Top 6 Inspiring Interior Door Styles

Unique materials and innovative designs are two of most important pillars we base our work in FinishBuild. Constant and current information is what we always try to do before to start any article, thus we are able to offer our readers exceptional ideas and tips on how to make their spaces look and perform at their best. As many of us know, interior doors are key pieces in any home since they are not only privacy providers but also an integral part of a room’s décor; so if you are the type of person that is limited with the idea of plain white doors for your interiors, we might suggest: you need to think again. Besides the important decision on what color your walls can be or what piece of hanging art you want to add to your spaces; your home interior doors should be considered as a starting point that people see before coming in to any room, so stop thinking of your interior doors as just a permanent framework and create a gorgeous statement, like furniture does. The idea then is to start taking seriously your home interior’s doors, they play a more valuable role than you might realize, they can make a big difference in detail and style that you will appreciate it once you finish the makeover process.

Inspiring Interior Door Style

As a home element we use every day, interiors doors give you the opportunity to live a tactile experience which leaves an incredible impression, because you do not feel the same when closing a solid wood door as you do by closing a hollow door that was made of synthetic materials. Check the following ideas on how to choose really inspiring interior doors and open up to new styles for your home.

Flush Door Panels

We definitely love the simplicity and elegance of this type of interior doors; they come with a hollow or solid core, and you can also find them primed for painting or finished in a wood veneer. Flush doors are the perfect option if you are striving to a modern architecture look. The most highlighted part of this type of door is that you can order it either in your favorite veneer design or in the custom configuration you have always want it, it all depends on your budget; often veneers significantly increase the cost.

Versatile Pantry Styles Doors

For this door interior design a sliding glass barn door is really suitable; exposed tracks which are used for a kitchen pantry perform multipurpose duties as a message board. You can also use it to write right on the glass grocery lists, important appointments or family notes; and at the same time you will be seeing through the glass how much sugar or coffee you have.

Asian Inspired Interior Panels

When we talk about Asian style in a home, we immediately think of sliding doors, perhaps this is due to the Shoji screen doors we can watch on Asian movies; Asian inspired doors are a great solution for light- sharing in interiors. They are ideal whether for a bathroom or a kitchen. In case you decide on one of this Asian door design for you bathroom, be sure that you will provide to this space a calming and spa-like feel. On the other hand if you choose it for you kitchen, the sliding door with wooden window- like panes will suitably blend with a modern cabinetry.

Two, Three or more Panel for Home Doors

Keep it classic without being boring with more than one panel door; there are many variations on these designs. From traditional architecture to bold styles, panel doors are the best option you have in order to distinguish your home’s style. You should be able to find any of this type of door in hollow core as well as in solid wood, many of these designs come in their painted or stained wood (particularly oak) version; options are vast!

Arch- Top End Interior Door

This is a very French door style and we totally love it! If we go to the top of this door design, we surely look at an exquisite detail and finish arch which offers an elegant introduction into the room of the house you have chosen. It is amazing how eye- catching can be an arch- top interior door; a sophisticated and vintage style that can be achieve with simple trim and graceful curves.

Glass Doors

Once again we must say that when it comes to glass doors, choices are massive. It is just a matter of choosing the suitable one for you, decide which look you will likely want these as focal points or installed in specific places where added light is needed. Central halls, studies or dining room are the chosen living spaces where these doors are located, they are charming and really functional; however it is important to mention that this type of interior door is best left for generous budgets; if this is your case, then be prepared to enjoy a sophisticated design. And now that we are mentioning glass doors as an excellent alternative for your interior doors, mirrored doors give a (literally) reflection of your style, they have also the ability to make the space feel more open and this is a big plus for that small area of your house.

Doors do not need to be a simple coat of paint element in your home; provide your interior with magnificent pieces of architecture, in order to create a unique décor style that you, your family and guests will love. Whether you have already experienced the adventure of replacing one of your interior door or you are about to do it for the first time, opt for interior doors that are not just beautiful, but also that fit excellent into the room, focus on your design needs and instantly you will be adding attitude to the room. Go out there and check what is modern and gorgeous related to doors designs; enhance your home interior through style, color and texture…you dream it, we Build it!