Tips to Laminate a Dance Studio


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In China, the term dance studio is also used to designate a place which is settled to impart dance classes. Generally known as dance schools in the U. S., they are often instituted locally and offer lessons to fascinated students who live nearby. Depending on the studio, a variety of dance styles may be offered.

On this time Finish Build staff is gladly to share a new post regarding a particular area with a specific purpose: A dance studio, which is commonly known as a space in where dancers can learn or rehearse a specific style of music. Since this location is typically used to describe a space that has either been built or equipped for the main activity, an accurate flooring material should be incorporated.

When it comes to specific purpose, FinishBuild flooring material might vary too, if it is about tap dancing for instance, hardwood flooring style would be the best option in order to reproduce the charming sound of shoes while moving. It is important to take into account that any flooring material you chose is going to affect dancers. Things to picture are the type of traffic, the impact on the flooring as well as the smoothness of the floor. Accordingly, the flooring material for your dance studio floors should have high level of scratch resistance.

In many cases, the studio flooring should have panels interlock with a continuous tongue and groove system. Few carpentry skills might be necessary for setting up. A clean floor assembly process would determine the success of the studio appearance. In any case, flooring material should be able provide a degree of flexibility to absorb the impact of intensive dance exercise, such as jumping. This is considered vital to promote good health and safety.

Certain styles of dance can put stress on young bones and joints. Take ballet as an example, where leaps and jumps are frequently part of the daily routine. We suggest any of our laminate flooring selection. Finish Build flooring materials could share the look you want and also absorb the shock of hopping.

Dance flooring for home studio: Minimum equipment

A horizontal bar is very useful when it comes to practice almost any dance routine, such as ballet, tap or contemporary folklore music. This Horizontal bar can be either fixed to the wall or be an unrelated allowing to move it to a device that is approximately waist height and used as a means of support.

Other common features of a dance studio include a music is an integral part of dance. Nowadays, dance studios are virtually sound system equipped for playing music.

Another fact is that in purpose-built dance studios, it is typical for at least having one wall to be covered by floor to ceiling mirrors, which are used by dancers to see their body position and alignment. Other essentials in any dance studio are a table for teacher notebooks and other instructional materials, as wall as a large wall clock.

What we recommend for your dance floor


Finish Build considers that it is important to note the flooring you have in rooms adjacent to the one you are installing your laminate, in this cases, bathrooms or any other room that might compromise your studio durability. The matching aspect is also important, the surrounding floors should look in harmony with your laminate location, or at least compliment them. On a professional setting, the flooring material would be the main attractive piece. Several dancing studios had enjoyed Laminate flooring materials, because of its resilient. If you are not sure of its toughness you can always rely on the flooring standard chart, which shows you thickness measurements on commercial flooring. Dimensions and measurements at these establishments are usually very large, so in order to fulfill your goals on having an appealing dance floor, you might like to take a look of our flooring option sizes.


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Make it more appealing

The dance studio environment is key element to attract new customers, So, your dance studio should be warm and inviting.  A clean and well-maintained studio appearance would also make it look more appealing to the eye. This kind of places should have well-ventilated parts, such as window panels. Mirrors should definitely be part of this project, try to cover at least one wall or part of it.

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 16 300x300 Tips to Laminate a Dance StudioLaminate flooring material  is one of the best options at finish Build for dance studios owners. Laminate flooring would offer the durability and a variety of designs and colors with the intention of making your dance studio standing out in character. Laminate flooring materials are easy to maintain. However, the owner needs to understand that not all types of laminate flooring are suitable for dance studio. Our staff considers that for a dance studio flooring material, underlay support is highly advised. Solid step underlayment would absorb shock and echo sounds, prevent moisture and also create a soft effect.

Finish Build staff hopes that this general tips would have been useful for your current project or your start-over operation.

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