The Dark Side of Kitchens: How to Work With Black

THE DARK SIDE OF KITCHENS HOW TO WORK WITH BLACK destacada 300x138 The Dark Side of Kitchens: How to Work With Black

Is black the first color that cross your mind when somebody asks you about your dreamed kitchen? When it comes to kitchen we usually tend to imaging light and clean items, and it is perfectly ok. However, FinishBuild would love to share the possibilities of having black elements in the kitchen using this color as the fundamental entertainer element of attention. Therefore, let´s explore the dramatic and elegant feature of interior design on these main areas, such as your Kitchen.

Taking into account that every space is different, we suggest you to pay attention on proportion of the elements that are going to take special role with black. So, take your time and design a plan from different locations to determine the balance of dark vs light elements.

Light is key to a modern-classic look

We totally understand that using black can be a little disturbing. Nevertheless, nowadays, Luxury looks and Industrial style are much desired for house proprietors due to its unpretentious but intentional wealth atmospheres.  Real chic black elements can create outstanding moods if you use the correct lighting. What it matters in kitchen with any black furniture, kitchen appliances or accessories is the contrasting game of lighting.

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If you are into minimalism style, black is ideal for a kitchen elegant solution. Accent light can enhance ceramic tiles, blacked-out custom cabinetry; stainless steel counters combined with white details. Large modern black pendants over the island kitchen can contrast nicely with the red high stools, for example. So simple, and yet the effect is histrionic but also sophisticated. Just as clothes, you can combine black with almost any color.

Be clear on the connection that dark elements will offer you with light. However, if you want to be more conservative, an interesting combination is metal kitchen appliances and black cabinetry. It is good to take a look of all the possibilities that black can offer you, not only with the chic appealing but also with the material you can count with. Most of the materials used in the designs where black occupies the stage are granite, veneer, hard wood, oak, stainless steel, birch, glass and even pvc foil. FinishBuild is happy to invite you to a gamma of multiple options to enjoy the dark side while cooking to light up your nutrition. Let´s check!

What Black can do

Black absorbs rather than reflecting light, so, this is one of the reasons why FinishBuild suggests light, however if you happen to own a good natural light entrance, otherwise you might want to try with plenty of light. On high white ceilings, a large pendant light with a single bulb, for example would not help you on adding more light than a tiny fixture with the same bulb. Try considering using multiple lights spread across the area instead, or lighting sets with multiple bulbs for an even luminosity.

While black is eternally chic, however the line between glamorous and depressing is very thin, so, definitely consider contrasting with neutrals like wood, metal, stone or cement elements. Explore balance by adding equal doses of each material, using contrasting tiles and fittings, for example if cabinetry is black and your kitchen appliances are on metal finishes, try a clear laminate flooring look to balance a white ceiling.


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FinishBuild loves matte black, because it creates a more lean and clean surface when cooking. So, if you are into a more affordable option as well, countertops on a dark laminate material can do the job. You dream it. We Build it! By far the most budget-friendly option, laminate countertops are a good choice for a dark pattern to match with your dark looks.


Create a continuity of style and shade. If you choose to add black cabinetry to your kitchen, also consider combining cabinets with a dark granite countertop that creates the illusion of make them less heavy and massive. Another option is to get a compacted countertop on solid matt black. Do not vacillate at first with black cabinetry, black color can be paired with plenty of light neutrals and reflective materials, in order to provide you a light and open feeling.


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Chairs around the island kitchen: Black brings a lot of drama to a kitchen, so it requires little ornamentation. If the idea of black cabinetry is not appealing enough maybe you can add black in lower doses. You really cannot go wrong with high-quality black high stools with a colorful cozy cushion.

Rugs: Rugs are a very nice option if black is predominant in your kitchen furniture. Try by adding rubber colorful rugs to your kitchen areas; you will be adding some charming but smooth touch and you would be making of your kitchen a safe place as well.

Laminate Flooring: A light clear laminate flooring won´t be unnoticed, and it would also add a rustic but chic atmosphere to those guest reunions. FinishBuild recommends adding colors like ARENA of our line Driftwood, neutral browns, such as NATURAL OAK. We guarantee that your kitchen would warm things up nicely with a clear flooring addition.

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