Tips on How to Highlight the Beauty of Your Living Room

Do you consider minimalism look with a light palette is the right style in your living room? Or do you think that a global style where you can place an assemblage of treasures from around the world is the best option for this area? In FinishBuild we believe there is not right or definite answer for these questions; however finding the answer that lead you to your style, is one of the most important aspects you should take into account when planning your living room renovation. Your living room’s makeover needs to be done excellently, so take your time to look around at your home, visit some showrooms or rooms design and evaluate the pros and cons; this way you will find the style that best resonates. Then you can add your own touch in order to reflect your personality through your style.

Factors to Consider when Highlighting the Beauty of Your Living Room

Well- designed living rooms have identified elements that make you, your family and guests feel in a real and comfortable home. In case you are about to start a living room renovation, you will certainly want to change some aspects about the current space you own. Let’s review some interesting factors you should consider in order to highlight the beauty of this important area.

Design Research Might Help


Take your time and gather your favorite decorating magazines; start doing the research process by ripping out those pages that make you linger. The mail goal in this stage is to analyze the ideas you want to project in your living room: do you want a minimalist look? Do you prefer a monochromatic palette? Or you prefer a riot of color in your living room? Brainstorming can be really helpful at this point,  you can take note (or perhaps a draw) of the first ideas that come to mind, therefore you should be able to identify the elements that best will work together; consist elements that perform at their best as a unity is undoubtedly the key to discover what is your personal style.

Keep Negativity Away

Negativity can make a cluttered factor in your making decision process. Negativity must be an uninvited guest in your thoughts; you need to pay attention to the ideas you have seen in the design places you have visited or the decorating magazines you read, and then find out what attracts you or what style you do not like; it is completely fine if you may not know what you like (yet), but we are sure you know what you do not like.

Find Details In and Out Your House


Following the above idea of collecting aspects from styles you can check in magazines, getting out of your house and be opened to appreciate the details around is worth it since you do not have to limit on Internet or TV, but in real life. Visit museums or your friend’s homes to take as much design tips as possible, and incorporate them into your living room renovation.

Focus On Architectural Elements


Fireplaces are the best example we can give you of a central feature in your living, it is an excellent architectural element you should consider for this room since can help you position your furniture. It is also important to mention that getting the right size of the architectural element in the living room is essential; in case it is too big, can look uncomfortable and if it is too small, your living room’s furniture will be the element that takes the focal point, leaving behind the main architectural feature.

Living Room’s View

When you are lucky because you enjoy of an exceptional view from your living room, use your home’s architecture to emphasize it and create big impact. Living rooms with great view just need simple furniture to instantly complement the dream look you have been looking for.

Texture and color also counts!

Whether you opt for a monochromatic color scheme or shiny objects that give off a cool vibe to your living room, the goal with texture is to give your room character and depth. Strive to have items that rise and warmth this gorgeous area. Regarding colors, be bold on choosing your living room’s color: make it your ally in the makeover process by emphasizing certain part of this room, transforming them into the focal point of the space.

Be Modern, Be Bold

Living rooms with bold accents are currently a trend that everyone is talking about. A great way to make a statement in your living room is to choose brick walls; in our opinion this is a style that beautifully sets an energetic, distinct and attractive environment due to the fact that does not require far more discipline, as an eclectic mix can quickly end up becoming a clutter because of improper planning. There are plenty of styles that work well in any living room, opt for colors and looks that make a big difference in the overall appeal of this focal area.

As the principal component in any home, your living room should reflect your style and aesthetics; think of the purpose of this home’s room, due to the fact that it is an important consideration when planning your design. Try to note the design choices that give your living room personality; find out what unifying idea result into a truly amazing design. Incorporate a few cozy accessories such as oversize pillows, and do not forget about lux up your lighting as well; a combo of floor, table, ceiling and wall lamps will make the space glows.

Strive to create a living room you will enjoy for years…you start, we Finish!