Top 5 Trendy Areas To Set a Gorgeous Decking

Looking forward to boost the look of your home? As a great alternative which is becoming more and more popular, deck emerged as a more functional way to upgrade your home’s spaces, and you can be surprised by the benefits you can get from it. Decking adds a beautiful look to your outdoor area, so you feel motivated to host an outside event with your family and friends, or just provide to yourself an open area where you can feel the daily tension drifts away with a good beverage. Another reason FinishBuild believes decking is an amazing home addition, is regarding to the fact that provides an aesthetic charm, because it can make the outdoor area be the focal point of your property; it also adds dimension to the space in order to make it stands out. Furthermore, you can change the look of your deck by staining the wood and get the color scheme you prefer.

In addition, thinking about decking as your next home project allows you to experience a quick building process, since it can be finished in a short period of time; just make sure you count on the needed quantity of workers to have the project done. Moreover, you won’t have to deal with noises or disturbances that can normally come with any building or makeover process.

Oftentimes, the size of the deck is determined by how much space you have decided to use, and the lie of the land.  Usually, people think that when it comes about decks, straight sided rectangles are the most suitable; turns out that they do not have to be always that way. There are interesting ways you can try, for instance: curved, attached to the house on one side or free-standing. In FinishBuild, we feel really attracted by the idea of having a rounded deck surrounded by plants; we can picture it as an open-air summer house.

Another excellent advantage we can mention of decking is that you can design and style it in order to make it fit in anywhere. If you place it in an area that is not that common, it will actually turn into an appealing focal point. The following are three alternatives we decided to show you, in order to make your making-decision process easier:

Wood: wood deck is made from Cedar, redwood or pressured- treated yellow pine, what makes it resistant to rot and insects. One of the good aspects about this type of deck is that offers beauty and texture of natural wood. However, we need to notice that requires the most maintenance possible (very year), due to the fact that if it is installed in a coastal area, could get battered by salt and sand. You might also need to regularly inspect your wood decking and hammer in any nails that are sticking out of the wood.

Composite: what we love about this option is that it is the most environmentally friendly among the decking types; it is generally made from recycled timber or plastic fibers. This material can bend and curve to accommodate your design project, this is something wood is not able to do; in our opinion that is a big plus. On the contrary of wood, composite is more expensive and if the surface gets scratched or stained, cannot be refinished.

Plastic or Vinyl: neither plastic nor vinyl is made from wood fibers, the materials this type of decking is made from are resistant to mold, rot and insects; furthermore, they do not absorb moisture. It is low-maintenance, and the good part of it is that whether plastic or vinyl resists scratches and stains. Yet, plastic or vinyl can feel unyielding underfoot.

As you can notice, the choices are all yours so after considering the pros and cons of every type of decking, be sure to choose the proper one that best suits your decking project, and remember that in order to make your deck last longer, keep it clean; depending on the material, you should sweep it with a scrubbing brush, or use a high pressure water cleaner to remove any ingrained dirt or stains.

5 trendy places for decking

In case you are looking forward to develop a decking project, we have to point out that this is an excellent opportunity for you to feel inspire and get the best from deck, because it is a construction material you can personalize, accessorize and style as you want to reach your decking area idea. Among all the options you might find regarding to places to install deck, you will find that most of them are destined mostly for outdoor spaces. We have selected the 5 most popular, as follows:

  1. The idea of having a patio in your home is to make it both aesthetically appealing and functional; and this is something you can totally achieve with decking because it is an adaptable construction material. It is probable you remember decking in patios from our “6 flooring ideas for your patio” article; well this time we emphasize the choice!
  2. Porches with decking as a flooring option are appropriate to create an excellent environment to host guests during warmer months, since deck provides space, so you can think of placing a barbecue area to complete the look.
  3. Consider wood deck for pools or spas; why wood? Due to the fact that one of its greatest characteristics is that absorbs water quickly, and this makes the surface slip- resistant, just try to keep the area inspected in order to remove dirt on the decking boards, otherwise you will have a very slippery surface.
  4. An extension of your garden; and to make it even more interesting, you can think of building decked platforms at different heights so you can visibly make notice the lounging and dining area in your garden.
  5. Use deck in an alfresco area; to provide a natural look to your outdoor area, timber decks are suitable for this kind of project since is visually attractive and also has the amazing natural attribute of absorbing and release moisture.


Advice and maintenance

Deck oil; it helps by sinking into the wood and is easy to apply. Be sure to use it on dry timber, it is great at both preserving new decking and rejuvenating tired wood.

Decking stains; they add color and give you the opportunity to change the character and presence of the timber completely.

The deck will be long-lasting and durable if you use pressure-treated timber.

It may sound irrelevant but using with the proper screws for the job, will help you get the durable results you want.

For decking, FinishBuild recommends you to absolutely avoid permanent wet areas to install it, since they can be affected by damp and algae growth; this would result in yearly cleaning and treating to preserve the timber.

About lighting; because decking is a really versatile material and you can adapt it to your requirements, be sure that the wiring of your lights goes under the boards, this way they go unnoticed.

Consider installing railing and panels to emphasize the view, because they come in a variety of styles and they are designed to give some sort of barrier across the open sides, which makes the area feel enclosure and therefore, more inviting to spend quality time with guests.

As you can deduce, there are multiple ideas you can consider before starting your decking project, decking as a home addition has experienced a noticeable acceptance as an alternative to improve the look of either houses or gardens. Decking as your home addition would be a wise decision, because it costs considerably less than other alternatives you can think of, and this will allow you to achieve your project without breaking the bank. In FinishBuild we are sure that by integrating all the features correctly (suitable deck material, appropriate lighting and excellent outdoor seating), you will definitely achieve the idea you have always wanted.