Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe Room

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Did you know that women and even some men will spend almost one year of their lives deciding what to wear? According to The Telegrapgh (UK) shows that in a study based on an adult lifetime from the age of 16 to 60, conclude on the fact that most women will spend around 20 minutes deciding what to wear before hitting the town on a weekend night. However when it comes to a more luxurious occasion, deciding on what clothes to take, time can increase to approximately from 30 minutes to 52.

 FinishBuild staff is aware of taking your time in the matter; average women usually try two or three option outfits each morning before coming to a final decision. So, yes, women and men take their time when it comes to get ready to whether is work, casual party or just get in shape, after all that is our presentation card to daily tasks. For this reason we have come with a few useful advices for you to get the best of these areas in order to boost your creativity and make outstanding fabric combinations.

An entire room dedicated to personal attire sound like something you deserve, right? That and height of sophistication feeling after a good bath. When it comes to a wardrobe room, FinishBuild staff thinks of softness but luxurious area, an extremely personal with your own style and colors that reflect your spirit.  It can be a functional room purposefully designed to be useful but most of all enjoyable. There are many options, however depending on the size of the room, furniture should be adjusted. Whether is a small or large, FinishBuild would love to share these must have items in order to make of your wardrobe a place where you can always reinvent yourself.

1. Light it up

top 5 4 300x300 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe RoomExplore the world of senses, keep into account that parallel to your office, a pleasant atmosphere can influence in your performance. So, try boosting your mood by lighting incense-burner with a smooth scent, and set the aroma for spoiling yourself a bit, you deserve it.

The most important rule is not to forget or skip using one. You can stick to your signature scent if you have one, or you can also swapping between fragrances if it makes you happy. A light floral fruity scent may be a good option; coconut and vanilla are good choices as well, if you are into soft aromas.

Other than making sure the room smells fresh in general, you might want to make sure you keep it smelling good even when you are not getting ready. Therefore, try to add some aromatic candles as well, this viable option might not only help you on those cold days but also would be an extra touch for an outstanding room. Nevertheless, whatever style of fragrance you opt for, try always the most natural one. Commercial products are good, we do not deny it, but after using them what’s next? Even though candles and incense do not last forever, it does have a considerable lower impact to mother earth.

2. The Mirror

top 5 3 300x300 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe RoomMake of your wardrobe a complete happy place. Who is the best judge of our appearances? Us! So, keep definitely into account the goodness of a standout mirror. Although this might be a recommended purchase for your wardrobe, remember that the size and position are very important, having said this, if you happen to count with space enough try a big mirror which would make of your getting ready time an enjoyable process. And for you, detail boss, we strongly suggest an extra looking glass for close-up product application. A magnifying cosmetics mirror might safe you the night for those unexpected reunions.

3. The armchair

 The minutes that you commit to make-up application and hair styling should be in a nice and comfortable chair. FinishBuild think that an armchair would be a very nice option, because can offer you a place to rest but also work on your looks in a relaxed way. So, do not hesitate when it comes to what you deserve, get a throne for the ambitious women that is inside of you. On the other hand if you happen to have a small area, stool is a good idea for its multifunctional purpose. There is no objection on your choice as long as is cozy and functional for you.

4. Add some extra you

top 5 2 300x300 Top 4 things You Need to Know For a Wardrobe RoomChoose the color of your preference on jewelry boxes, cosmetics jars and perfume bottles. There is no “enough” when it comes about creating a charming and functional wardrobe, promise to yourself nothing but the best. Candles, photo frames, a vase filled with your favorite plants add a consistent personal touch. FinishBuild suggest you that in areas like this, neutral colors on the walls are a wise choice, due to the fact that you will have lots of elements storage, and for what is worth neutral colors allow clothes to stand out, making it easier to pick!

The lighting in this area is particularly important, just as important as accessories and clothing. If you do not own the proper illumination you might have trouble on seeing the details of your fabrics or make up courses. Keep into account that the difference between warm and cooler lighting also defines the style of the room.

To sum up, creativity is vital your wardrobe, if you feel with a lack of motivation, using design magazines, asking to friends or even check Pinterest can be a very nice source of inspiration. Remember that having different choices  does not make you odd, that is exactly what makes you unique, so whether if you like bright colors, or you happen to enjoy a classic style, our tips would match.

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