What is Acacia Wood?

Acacia is known for being a long group of trees and shrubs, you can find this type of wood in hundreds of different species; mostly native to Australia and Africa.

Acacia wood has long been used for home, furniture and boat construction; in order to get to know more about acacia wood, I have compiled interesting information you might read and then make the decision of opting for this gorgeous and durable wood material.

What is Acacia Wood? Interesting facts about Acacia wood

Acacia wood exists since biblical times, or even since long before; it is believed that this type of wood was used to construct the Tabernacle, the Ark of Covenant, and Noah’s Ark; the reason? It was considered a virtually indestructible material. this type of wood is native to the North and North West of India, farmers grows it in the best environment- friendly way as once cut, another acacia tree can be planted and due to its rapid growth, the likelihood of running out of them decreases; this might be attractive to all of the eco- friendly homeowners out there. I have mentioned that this wood is native from India, however most acacia species you can find in the market today are native to Australia, and the rest are commonly grown in tropical or temperate regions around the world.

Furthermore, acacia wood comes from pod- bearing trees and is known for its amazing grain and rich contrasting colors, what makes it ideal for many home design or decor purposes; the wood has a high polish and as a great plus, it has a sweet smell. Acacia wood provides your interior with a gorgeous multicolored blending quality, all of them lovely natural tones with a special fragrance; moreover, this type of wood is naturally resinous and this makes it resistant to stains or odors, to my mind this is a really appealing combination to consider for your home decor.

Acacia wood as a prized material for furniture

Due to its durability, lustrous finish and varied shades, acacia wood is often chosen for home decor purposes, this type of wood is just a beautiful and practical material for creating top- quality furniture. Based on how the wood has been finished, you can find acacia in light or dark tones; for instance, if it has a lime wash, you will notice that the furniture looks smooth and the grain patterns will be remarkable. On the other hand, it is also possible to find mahogany colored finish (my favorite BTW!) which makes the furniture darker. Acacia wood has been used for multiple purposes as well as application; as furniture, you can consider for bedroom, dining room and living room, for flooring applications the wood performs excellently since it can withstand high foot traffic. In addition, acacia is good for shelving because is resistant to the highest demands of weighted objects.

There are many people who prevent themselves from opting for acacia furniture or flooring as they think it is expensive, but actually this is not true; those who know about furniture stand that as long as homeowners make sure they wax the wood as directed when purchasing the furniture, with this method acacia will keep its natural shines and refrain from cracking. I must warn you that in case you purchase a finished acacia wood furniture piece, then waxing is not recommended. Acacia furniture is heavy, strong and resistant to wear and tear; these are great features which can suit your needs and home style.

What is Acacia Wood? Best features you will experiment with your Acacia wood products


The way your home decor looks and suits your style is primordial; acacia wood can perfectly be anything, from light brown to dark red in color and so you have a great range of alternatives in order to create the look and feel you want in your interiors. Acacia can also develop wavy or flame- patterns in the grain, therefore you can be sure that by choosing this type of wood for furniture, ornaments, flooring, and even firewood you will own high- quality home products.


Contrary to any other type of wood such as teak, acacia wood is a fairly heavy hardwood. However, it does not come saturated with significant quantities of natural oil in the same way that teak does; this basically means that acacia wood does not feel that much oily to the touch, I recommend you to corroborate this in person before making the decision.


Most of the home products made of acacia wood have been pre-treated with penetrating oil stain, which enhances the grain; such oil stain provides additional protection against the elements, and that oil stain also contains UV inhibitors and fungicide. When it comes about maintenance, a seasonal cleaning may be one of the best decisions you can make for your furniture pieces.


I already mentioned it, there is a huge advantage on choosing acacia wood home products; this type of wood can be found in lower prices than another wood material. for instance, often you will find acacia outdoor furniture for 3 times less than similar teak furniture would cost. Remember this, regular cleaning or protective coatings contribute to make your acacia products last longer when used outdoors.

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