The Story behind Granite & Its Home Uses

Commonly chosen because of its elegance, durability and long lasting quality, granite is an exceptional material which has been used for thousands of year; whether for exterior or interior purposes. This favorable rock can be found in a rough cut and polished that is used in the construction of buildings, monuments, paving and bridges. For indoor purposes, it is frequent to find the polished granite version in slabs or tiles for countertops, tiles floors, bathroom walls, backsplash and many other applications which really can perform practical and decorative features at their best.

Even tough granite is not a low- price material (often costs noticeably more than any other man-made material), homeowners, architects and interior designers keep on choosing it due to the fact that is hard enough to resist abrasion, strong enough to stand considerable weight as well as resist more weathering than many other construction material and what’s more, granite is able to resist brilliant polishing. As you can see there are great characteristics that make granite such a desirable and suitable building material either for your commercial or home improvement projects.

Granite As you Kitchen Countertops or Island

This is a very popular application for this type of building material in the United States. Solid slabs of granite that are cut to custom shape and edge finished perform as kitchen countertops and islands purposes, they have increased their demands for a number of excellent reasons, including sanitary, easy to clean, resistant to water or heat and so on. Whether you own a modern or traditional kitchen, this material is available in so many colors that you do not need to worry about the look; granite will match with pretty much any décor. As it has been noticed, granite is a durable and almost maintenance free option, so there is a big chance you ruin your knife before you damage your granite countertop. The stone has been made with crystals that make up granite do not entirely develop, they rather grow into each other; this explains the unique interlocking crystal structure.

Since it is an extremely functional material, there is another use you can give to such an amazing option, and it is as a backsplash. Due to its resistance to water, granite can also resist mold and what’s more its natural resistance to bacteria makes it a really safe barrier between the wall and materials like grease. Combining your fabulous granite countertops with an eye- catching backsplash will definitely create an attractive visual impact in your kitchen, saving you to spend money and time.

Granite as Your Flooring Surface

When it comes to have elegant and durable underfoot surfaces, let us tell you that granite is obviously included in the list. Granite tiles for flooring uses can be chosen in a rich variety of colors and patterns; you can actually customize your choice by mixing patterns from different styles to make it fit with your overall décor, giving to your floors a distinguishing appearance. Kitchens, bathrooms or hallways are only some of the spaces where you can install granite, but we mention these ones just to highlight the slip resistant attribute that identifies this material and that is certainly needed in these areas of your home.

As a flooring alternative, granite is very durable and is able to resist stains, what makes it a low- maintenance flooring option; regular sweeping and mopping will be more than enough to have impeccable interior or exterior floors that will add an aesthetically pleasing look to your home. In case you are also thinking about an addition that looks awesome and unique in your home, but you still do not know what to choose; granite as a mosaic addition will be a great idea, it can be used as patterns or designs whether in your home’s walls or floors. Granite mosaic fits beautifully into a larger tile that is meant to be installed in one large piece of your floor or wall. Furthermore, the designs that you can opt for can easily be used in both interiors or exteriors, and even tough here granite functionality is not the main feature that best characterizes it, its decorative attribute is what really make people want to use it.

Granite in Your Bathroom

There is also the possibility to use granite in your bathroom; you can consider this idea as a sink or basin in this essential area of your home. This building material can be found as an under mount, pedestal, angular or modern sink. The reason why this option can be take into consideration is due to the water and heat resistance that granite can provide. So you will be purchasing a tremendous material which has good features that allow you to use this stone in your home, with the incredible attribute of making your home look beautiful and sophisticated.

Granite is a very flexible stone, therefore the uses we can give to it are vast; this outstanding material may be in and around your home, decorating those areas you want to give a new look. This quartz based stone is undeniably a gift from nature; granite is considered the queen of the stones for many home purposes and like hardwood, granite floors are greatly valued by homeowners due to the value this flooring material adds to buildings, homes, landscapes, architecture or sculptures. One last tip we would like to share with you is that since granite detergents or cleaners available in the market can gradually make granite loses its water resistant property, making it porous and dull; so a good way to tackle spills or stains is by using thick paper that absorbs them and select a polisher that does not damage your granite.

Furthermore, whatever your plan for granite is, its composition contributes to harmoniously suit in any desirable application, providing breathtaking appearance in a wide variety of colors. As we have mentioned, this amazing material is generally used in countertops, however there are several ways to use it in your home and the best part is that granite looks really attractive in any part of your house you decide to install it; a favorable choice which is certainly impressive in any capacity, so why do not give granite the opportunity to create a beautiful impact in your home’s spaces? You dream it…we Build it!