Top 4 tips to a Theater

Thalian Hall in Wilmington, North Carolina, is in the midst of the eldest theaters in the U.S. and successfully used since opening in 1858. It is the only surviving work of John Montague Trimble, one of America’s foremost 19th-century theater architects, according to Arquitectural Digest magazine. On this occasion FinishBuild is happy to build for theatregoer’s satisfaction and when it comes to a theater event expectations are high, not only regarding the entire show but the atmosphere of the audience. Vibes are contagious and sets the mood from the beginning to the very end.

Short and snappy, the origins of Greek theatre lie in Dionysus god of fertility and wine. In keeping with the god’s distinctive delight, cult ceremonies were occasionally executed; nevertheless Dionysians also develop a more structured form of performance. They organized a compendium of affine arts where dance and sing, in choral form, the stories of Greek myth took place.

In the 6th century BC a dialogue with the chorus is incorporated which implies pauses and screenplays. Actors, interludes and long rehearsal periods reduce to one or two hours of an entire product, so is not always easy to satisfice everyone’s standards due to the anxiety and the desire of delivering a positive experience. But previously to any type of show, structure would be always important.

Extravagant foundations such as Mabel Tainter Center built in 1889 where good acoustics allow the appropriate spreading of sound, reflects the grand Victorian era in which it was built. The building features possess surfaces and arches in the Moorish style (Moorish architecture is named after the Moors, Moorish architecture which is a variation of Islamic architecture), marble staircase and floors, walnut and oak woodwork.

Due to the essential fact of sound due to the significance of words on a stage, FinishBuild has developed a few tips regarding laminate flooring products to take into account before building an outstanding assembly like an auditorium or a movie theater.

The essential

  • First of the list on your project tasks should be the current sub-base. It is recommendable to get in touch with previous owners of your construction and a specialist in order to find out the thickness of the concrete slab between you and your neighbor.
  • The original acoustic treatment at the time of original building construction. If the room is less than 10 years old, acoustic underlays have probably already been installed.

Hardwood flooring

It is a common mistake to visualize sound as projecting like a straight direction the source points. But when it comes to big spaces such as a theater, the key is the floor. Flooring boards can create an atmosphere that added to a round structure can generate acoustics, which allows auditory range, retaining the sound and projecting it.

Hardwood flooring products could work with stages areas, try to choose according to the standard chart of floors that we have had shown on previous articles, regarding the thickness and purpose of use. In relation with the color and features, possibilities are endless; we recommend visualizing your entire area, before jumping to any pretty color. Remember that matching concerning textures, color, light and style itself if the significant in order to provide a lovely art atmosphere.


FinishBuild suggests escaping from florescent light and make it warmer. A bright theater space with a soft yellow light is great. Too much artificial light would not look so great. An ideal option would be getting lighting that you can dim to different levels. This way you can dim or brighten as you wish. For example, dimming down further during a mantra replication is great.


Saving the best for the last, noise blocking is an strategic move to any acoustic area, since dialogues, music and other sound effects may be present on ay show event, last thing you need is a loudly and lousy floor. MoonWalk underlayment can perfectly go with a FinishBuild laminate flooring products installation under floor boards in order to decrease the sound of footsteps and other noises being transmitted to the room below.

On the other hand, other of the interesting features about MoonWalk underlayment is also useful in a bedroom or home office where a quiet environment is desirable. Humidity it would not be a problem either due to is manufactured moisture barrier, flooring areas, such as; studios and theater spaces would be safe, promising a high quality long lasting product as well.

FinishBuild also beliefs that by combining our acoustic underlayment and your creativity is completely possible to achieve the ideal hardwood flooring scene. Considering mats beneath furniture or equipment it might be a blessed to floor boards. Finally we close this chapter, encourage you to build possible, maybe in your case it is not a theater but what about a home movie theater?.Regarding keeping the acoustics, the procedure would be the same, therefore in that case you Start. We Finish!