Top 7 Lovely Ideas For Your Walls With Molding

The Columbia University Press in its encyclopedia’s 6th edition has published a valuable article about molding and its origins; this article explains the different roles molding has played through the years, regarding past interior or exterior design styles.  From flat ceramic enrichments in color as were first used in Babylonia, Assyria and Persia to essential pieces of the building process in Greek , and later Roman and Renaissance ages molding changes in between. You have probably read our molding article few weeks ago (and if you have not, you should!), in this occasion FinishBuild would like to add a little bit more of the highlighted features of this incredible element that enriches your building or makeover project. Among all the considerations we have to analyze about molding, the most significant is the type of shadow it will cast; this means that the shape of a molding is characterized by its profile or section, for instance if place in the cap of a column or as the crowing cornice of a building.

Moreover, since molding is a contoured material designed for covering grooves in joints (e.g between a floor and a wall) as well as it includes pieces for rounding off internal and external angles of machine parts and casting forms, it simplifies production and treatment parts and helps preventing crack formation in places of joining, not to mention the great decoration alternatives you can benefit from.

What is molding made from?

Trim makes reference to any applied decorative element you can consider for your design project; such as baseboards, door and windows casings, chair rail, crown molding, ceilings or fireplace surrounds.  And therefore molding is part of this category, is found in a wide variety of patterns that simply ornament any of your spaces. Molding pieces can be made from:

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Due to its adaptability molding or trim remains the most common material fro trims boards.


Since resists warping or cracking and it can be stained to complement a beautiful finish, hardwood trims allow molding looking at its best.


This type of molding can be easily mixed by hand for small projects, it is ideal to be used for low-density insulation, structural or flotation applications.


It is made mostly from synthetic sources and it is produced by highly controlled chemical processes. This element is excellent for any situation where you need the material to expand and returns to its original shape.


This element is achieve by shaping plastic using a rigid frame, what it makes it a flexible material to create both simple and highly complex designs.


It is a stable and more rot and insects repellent than wood product, and takes paint very well.

Molding and its different uses

Molding is definitely know as a statement regarding the evolution of interior walls, and it also has a great variety of uses; this versatile material is used in architecture, furniture, decorative objects and as a surface of projecting or receding contours . Molding can be hung in actually any space of your rooms.

As baseboards: it is recommended to work from the floor up, they can be simple in shape or have additional pieces, such as shoe molding that add a decorative touch.

As wainscoting

Since wainscoting is a paneling that exists between baseboards and picture rails, molding can be installed over the wall to resemble this look.

As chair rail

It is often installed alongside wainscoting; molding as a chair rail will rest partway up a wall, just where the back of your dining chair could hit the wall.

As picture or plate rail

Instead of hanging pictures straight on the wall, this is a nice option to display your best memories. It also helps to prevent damage to your walls and creates an additional layer of decoration. This alternative looks really awesome in rooms with traditional style.

As casing

To surround whether walls or windows and so match with the color as the trim of the rest of the house.

Crown molding

This wonderful product is located at the seam between the ceiling and the wall, and as the word itself expresses, your space looks as a crown area. And from this product we have to say there are many different styles, this way you have plenty of option to decide which look you want your room to have.

7 lovely molding decoration idea

1. Eye-catching stylishness

This look is known as picture framing, and it is popular because by applying narrow strips the idea is to suggest panels which sizes may vary to emphasize small spaces above doors and windows, as well as large expanses for artwork. The key to achieve this idea is to keep the spacing between frames as uniform as possible and in the same manner the alignment in the edges.

2. Incredible instant art

You can reach this stylish project by applying tall and flat molding panels as wainscoting; it will be a beautiful cornerstone of arts and style.

3. Keep it classic

Since wainscoting owns its name because that is what it does, you might cover only part of the wall (two-thirds up the wall) with molding and finish the look with a the stain best suits the color of the whole area. As a result, you will have a plate rail molding that features groove to secure pictures on display.

4. Sweet kids art gallery

We thought about this look because kids also deserve a space for them to show off their favorite artworks. This mini art gallery includes a molding frame on a large wall, be sure to make this frame slightly darker hue in order to create a focal point and arrange your kids’ master pieces.

5. Lighten up!

If a high ceilings house is your case, you could consider wood trim on them that will wind up the feel of your home and also will by installing them you will give the idea of frames with light fixture. This is definitely a quick and easy way to turn a dull expanse into a real highlight.

6. Mix and match

Thinking about your bedroom this idea could be a great option, and it consists by adding a wall with beaded molding board. Apply the beaded board to the wall, and pay attention they carefully match the beads along the edges, nail every few inches, and then paint the wall in the pallet that best matches your bedroom color scheme.

7. Cozy up!

Molding or trim do not always need to be around the window; give your room a little twist by installing molding strips that frame your windows, pain them with a bold color and allow sunlight warm your home space.

We mentioned in our previous molding article, and now we emphasize it; molding serves as an excellent defining element, it finishes a terminating unit or an entire composition and its great versatility makes it one of FinishBuild’s most recommended accessory for your home or any space design project.

Art is how we decorate space; music is how we decorate time.

When it comes to create an impact in your home, be fierce…you start, we Finish!

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