Tips for Pet & Kid Friendly Furniture at Home

It has happened to many of us, having memories of our growing up different stages with the family, cat or dog, perhaps both if your parents were likely to be pet lovers. For some people it is hard to think of a childhood moment where their lovely pet and little cousins or neighbors did not play a featuring roll in; but what about living in a home that blends kids as well as pets’ behavior? Sounds a like a day care center with a lot of barks included, doesn’t it? Well, actually this type of environment at homes are very common as 62% of households in the United states include kids and companion animals, being dogs the most popular choice represented by 39%, while cats are in the second place at 33%; they say that having a pet at home while raising your kids serves for really incredible purposes when it comes to your children’s emotional development and physical health.

This post was made thinking about you, a homeowner with beautiful kids and adorable pets who is aiming to achieve an attractive home that is also able to withstand just about everything that kids and pets involve. Our main purpose with this post is to giving your some tips on how to find a middle ground when it comes to have a gorgeous home even with kids and pets running up and down. At the end of the day your house is worthy to have comfortable and beautiful rooms that stand all the demands of everyday family lifestyle.

Tips for Pet & Kid Friendly Furniture

Functional Décor

Functionality that accurately matches with your family’s lifestyle is an essential aspect you need to consider at the very begging of your home project; incorporate a decorating style that stands typical situations like indoor hockey matches, vomiting babies or incontinent pets. What we are trying to say with this is that you should basically check the color of the stains on your sofa before choosing a hue for the new one. You can make a good investment on slipcovers, which are the right solution for your fancy sofas when juice spills or messy marks appears; just a quick toss in the washer and you will have your slipcovers back and looking like new. Easy to clean pieces in your décor is also part of the aspects your functional home should have; zippers make life easier, if you opt for cushions closed with zippers you are basically doing yourself a favor, they allow you to remove and clean any spill on the spot.

Opt for non- fuss look

Clean- lined and casual look will be more than enough for your spaces. Replace those fabric covered tables that your kids will give a tug and send everything crashing to the floor, for adorable vintage items or contemporary pieces with a slightly weathered look survive kids; they are more readily to resist the happy chaos of family life. It is also important to highlight that whatever your decorating style is, low maintenance is a must; once your kids arrive there will not be time enough to clean or unclutter rooms that look gorgeous only few hours. Another great tip you might consider is having soft underfoot surfaces that both keep kids and pets comfortable and also resist spills and messy accidents; then placing indoor- outdoor rugs in high- traffic rooms of your home is a great idea, they will add durability and style to your home’s spaces.

Matching Your Décor’s Colors

Regarding this important aspect you need to consider everything that helps to camouflage inevitable accidents such as spills, fingertips. You better forget about white silk couch, purchase seating that with the same color as your pet’s fur; believe us, there is an amazing variety of color and textures to accomplish this, not to mention how helpful this trick is at hiding the hair between the cleanings. As an extra tip, we can mention that opting for vibrant color, a bit of pattern and touchable texture not only for your furniture but also for walls and floors will be an excellent choice. On the other hand, if bold colors are not your style a good idea is to try a delicately heathered finish on a couch, or a rug or a refined color wash on the walls.

Go for Functional and Indestructible Furniture Materials and Finishes

Solid and heavy furnishings made of kiln dried hardwood that has been screwed, glued and corner blocked is your best option because they will stand years of abuse either from your kids or pets. Toys and new games created by your kids are typical situations you might deal with every day, so why not keep your kids’ toys safe and within arm’s reach? Coffee tables that are not only eye- catching but also help you keep toys hidden are very useful. Moreover, your coffee table can also perform double duty as it may serve as extra seating, which makes them extremely functional pieces of furniture. As another tip we can share with you, choose rounded corners on tables or countertops, this is key in order to prevent accidents like bruises and black eyes.

Create a kids and pet friendly space

Strive to create an environment that is common either for your kids or your pets; this area can be customized to your children and pet’s interests. This area can have a chalkboard end table that will add a touch of playfulness as well as offer a chance for your kids to develop their creativity without using the walls or any other piece of furniture in your living room. A moveable bed for your pet is another item you can place in this area; your cat or dog’s bed on casters will make it easy to wheel out, freeing up more open floor space that allows your kids to have more space to play.

Even with all of these tips and further information you can read, clutter is an unavoidable part of a family with pets style, however this does not necessary means that it has to take over your home. Opt for more design elements with storage, choose double duty pieces of furniture and place them strategically so you guarantee the safety of both your kids and pets, keeping them safe is a fundamental aspect you need to consider…you dream it, we Build it!