Top 5 Floors To Cool Down Your Home This Summer

2016’s summer solstice coincided with the June full moon, American tribes nicknamed it as the strawberry moon but in other cultures this full moon is also called the rose moon or the honey moon. As another interesting note: did you know that on summer’s solstice day the sun reaches its highest point in the sky all year, causing more light to reach our planet? Based on these facts, it is completely understandable that as the temperature rises, so does the need of cooling your home; and of course there are many ways to accomplish this mission in order to keep your home cool during this hot yet beautiful season. As you may think air conditioners, fans, ceiling fans and many other appliances seem to be the most effective and best relieves but, have you thought about how they can environmentally affect our planet? Or how much do they boost your energy bills? In FinishBuild we would like to share with you some superb flooring option you might consider as your home floor’s coverings to cool down the heat provided by summer season.

Top 5 floors to cool down your home

If you are looking forward to other ways to keep your home cool this summer, start this project from you home’s flooring; due to their properties, certain types of underfoot surfaces perform great when it comes to keep spaces cool. In FinishBuild we have worked on a flooring selection that combines luxury with functionality which will certainly help you avoid sweating out until the wonderful fall temperatures arrive.

Natural Stone

This type of flooring material has been used in home interior designs for a long time; stone is natural, it looks amazing and is always a stylish way to design your spaces. Thanks to  its a natural cooling feature, is ideal for warm climates; however, it is important for you to know that before making any decision on stone as your flooring option, be sure to know the best type for you due to the fact that there is a version of this material which has certain levels of porosity, and therefore its strength or stain resistance can be affected by it, so in case you are thinking of this alternative for a high feet traffic area or a kitchen, re- think this idea and opt for a hard, dense, non-porous stone for instance, granite.


This surface material belongs to the natural stone’s family, what makes it a nice option for keeping floors cool, more sleek and luxurious, this is why is a very popular choice. Travertine is partially transformed limestone, its exceptional texture makes it a really attractive display , this flooring product is light colored which looks similar to marble; they both share the same properties.

Ceramic tile: whether they are porcelain tiles or not

Before giving you any reference about this option we need to let you know that the design possibilities you have by choosing ceramic is endless and always stunning. FinishBuild’s ceramic comes in an excellent range of colors and textures, and since this material sometimes comes in patterns, because modern manufacturing apply incredible techniques, ceramic tiles can be created to look very alike to more expensive flooring materials such as natural stone or marble, so you bring home the best of the two worlds!


Durability and great wood or stone simulation are the two main features of this construction material, and the reason why we have included in this cool flooring selection is due to the fact that unlike other floors like carpet, laminate does not absorb heat so this is a huge plus, not to mention how affordable this flooring alternative can be.

For cooling your outside surface: outdoor pavers

In case you think we forgot about the outside part of house, you are wrong because we have thought about it as well. And as an outdoor paver we have chosen two alternatives: concrete and the one we have already mentioned natural stone. Concrete is definitely versatile and you can be creative by installing it in a luxurious way or to fit with the style you have opted for; the greatest aspect of concrete is that can be stained and textured for a better traction and a more rustic look. Giving concrete a go will certainly show you how fast those air conditioning or heating bills will drop, because this outdoor flooring option stays cool during summer as well as retains heat in winter time, since it is almost impossible to notice scratches on concrete surfaces; this alternative is very suitable for you, your family and guests.

Extra ideas to keep your house cool during the summer season

Summer is getting hotter and hotter, so thinking of some extra ideas to keep your house cool during summer time, FinishBuild has chosen the following ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up your electric bills.


To shade air conditioning units at home, you can contemplate the idea of having plant trees or shrubs. A great option will be deciduous trees planted on the south and west sides of your house, they will have two functions; on one hand, they will keep the spaces cool in the summer and on the other hand, they will allow the sunlight to warm the house during the winter time. By properly planting these types of trees around the house, you won’t need to invest money in cooling or heating costs, and this will annually save you considerable amounts of money.

Avoid internal heat: think of shades, drapes or blinds

Since the best way to cool down your home during this season is to keep the heat out, we would suggest you to install white window shades, drapes or blinds that reflect the heat way from your house. Any of these options face the sun and keep it out, helping fans or air conditioners to cool efficiently.

Ditch the incandescent lights

As you might know incandescent bulbs waste about 90% of their energy in the heat they emit, so this is an excellent motivation to make switch to CFLs or compact fluorescent lamps; tossing them to the curb will make a small but noticeable difference in cooling your home and lowering your electric bill.

The idea is fundamentally to minimize sources of heat as much as possible, and among the alternatives you have to do so, removing built up heat from inside is key in this process. Make you cool flooring decision wisely…you start, we Finish!