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100.000 years ago when human started to used clothes, jewels were manufactured from several materials available. Most of these materials were taken from nature sources as flowers, inks, plants, bones, stone, shells, animal skins and semiprecious elements like obsidian. Time and evolution affected human habits and ornamental accessories were not the exception. With the assistance of new tools, artisans were able to work with metals, refining precious gems into great pieces of art. These suddenly became a special part of human kind, influencing entire cultures and allowing more and more innovations through the years. Nevertheless, metallurgy and gem process remain the same but increase as the idea of wearing a piece of jewelry became a part of a social status. It was not only about wealth, rank or even a religious affiliation but it was also about showing an individual identity.

Jewelry’s development & refinement has its very icons on Egyptians, Chinese and Hindu cultures. Egypt is the outstanding example in metallurgy, gem collecting and glass manufacture.  Traditions on its rituals has become a truly icon of its singular uniqueness on jewellry tendencies nowadays. On the other hand Hindu culture was the first on conquer the art of processing and manipulate gold, which represents a success on developing a connection between jewellry wearing and daily tasks. Women are the perfect example of jewels and culture representation. As we have mention, identity is a very important part on a society that nowadays tends to classify every little aspect of our life. India has become an important supplier on jewellry & style materials, making it a trade destination not only on ornament elements but on fabrics as well.

Nature, animal behavior and Chinese culture itself has become another interesting influence on the Jewellry field. Colorful patterns, outstanding traditions and distinctive combinations have allowed Chinese influence to set a very large variety of styles that usually resembles their culture marvelousness.

FinishBuild Jewelry Pack

Wearing Laminate

Matching the versatility with a classic and delicate area such as a jewellry store can be covered with almost any of our flooring looks. If you are considering a consistent look with a steady surface, then Laminate flooring products are the flawless combination. FinishBuild prefers laminate on this occasion due to the fact they are simple to install. However, before setting the flooring of any kind you may want to be aware of the furniture color for jewelry display. It also would be ideal if you make a previous research of furniture location and storage.

Keep into account that Laminate flooring products might require a thin underlayment in order to create the realistic sound of walking on a hardwood floor that feels soft underfoot. Conversely, if you are looking for wood look, laminate flooring products are the best choice on ecofriendly materials, plus they are installed to be floating, which means that they are not adhered to the sub floor below. The best part about its floating method is its toughness and easy procedure that can allow a previous look before the planks are installed above. This process is pockect- friendly because you do not need to break or remove your previous floor. And also gives extra comfort when standing and walking.

Finish Build staff consider that there are no cons with laminate for a place as classic as a jewellry store, nevertheless, if we should mention one would be the fact that some laminate boards may vary on costs depending on the style you are interested in. On this kind of situation we recommend a specialist and an interior design, in order to obtaining best results.

Glossy Porcelain

Using classic look is always a safe bet. Jewellry stores cultivate the sense of delight and transparency, so if you are 100% focus on the service and do not want to spend extra caring & maintenance on your flooring products, you might want to take a look on FinishBuild porcelain flooring products. The stain resistance of ceramic and porcelain tile varies depending on its capacity to resist moisture. Glazed tiles and even some unglazed tiles resist all types of stains and can be cleaned easily with some guidance. Nexus Grey porcelain, for instance can be a possible candidate for a these ornament accessories stores. And in case of liquids or food misfortune situations, porcelain is a good ally on easy stain cleaning procedures, porcelain tile surfaces do not retain antigens or allergens, nor do they absorb fumes, odors or smoke.

This feature enables good hygiene and makes these tiles a suitable flooring material for any environment where hygiene is essential. Because color is fired into a tile’s clay body (in the case of unglazed tiles) or onto a tile’s glazed surface (for glazed tiles), fading does not occur. The colors in ceramic tiles do not fade even if exposed to direct sunlight and its color-leaching UV rays.


Generally, darker colors seem to show the scratches more.  In fact, shoppers most often choose what they buy based on color.  In reality, it can account for up to 85 percent of the reason people buy one product over another, according to The Color Marketing Group, a professional organization for color designers in Alexandria, Va.

Color’s influence on consumer behavior isn’t confined to just merchandise, and in a jewellry store where precious elements talk by themselves, a goo harmony between areas is treasured, therefore warm colors like oranges and browns are our recommendations for inviting and reassuring to shoppers. Even though cooling colors like green and blue can have a calming effect, they might slow your purchasing rankings. The advantages with colors like orange are that even at night, under the store’s halogen lighting, the interior is able to provide a kindly calming glow.

Linda Cahan, retail design consultant, state that yellow is the color first perceived by the retina. Consequently, if you are aiming for attention in pro of potential customers to stop and stare through the glass by a product display, use a yellow to boost curiosity. Red, is another viable option, it is associated with stopping on common signs, and it might be a good Jewellry addition for encourage love and passion ideas.

Long friendships are like Jewel, polished over time to become beautiful and enduring

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