Choose the perfect floor for your cat

When we have a pet there is no question, there is only one answer,  the pet is always the one who is right. At least we should give it to her. Think of your comfort and also so that our space does not become a complete disaster if our capricious feline does not like it too much.

They do not have to give up all the space or all the opportunity. Well we know that cat owners always surrender to their whims everything can be put on their side and not exactly what we want. Although we will adapt the house to your needs we must not forget that first of all we must cut our nails, whatever floor we choose.

Going back to the subject, you almost always have to know how to make choices between the cat and the floor will be the place where he will spend more time. The good thing is that before the multiple options there are two that prevail so that neither the decoration of your home nor your nerves are ruined every time your cat passes by.

Hardwood Flooring

If your style is the rustic and the real and natural appearance of things, do not hesitate to implement this material at home especially you have to choose one that has a good quality so it does not scratch with the legs of your animal.
This type of floor usually has a coating that allows your cat’s nails do not mark it and thus prevent it from failing quickly. That yes the wood is prone to deteriorate quickly with water so if you dedicate a part to eat and drink, try to be on a surface and not directly on the ground.

Laminate Flooring

It is perfect in the footsteps of your cat because of its multi-layer construction since the laminate flooring offers a high resistance to wear and cleaning easy to face any vicissitude, which makes it a good choice so you do not have to decantarte between your house And your pet.

Today there are many ways to make them match your style with the wide variety of styles that exist. Giving it a more realistic tone in finishes much better than other natural soils like stone. On the other hand, the presence of this type of floor in your home offers a textured surface that is comfortable for your cat to feel comfortable.

There are multiple options, you just have to see which suits you best, as the owner, and him, as the king of that jungle that is your home.