Use Up The Leftovers: 5 DIY Ideas

“Waste not the smallest thing created, for grains of sand make mountains, and atomies infinity”

E. Knight.

Home building or makeover projects require big amounts of construction materials, and since it is impossible to purchase the exact amount of materials you will need, sometimes there are leftovers left that end up in the trash or occupying a considerable space in your storage, This probably happens because homeowners consider they are not useful anymore or those discarded parts will be used again to repair the floor in the future. FinishBuild tries to get the best from its products, and that includes leftovers; we would like to encourage you in order to do not under estimate what you could do with those re-purpose materials.

Laminate flooring planks as well as tiles are very versatile as craft suppliers; because you can paint, decoupage, drill, saw and glue them to create an incredible amount of decorative and useful pieces. Having said this, it is time to get inspired, find your crafty side and materialize some good elements for your home; we are sure you will feel even more proud showing some excellent art pieces to your family or guests, all of them made with your own hands.


One of the greatest things about these DIY projects is that they do not take a lot of materials; actually you will only need the tile, laminate wood or hardwood leftovers (yes, the ones you were considering throw away) and some other basic materials you probably have around your garage or workshop. Check out the following list of the elements you will need in order to assist you along the creative process.

  • Porcelain or mosaic tile/laminate wood/hardwood leftovers
  • Hardwood boards
  • Plywood
  • Assorted screws
  • Wood stain (in your favorite colors)
  • Wood glue
  • Construction adhesive
  • Decoupage
  • Pencils
  • Acrylic paint
  • Thin-set mortar
  • Grout sponge
  • Polyurethane
  • High strength picture hanging hardware
  • Print or image transfer


We have also enlisted some tools your will need to develop your DIY project.

  • Paint brushes
  • Some foam brushes
  • Tape measure
  • Combination square
  • Hammer
  • Table saw
  • Router with plunge cutting bit and decorative bit

5 DIY ideas: highly recommended even if you are DIYer in progress


Piece of art right on your wall

Start your craft by placing a layout out the pattern you want for your design on the floor, so you will be sure you have enough laminate wood leftovers.

Place the discarded pieces and paint them with an indoor stain, select the colors you would like your art wall has (depending on the style or theme you have in min), and let them dry.

Meanwhile, find a large sheet or plywood; this will function as a backing for the pieces

Now it is time to lay the painted leftovers on the plywood, we suggest to alternate colors and use glue to stick them.

As a result, you will have a glued and nailed piece of art on your wall ready to be place in any room of your home!

Bring it to live again! Mosaic tiles mirror

Base on the size of your old mirror; trim the sheets of leftover mosaic tiles in the size you consider is appropriate; it would be great if you have the mosaic tiles in different color, this way you can blend them when installing.

Using push pins, hold the piece of mirror on the wall and then mark with a pencil the outline, where the mirror will go

Use a scrap wood leftover to secure the mirror and stick it with construction adhesive (the one that is special for glass), let it dry

To secure the mosaic tile to the wall, apply a white thin-set mortar; you can use the same wood piece to support the bottoms sections of the mosaic tiles

Once you have the tiles secured to the wall with the thin-set mortar as well as the mirror; use a grout sponge to wipe away any residue left

To add an excellent finish, use molding or trim along to frame your creative idea…enjoy it!

Floral frame

In this DIY project, FinishBuild would like to recommend hardwood leftover so your frame finish has a perfect rustic color and texture.

Decide on some beautiful printable forms; the ones you would like to have in your frame.

Measure and cut the hardwood flooring discarded parts with the wanted size you would like your frame to have.

To make the backing part of your frame; find a drawer liner or any similar material, so you will have your prints in the right spot.

Place the prints to the backing, glue and seal the images your have chosen; a good product to do so we can suggest in Mod Podge.

Let your artwork frame dry and put it in your favorite home’s area

Chic and recycled wall message

This idea is similar to our first suggestion but with a slight change, because you will not paint it in different colors but write a nice message on it.

Measure the leftover floorboards, so you will have an idea of the size and look you would like to have in your artwork.

Arrange the floorboards pieces and decide which side is going to be face front.

Line up the tongue of the boards with wood glue and place them in the grooves.

To have a more secure holding system; find an extra board you can countersunk with some screws, drill the screws on it.

Attach some pictures hangers; to hold the board once finished.

It is time to get inspired! And to do so, you can design a transfer image with a nice message on the computer.

Scribble in pencil on the backside of your image and use a pencil to trace the words on the boards, and start painting the lines.

Let your board dry, center and hang it on the wall…congrats! You have made it.

Address plaque with tile leftovers. In this case if the tiles have a rough surface would be awesome, because it gives the painted numbers something to adhere.

Measure and cut the tiles in the size and dimension you have considered

Find a small discarded part of hardwood; to have a board that holds the tiles.

Cut the same tiles and hardwood’s size a plywood board, to back all the board.

Use oil-based wood stain in the color you prefer, in order to paint the hardwood.

Apply a Polyurethane layer on the hardwood; it works perfect for outdoor projects.

Use (outdoor) acrylic paint to create the numbers and once again, apply a few layers of polyurethane.

Drill some assorted screws for joining the wooden pieces that are holding the tiles.

Mat for cups with tiles

Create and print on paper your design that goes well with the color of your tile.

Prepare your tile with the size you want, and to have a good attachment of your design on paper apply a quality decoupage (Mod Podge), let it dry.

Place the printed design you have opted for the tile, apply a thin layer of decoupage at the back of the paper and firmly press it on the tile.

Once the printed design is set in place, coat the tile by using a soft brush with a layer of decoupage.

Let it dry and repeat the covering process for at least four times more, make sure to let each coat dry before applying the next one.

To provide durability to your coaster, add a coat of acrylic polyurethane twice (remember to wait a bit on each coat); it will also make your coaster look good and prevent any yellowing.

To add the perfect (and table top friendly) finish, attach a peel and stick felt circle to each corner of the tile.

As you could read, there are plenty of pretty and functional ideas you can take into consideration when it comes to leftovers, they could perfectly match with the look you have just created or in any other area of your home.