Top 6 Best Places for Mirrors Inside Home

At FinishBuild, when it comes about appearances, we try to satisfy our clients with a wide selection of products that suits any taste and personality. But what happen when it comes about our personal appearances in front of a mirror?  There is no doubt that when it comes to our looks we can be brutally honest, and even though we should do the opposite, it seems some of us never learn. After all, appearance counts in first impressions count overall.

FinishBuild would like to present some ideas for you to get the best of your mirror in any area of your home.  Keep into account that your mirrors reflect beautiful surroundings; therefore these items would definitely enhance your style and personality. Positioning mirrors can be a fun experience depending on the purpose and personal creativity.

Where to locate my mirror?

At the entrance of any room: If you happen to have a mobile medium size mirror try by placed it to one side of the  door – never directly across from the Front Door. However, according to Feng Shui recommendations a mirror placed in front of a door, represents strong repelling of energy and can push anyone entering there right back out the door.

In the kitchen: While working in the Kitchen, you, the cook should be always in the command position, meaning that you should be able to see all entrances and appliances in use. Therefore, if the cook’s back is to a the kitchen door, try hanging a mirror over the cook’s working area, that way anyone coming through the door can be perceived immediately. Another options is to put them in cabinets, glue mirrored tiles to the front of your cabinet fronts to reflect the world around you.

In Backsplashes: There are so many ways to use mirrors in a kitchen and the backsplash is no exception. Mirrors in your backsplash are perfect place for a little echo. It will let you use the natural light throughout the room, and also get the benefit of light reflection.

In the dining room: For some is for health purposes for other just for simple decoration, however a mirror right next to the dining room table can instantly provide a spacious feeling which can go perfect for small homes. This options allows you the chance to go for softer lighting to be used, while still keeping the area light and bright.

Large mirrors: A large mirror in a small room creates the illusion of depth, so don not be scared to go big. Try for example dressing rooms and corners, with a spotlight behind one; make of this area a spoil place for you and your nightgowns.

In Hallways and staircases: Get the best of space, hallways and staircases are usually tight areas and mirrors can act as to widen items to improve the space. In addition mirrors would definitely create a better flow from room to room. So, try to place a smaller, horizontal mirror in a narrow hallway or staircase to change and boost energy.

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