Transition Flooring: FinishBuild in Interior Design

When it comes to transitional flooring, is not only about split an home or an open plan, usually is also about switching into another atmosphere with the aim of define daily task and spare-time activities. FinishBuild helps you in the task on upgrade your home environments into a more uniform and solid unit.

Materials and Thickness

The first step is setting the materials you might want to use. Even though there is a huge variety available in the market, your decision cannot only be based on the looks but also physical properties. For example, in the case of glazed tiles are resistant and hardy, but unglazed tiles can be susceptible to water damage, therefore if you are considering a kitchen of bathroom project, you might want you take ceramics, for instance, which can also give you the transition look with the warm add of laminate wood look.


On the other hand, when transition flooring involves laminate to another type of flooring, an important subject is the difference in thickness between them. FinishBuild reminds you that in the case of laminate flooring products time of year play an important role on the fact that they expand and contract with the change in temperature and humidity. Therefore, keep into account that when installing ceramic next to laminate flooring, try to allow a small 1-inch gap between the flooring.

Transition Flooring: What material can I use to combine my laminate flooring?

Even though it might seem a matter of aesthetics and chic looks, sometimes transition flooring is related to tight budgets, saving purposes and even health requirements, however, there are a few viable options for each preference. Combining laminate and porcelain or ceramic, you would be upgrading each home room which, in time can work on your favor by creating a customized look that attracts buyers in the case you want to move out.

Ceramic.  Is a well solid option and at FinishBuild we have Terracotta, which has a particular porous surface which can provide you a rustic atmosphere, matching perfectly on any home area. Stone look is another appealing look when transition flooring is part of your project. FinishBuild currently counts with Limestone, Travertine, and Marble, which will never pass unnoticed by guests on a weekend evening. Stone tiles might cost you a little bit more than terracotta, and while they are more durable you should take special extra caring like still seal if they are in contact to moist areas.

Porcelain. Is considered the modern alternative to ceramic tiles. The two materials are very similar, except that porcelain is fired at higher temperatures, making it more durable. Porcelain comes in a wide range of styles and patterns. Glass is most popular as a choice for bathrooms, capable of evoking an atmosphere of luxury or sophistication. It can be costly to install, but once in place, it’s easy to clean. At FinishBuild ceramic porcelain corresponds to a small tile, with sizes between 300mm-300mm. What we like about Glazed porcelain is that glazed after printing the designs, so it is more bright-colored and also unlimited on pattern alternatives.

On the other hand polished tile is also another option for transition flooring to combine with laminated products, since they are a bright tile that is polished on the surface of the whole raw brick is an excellent indoor spaces option, such as living-rooms, studios, and even indoor patios. Polished tile size is range from 600mm to 800mm.

Where can I make a Flooring Transition?

When it comes to transition flooring, options are endless, there are a number of types of laminate transitions that you find appealing. Each one is used specifically for where the laminate flooring ends, such as where the laminate stops at ceramic tile. However, transition flooring are also common where the laminate ends at carpet, vinyl flooring, a threshold or a step down such as a sunken living room or stairs.


Since hallways and entryways receive high traffic flows, is a perfect excuse to combine it with Limestone or Stone porcelain with any of our laminate flooring options. Explore by framing out the hallway in hardwood but lay the central walking space in porcelain. This not only would ease your cleaning times, since porcelain is easy to clean, on rainy days opt for tile and provide a space for guests to remove or wipe their shoes so your hardwood floors won’t be scratched by sand and dirt.

In open-plan homes, the entryway may not have any logical starting and stopping point for a flooring change, therefore you might want to add tiles in a path leading to the other main rooms of your flat, while Laminate hardwood –for instance- can be used for the remaining areas.

Living Rooms:

Laminate floors that complement wooden beams and trim create a warm, inviting living space for family gatherings, we suggest you to try our line of Parkay Floors, which offer a light wood tone, ideal for many living-rooms with a fireplace. Ceramic tile is a great material for a fireplace as well, since they are heat resistant, try with a ceramic tile that resembles a warmer look such as Terracota. Please: Keep in mind dear reader, that in transition flooring the ceramic tile needs to be the same height as your laminate flooring product so the transition sits level across the two floors.


This is one of the common locations where combining hardwood and ceramic flooring can be a precious addition. Due to the fact that are easy to match with countertops, cabinets and backsplashes you can choose between a dark hardwood look of our Parkay Floors line or a lighter version of Pine tones. Use these additions to combine them with the stain and grain of your wooden cabinets or the trim around your kitchen window.

Final extra touch for Flooring Transition

Transition Molding

These friendly additions would help you to unite one surface transition to another so there is no abrupt or unfinished edges that end up unprotected. This is highly recommendable by FinishBuild staff as safety attention because they decrease the chances of being tripped up between two floor-surface thicknesses such as from laminate flooring to carpet.

Take for example one of our Swiss Krono laminate flooring products, a cool finishing touch on a beautiful transition flooring would be the addition of Multifloor transition strips, which besides preserving the structural integrity of your laminate floor, they also allow expansion gaps to work efficiently.

On the other hand, T-molding strips are available in finishes to match your laminate flooring in color and even in pattern style. The installation of either type of transition strip is easy to make which can suit do-it-yourself homeowners.

You imagine it. We apply it!