Top 4 Places for your Laundry Room Appliances

Have you ever had to wash your clothes in a public laundry room? This areas offer the opportunity for customers to wash and dry their laundry. Often these places are unmanned and fully automatic, the usage of coins is easy and fully-automated installations can also opt for a central operating display where the customer chooses from a touchscreen which machines he would like to use. Even though this can be an efficient alternative to those who do not own a laundry appliances system at home, it might be a recurrent activity for you and your pocket.

Like it or not we all have to do laundry at some point, unless you pay for a laundry take-out service that will do your laundry for you. But since the majority of people would rather spend their money on something else, FinishBuild would love to offer the possibility of considering a personal laundry room for your loved ones and most of all the ideal location for it.

For many busy families, a laundry rooms system makes sense. You can purchase a small laundry machines for small loads and a dry machine in order to complete your clothes cleaning process. However, when it comes to location, these appliances should be comfortable for you -first of all- and also available handy for those laundry days.

FinishBuild has come with the conclusion that a room specially designed for this activity cannot also allow you to do your clothes but also storage the daily cleaning products for your kitchen and bath for instance, and more tools brooms, mops as well. There are no stiff rules when it comes to where to put your laundry room. It all depends on your house or flat size and preferences. In the end most people who have a washer and dryer in the home are just aware of the benefits of this investment and also trying to safe time.

Best Laundry appliances places for your home

In the Garage

This is our first option due to the fact of noise. Even though nowadays washing and dryer machines can be considerably smooth, others might be able to offer you a concert from the bottom of their engines. Garages have the advantage of storage your laundry appliances easily if you happen to have small space inside home. And it is a stress-free area to install electrical connections to suit your wash machine and dryers in case you do not have it.

 Use this area in your favor, keep into account that sometimes clothes might not smell that nice, so if you are having guests is an excellent opportunity to keep unpleasant odors inside your house, therefore combine two utilitarian functions under one roof and keep things out of sight.

In a Hallway Closet

Hallways are typically centrally located in homes, making them ideal for laundry. At FinishBuild we believe this is a very nice option because is bedrooms close by, and if you cannot find another spot, this option might become very manageable. Making a closet size shelf can provide you the opportunity of having both appliances inside the closet. However, if your closet is wide enough, you could take the doors off and add a couple of side-by-side units with shelves above and a folding table on top.

Hallway location works great for people in condos or tiny homes and the fact that you can do shorter trips is an interesting advantage. Nevertheless, if the machines are stacked in a closet, you might want to take into account where to put the soap, fold the clean clothes areas.

In the Kitchen

Since kitchens are design to have electricity connections you might have a more ease installation process. So, for you homeowner who wants the convenience of location: kitchen can be your solution.

If you want to take advantage of the electrical outlet go for nearby appliances combo, place your washer and dryer next to the refrigerator, for instance. Therefore, you can be able to do more than one thing at time (as most of, we women do), cooking for guest, do the laundry, and having fun. FinishBuild love this safe option, regarding laundry appliances location, kitchens can be a relatively easy upgrade, because of water lines, which are already routed into the space.

Despite of having all your electric appliances together, keep in mind that if you are having guests over on laundry day, you might find it hard to keep things tidy around the machines; therefore try to add some doors onto these areas in order to avoid range of vision.

In a Spare Bedroom

As much as we enjoy these previous ideas, we would like to suggest you to go conventional, at the end it is all about you getting the best of coziness when it comes to laundry time. Subsequently if you happen to have an extra room that is hardly ever used, contemplate the idea of having a small area for your washer and dryer. It could be the closet are for instance, with some extra cabinets for cleaning products.

Over the years the laundry room has been downgraded, upgraded, and moved every which way in homes. From basements to closets, and sometimes to beautiful spacious rooms in the center of a house, laundry rooms can be wherever there is a water and electrical outlet. However, according to surveys directed by the National Association of Home Builders, 37% of new-home buyers say they prefer a laundry room to be located near bedrooms, 20% prefer a laundry room near the kitchen, 17% say the basement and 12 % say the garage.

FinishBuild would love to take these humble suggestions into account and summing up we hope you get the place you love the most. And for what is worth, if you happen to have kids, teach them how to use properly these appliances, make room for independence for them and for you as well.

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