Tips For a Multitasking Kitchen

When it comes to a multifunctional, purposes are endless. Kitchens, nowadays, as we said on our previous country kitchen post, agree the performances of many activities that can range from social to personal. Therefore, finish Build staff have come with the idea of going beyond of just one purpose, instead of it lets take advantage of  those spaces in order to promote social encounters with family and friends. According to Molly Erin McCabe on her article called Design a Multifunctional Kitchen today’s kitchen has become the proverbial “heart of the home” as the line between the kitchen and adjoining living areas blurs—in new construction, open floor plans that incorporate meal preparation, eating and work space, and an entertainment area have become the norm.

How to make it

Modernize your kitchen is not only about the proper flooring product, in order to make a truly multitasking area, synergy is required. At FinishBuild we believe that by working together with -pleasing to the eye- items you can make it look more appealing, therefore more tempting to remain in the kitchen zone.

Always choose Eco

Saving the planet does not have to mean that you are going to have a modest fridge, for example, now electrical appliances come with saving power options, and others techniques such as, reducing your freeze temperature. By storing groceries items, such as oat-meal packages, you maintain your fridge working properly and you make your groceries last longer as well. Keep in mind that if your kitchen looks beautiful and cozy, the chances of doing simple tasks such as reading would be a pleasure, so why not trying to harmonize the atmosphere with portable lights nearby islands or center countertops can definitely add a stylish and elegant mood.

Cabinets & Modular furniture

When choosing cabinets, shelves and other food storage areas, attempt to get hold of the most rational options, those used in room corners or upper wall, which is a perfect way to save on space. Allow yourself to have at least one among the kitchen countertop and oven, as well as between the fridge and sink, the storeroom for cups and dishwasher in order to store your instruments. Modular furniture is another answer to save space in the kitchen. The fact they are flexible and functional and allow different combinations, and hence can be adapted to any interior. Trying folding tables can double their surfaces, can also be a lifeguard if you have a surprise party guests. You know it happens.

Center countertops

So, now only depends on your desire and you will be able to form the kitchen and recreational areas there in. In addition, this approach can become the idea of cooking even a greater pleasure. Other multifunctional idea can be working on your center countertop. Islands can be a perfect profitable use of space in order to store that extra silverware you keep for special occasions. Or even if you are a cooking enthusiastic this are can be very helpful in order to keep your favorite recipes close to you just in case you want to surprise your love ones.

Islands can also work homework zone where kids might work on school projects or fun crafts while you make dinner. A few design tricks can accommodate socializing, creating cozy spots for hanging out that don’t interfere with food preparation.

Think about you loved ones

Thinking about others is always a plus. In terms of efficiency and cuteness can be achievable on a Kitchen, for example while cooking accessible activities  might be enjoyable such as checking a cook magazine or write possible ideas for next meals. On this way you may work on the materials you might need to have around, such as note pad, colors pencils. You also can place any balance sheets on shelves, personal notes or even a slight coffee table where you can ease between the stages of food preparation or just to spend some nice time with other hobbies.

Adapting areas for spontaneous activities can be very rewarding in the creation of memories it is possible.

Make it fun

Another fun tip might be having Abc letters on your fridge, so if you have playful friends or kids, this innocent item can save you a lot of time if you are taking care or your kids o little brother. Therefore you would not only have a sometimes dining room but a safe playground succeeding on a multi-purpose area for even just a couple of minutes.


The observable choice for a multitasking high traffic space that we recommend is porcelain tiles, for instance, TREVI would be our highly reference in terms of size, range on 32×32. Gamma of shades displayed on Avorio, Beige and Sand. And other plus, grace as well represented on trace patterns and smooth textures.

“The bonus that is achieved when things work together harmoniously”

Synergy- by Mark Twain

FinishBuild porcelain tiles on large dimensions are highly recommended on kitchen areas for its easily cleaning maintenance. Another point to consider is the fact that tiles can hold lots of wear. Furthermore other options are also available on our selection regarding another style on porcelain tiles, such as, polish rectified porcelain NEXUS GREY of Kronenhahn brand coming on 24×24 sizes.

The result will surprise you, but most important is that it would surprise you every single day. You are not a creative person? Then think about what style cuisine you like most and then you might have a treasure map. However, no matter the style scheme you will select, the key is no one has to like it but you. With the resolution of covering your requirements according to your personal lifestyle we truly hope this tips might inspire you on making the best of your coziest stomach place at home.

You start. We Finish!