Top 6 Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

FinishBuild absolutely believes that your decorating talent can be cultivated as you read our interior design articles, learn from your previous home improvement mistakes, and move on trying to avoid them in the future. Home offices have become more and more popular in many homes around the world, as the current definition of work has evolved giving hard working people the opportunity to develop their tasks from comfortable spaces, which additionally increase their creativity and inspiration. In this article you will find some gorgeous ideas we have picked for you, because we think that a home office with a welcoming atmosphere is a sum of all its functional and decorative elements; having say this, our main goal with this article is to help you find the right look for working from home in style and therefore, have a better productive version of you.

Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

In FinishBuild we definitely believe that one of the greatest benefits of a home office is the free decorating choices you can make and so you can design it as you wish; of course, taking into consideration all the space’s features in order to both make it functional and reflect your style. The following are some of the ideas that FinishBuild have selected for this home project:

Modern and minimalist corner office

Strive to create a clean lines design; give your home office a nice sleek look with a minimalist version of your favorite desk and chairs. To complement this idea, we suggest you to choose your home office accessories’ inspired by your favorite country, this will add a touch of whimsy and personality to the space.

Home office space with a wood wall to wall look

One of the most versatile homes decorating material: wood, you cannot get wrong with it. Wood looks beautiful in any of its different tones and textures; if your idea is to create a warm and rustic look, this is the right one for you.

Keep it classic with a built- in shelving unit

Choose an entire wall to install built- in shelves; it will display books and personal items you have selected for your home office. To complete the look place some rolling chairs and a desk in the classic black and white way, consider adding a rug and achieve an elegant design.

Monochrome home office

For this look, we have thought about light colored wood furniture, in order to make the space feel spacious and contemporary. As well as a large cabinet unit, to provide your home office with a ample storage for files, this way you also keep the desk clean and uncluttered.

Chic and functional home office

If a small nook is the space you have available for your home office project, this idea is perfect for you! Consider the idea of having a custom designed desk, in order to make its features match with the space, and therefore you will have plenty of workspace. Since it is a small space, floating shelves will be suitable for you to display your favorite art pieces.

Blue décor and hardwood floor

Decorating your home’s spaces with little blue to seems like a lovely idea for us! Your home office features decorated in blue will look adorable with our Aztec Tan hardwood and your favorite coffee table’s pick.

Extra tips for improving your productivity at your home office

In accordance with an article published by the popular social network LinkedIn; numerous surveys have proved that nowadays more and more people are working remotely. Today’s work perception has noticeably changed and that is why there are many people working from coffee shops or at home. And talking about home, in FinishBuild we believe this is an excellent way to do business, however with this nice way of working comes some situations such as distractions whether from your kids/neighbors, or house work. Thinking about this, we have decided to include in this article a few interesting tips that might help you stay on track, keep or even improve your productivity while working from home.

Make sure to feel comfortable

One of the greatest advantages we see in working at your place is the fact that you do not need to be stuck at a desk, sitting on an uncomfortable chair. Therefore, strive to invest in furniture and setup that perform both productivity and comfort; and because we know these concepts can be perceived as differently as people’s points of view, we are making reference whether to a nice office desk with ergonomic furniture or just a laptop on your lap, any of these decisions is good as long as they make you feel comfortable while working.

Turn off the TV, and turn on the radio

Technology can be tricky sometimes, and with so many devices you probably have at home for instance: televisions or video games, it is easy to get distracted by them. A good idea would be to shut the TV off and make sure to put away any other absorbing items; and instead turn your radio on, because music can be soothing and help with concentration.

A breather will be excellent for you

Since it is not a secret that people have the tendency to work and perform a considerable number of tasks in short periods of time, ending up really exhausted, it will be an excellent idea to improve vitamin D levels and energy by taking a pleasant walk outside; this way sunlight will also help you to boost your mood. In brief, your mood and your productivity will be certainly affected by how your home office is set up; the idea is to create a functional and comfortable space where you can develop new ideas and solutions or perhaps make serious business’ decisions. We also need to make notice that people should not blend the workplace with the rest of their personal space; this is an essential aspect that will keep you away from unnecessary mind- blocks features.

Dedicate time in your home office project and show the best productive version of you…you start, we Finish!