Traditional & Modern Living Room: Lighting Suggestions

Blending function with style is without doubt the best way to enhance your living room’s design; in case you need help to accomplish this, in FinishBuild we would like to give you an excellent idea: start up with light fixtures that well- lit your home’s spaces. Living rooms that reflect an inviting atmosphere have their bases on a combination of ambient, accent and different kinds of light to illuminate. Most of the time, homeowners spend a lot of time deciding the right sofa or paint color for the living room’s walls, and often forget about how important is having proper lighting in such areas. A living room is generally the space where you and your family watch TV, read books, entertain guests and where kids play games; therefore the importance of right lighting in both function and look of this room needs to be taken seriously.

Since living rooms are commonly the first rooms where people walk into, they set the tone for the rest of the house; lighting in these areas then is essential due to the intimacy that it creates. Having said this, from FinishBuild we would like to share with your some of our best lighting fixtures ideas to boost both a traditional living room and a modern one; get inspired by this home improvement project, and set the living room vibes you have always wanted for your home.

Traditional living room: lighting ideas


Chandeliers are taking over!

Since lighting is one of the most aesthetically and pleasing parts of a home’s design; a single large chandelier will absolutely make a statement. As an extra idea we can give you; choose the color you consider for the chandelier and repeat it on the pillows or cushions and rugs, by doing this you will set a sophisticated and neutral impact.

An always classic fixture

In case you are not sure between a glamorous chandelier and a stunning centerpiece to set the focal point of your living room; a classic ring chandelier is what you need in your traditional living room, why? Because of the fact that it coordinates with any décor, while multiple bulbs cast a glow; this way you avoid a piercing and unflattering line of light.

Let it shine

Continuity in adjoining rooms is a common feature in any traditional living room; create a classic by using the same fixtures and make your design scheme looks well coordinated. An excellent suggestion is a crystal chandelier, which is a fabulous fixture with the always traditional feel.

Long pendants also count

Regarding this idea, we might remind you that your living room’s fixtures should be proportional to the room; that is, the number of feet in the sum is equal to the inches your chandelier should be. Long pendants as well as tall table lamps are nicely suitable for classic or traditional living rooms, as they establish a balance especially in very high ceilings.

Include dimmers in your traditional living room

So far we have shown you big pieces of fixture as ideas for your traditional living, and since this area of your home is mostly used to spend time on entertaining or good conversations with your guests, dimmers are key for general lighting centered in the middle of the room, they subtly switch the mood you want to create for each occasion; from traditional lighting scheme to romantic and flattering mood, with dimmers the decision is yours.

Modern living room: lighting ideas


Consider photos and eye- catching posters too!

Today the definition of interior decoration has widely change, and as the idea is to accomplish a modern look in your living room; photos and posters can be illuminated with low voltage lamps mounted on the picture’s frame or the wall, to provide a strong accent across the surface of the image.

Stylish illumination with a modern floor lamp

An ideal decision fro giving a room both essential lighting and visual interest, floor lamps are automatically a central decorative element in a living room, not to mention the substantial light source they provide. From contemporary and upstanding shapes to lower profiles, stylish floor lamps are a must choice in any modern living room.

Table lamps are a modern choice

We consider them attractive contemporary décor objects; table lamps can perform both functional and decorative features that also add essential illumination into your living room. Nowadays you can choose among relatively small size and broad range of modern designs: options are endless.

Modern look with wall lights

Perfect for areas where adjustable o subtle lighting is needed. Wall lights such as swing arm lamps with their innovative flexible elements allow you to adjust the direction of the light. Our suggestion on this option would be to carefully consider the benefits and pitfalls of wall lights, and select the best design for your home’s living room.

Nothing looks more chic than wall sconces

Wall sconces are those small, fixed decorative lights that we totally love! And work well in small living rooms because they provide subtle modern lighting accent. To complement this idea, from FinishBuild we would like to add that with all the variety of lighting fixtures today, you can play by setting them on the living room’s corners, on the sideboard or shelves; this create a totally relaxed ambience.

As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, a good living room lighting scheme is nothing but a great play of different kinds of light, set at diverse levels that at the end will nicely work together making the space feel warm an attractive. In FinishBuild we totally believe that dimmers are one of the best creations of these past centuries; they perform excellent at allowing you to control the level of light to suit all the activities that are developed in this area of your home. Moreover, with all the advantages that lighting market offers today, you can make your home lighting project a more energy- efficient one with the possibilities of using energy saving fixtures such as halogen or LEDs fixtures.

To get information about FinishBuild’s lighting sources and colors available, remember you can browse online on our web site or in our local lighting showroom…you start, we Finish!