeting product for your garden. In addition, if you happen to live really busy days, by installing artificial grass in your exteriors you are saving significant time as this is a low maintenance alternative that does not need to be mowed, weeded or treated as with real grass; moreover synthetic grass as your landscaping surface will remain beautifully green all year round so the investment you make on this option will be absolutely worth.