Top 3 Interesting Bathroom Flooring Options

At some point of our journey, we all have faced the challenge of choosing the right flooring for a certain room of our homes, and we have to admit sometimes this is a beating task. From FinishBuild we would like to let you know that deciding on which type of flooring would be appropriate for the bathroom, is not necessarily a daunting mission; you rather see it as process that combines your personal style with functionality. This is a surface that you, your family and guests will stand or sit on, so you would probably want a floor that stays away from any difficult or complicated clean and sanitary process. Based on this, asking yourself a few key questions about the aspect you will want to achieve in your bathroom, should reduce your concerns, make easier your final choice, and increase the long- lasting results you want your flooring to have. There are a variety options that can fit your expectations; concrete, natural stone, brick, mosaic glass, marble, linoleum, or granite are the most popular and functional options you will find in the flooring market for bathroom floorings purposes; all of them available in a different range of sizes, colors, prices, and diverse levels of expertise when installing any of them.

You might also hear or read about materials such as laminates, hardwood, carpet or bamboo as bathroom flooring options; however, even if they are resistant to water, these alternatives are still susceptible to damage from splashes over time. Bathroom surfaces need to withstand high levels of moisture, staining and mold problems; since baths, showers, sinks or any other appliance can splash and splatter; this is why choosing waterproof surfaces is key in any bathroom project. In correspondence with the proper bathroom flooring choice, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have shown that both adults and teenagers have ben treated for injuries in many U.S hospital emergency rooms, because they have suffered accidents by slipping while in the bathroom. This drives us to think how important is to opt for materials that have a good traction and slip- resistant surfaces.

What flooring alternatives for your bathroom can FinishBuild offer?

Thinking about all the features a flooring bathroom should compile; toughness, strength and ability to withstand the worst severities of moisture, stains and mildew, are the most highlighted for us in FinishBuild. And we totally understand you will want your floor will last a long time in this environment. At the same time, investing in a great quality flooring product will save you the expense of having to replace it every few years. Here, our flooring options and the characteristics that makes them potentially appropriate for you:

1. Vinyl: it is low-maintenance; and what makes it an excellent option for your bathroom is that is a durable and resilient material, which is impervious to water and therefore you do not need to concern about drips or splashes that can slip down into the vinyl material and deteriorate it from within. Vinyl is the proper bathroom alternative for you since is staining resistant so neither acidic soaps nor any other chemical cleanser will cause discoloration in its surface.

2. FinishBuild’ porcelain tiles are very durable against cracks and damage. What makes porcelain tiles a really interesting option to consider is the fact that thanks to a protective melted glass layer applied on their surfaces, they are resistant whether to stains or water.

3. Give your bathroom flooring a classic look with our mosaic line and kick up its style; this flooring material can handle the rigors of a big family that uses this area for different purposes. Oftentimes, people believe that because this material is glass-made, could be fragile; unlike what you may have heard, mosaic tiles when manufactured for flooring uses are specially made to be even more durable and resistant to crack. Mosaic is also impervious to water and it can resist to stains, mildew and mold.


  • When it comes to bathroom floors, it is suggested to avoid anything polished as those surfaces can get very slippery and dangerous when wet.
  • In order to protect porcelain tiles against stains, be sure to apply annually a covering sealant.
  • With an average use life about (about 8-10 years), vinyl can wear out and fades overtime; however, the more high quality and thicker is your choice, the greater is the resistant to severities caused by the daily use.
  • Mosaic tiles could be a moderately cold and hard surface underfoot. Likewise, since it is a specially designed with glass, mosaic tiles are exposed to get crack if it is hit by a heavy object, which can result into imminent risk for you and your family.
  • Even tough porcelain and mosaic tiles are relatively easy to install and provide a marvelous durability; they are not cheap options and you should be aware of it.

Caring for your bathroom flooring choice

If you are considering vinyl as your flooring choice; this material will be need to be sealed by heat occasionally, which is a fundamental requirement to prevent water slipping down that can damage the underlayment of the vinyl.

About porcelain we can make notice that the major maintenance concern, would be with the grout lines in between the individual pieces; because these lines are naturally porous, so they will have to be sealed, this way you prevent water from sinking down and causing the unnecessary growth of mold and mildew.

With a proper installation and good quality mosaic tiles, your flooring project can last in even high use bathrooms, looking great overtime without much need for maintenance and care; luckily, in FinishBuild you count on both services.

Get creative: bathroom accessories ideas

  • Crates are attractive and functional; so to add a special finish to your bathroom, place one of those in old wooden or the material you prefer, to make a smart holder for extra toilet paper, or rolled bath towels.
  • Consider the idea of having a silk floral, or if there is natural light available, a live plant; our suggestion? Orchids, they enjoy the humidity in a bright bathroom.
  • Create a focal area in your bathroom by placing a the tub nearby a panoramic view window; so you enjoy natural lighting during the day, and at night you may spot some candles to keep having an inviting environment in this room.
  • Make you, your family and guests feel special every day by placing a perfumed tablet with delicious notes of your favorite scents.
  • An oversized picture window is an amazing accessory; this way you let the sun stream into your bathroom.
  • In order to have really good lighting while prepping in front of the mirror; flanking a vanity mirror with scones would turn into a smart way to accessorize your bathroom.

The design of your bathroom indicates its overall mood and energy. Think of each detail to give it the look you have always wanted; certain colors and stylish accents can make your bathroom in a more inviting room. Remember your bathroom is an area that all of your guests will likely see at some point; so FinishBuild wants you to make a statement in this place. Strive to think it the same way you would like your kitchen or any other area of your house look like.