When customers are looking to buy commercial flooring, there are two main priorities that we would like to share. When it comes about laminate flooring products, we believe this significant additions should reflect the image of your business and the style of your corporate image. Therefore let’s work on reflecting competence and efficiency. We have come with the idea of helping you in order to realize that there is a particular flooring product for your business establishment. So, if you already have a laminate flooring product in mind: keep into account that the surface of the material should be easy to wipe clean, which basically means that the maintenance of the laminate flooring should be simple to vacuuming or sweeping on a regular basis.

Visual pros of Vinyl Flooring products

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 7 300x300 Vinyl Flooring at The Office: What You Need to Know?

What we truly enjoy about vinyl flooring installation systems is that -besides coming and easy installation procedures such as the interlocking path or the sheet features- it can be install over existing floors. There is no need when it comes about flooring you can install the floating vinyl plank flooring over the existing one without a problem. It is not challenging to install new floating vinyl planks over your old laminate, ceramics, or concrete, as long as you prepare the existing flooring properly.

  • Vinyl covers are easy to roll out; therefore, the covering process is finished quickly.
  • They are available in different sizes and thickness; this would depend on the particular time you will use the vinyl covering.
  • Vinyl covers’ maintenance is great. Just a quick mopping will be enough to clean them up.
  • You will find them in a great range of colors; so you can choose the one that best expresses your business spirit.

Floating vinyl flooring is perfect for people who enjoy to get home and get ready for the master couch or just prefer to stand on their feet most of the time. Vinyl flooring would definitely surprise you on how comfortable and quiet this floor can be. When it comes about the most beautiful and realistic flooring solution available on the market these days. You will find it in a great range of colors, patterns and designs. If you are looking for a high-quality vinyl flooring that can resemble wood and stone to perfection, then you should definitely choose the floating vinyl planks.

What kind of color?

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 10 300x300 Vinyl Flooring at The Office: What You Need to Know?

Always opt for neutral colors, according to the University of Texas, a study in the impact on work places, earth tones stimulates the mind, yellow, on the other hand inspires creativity and creates a calming balance environment.

An important aspect to take into account is the saturation color and the intensity of the color choice as well. When it comes to professional environments, walls are important as well, therefore, take into consideration that highly saturated, bright colors will stimulate while softer, muted colors will soothe the mind. Alternatively, colors that resemble nature such as sky blue, green would definitely increase efficiency and focus.  Red, lava style color, for instance might not be that suitable. Even though is an active color, it might turn intense and alarming at times. Knowing as the trigger of creativity and happiness, optimism, is a very energetic and fresh option for your commercial business interior.

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Vinyl flooring usually has preserve its common presentation, such as single in rolls of large sheets, however time also has reward vinyl in matters of style and nowadays vinyl flooring is available in more practical, much easier to setting up formats.

At Finish Build vinyl flooring tiles are always recommended for commercial uses. Due to the lack of weight FinishBuild vinyl flooring products are usually purchased in 12-inch squares that feature adhesive backing. The thicker the tile is, the better it will hold up over longer periods of time, but what we really think it is important is the acoustic properties this material owns. Installing tile is an ideal project for DIY eagers, particularly in smaller rooms or in this case fashion shows ramp.

Nevertheless, it is important to purchase all tiles from the same lot because, while other lots may be labeled as being the same pattern and color, slight differences in shade may occur. When it comes about setting your chalk lines, starting in the center of the room is what we usually recommend. After removing paper backing, press tiles into place. Keep into account that trimming your tiles at the walls and other edges. Subsequently we suggest you to roll tiles in both directions to set them steady.

What FinishBuild recommends:

3 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationWhen it comes to installing vinyl planks, let me tell you is perfectly doable. Since vinyl flooring planks come with an easy interlocking system, you can easily jump on the journey of actually doing it yourself. At FinishBuild we are here, once again, with the purpose of helping you on do the first moves.

First of all let’s clean the room. Before starting, empty your room of all furniture and make sure that the surface of the room is perfectly smooth by removing nails, debris and scraping up any old adhesive. Take into account that your sub floor needs to be dry as well as be smooth and as even possible because every lump, bump and crease may appear visible. Make a template of the floor using felt paper.

Materials you would use:

  1. Pencil
  2. Tape measure
  3. Hammer
  4. Vinyl cutting knife
  5. Sealant
  6. Broom

6 1 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationPhase 1:

Once we have a clean surface, there is an important move you should definitely consider if you are aiming for outstanding results: Level your subfloor​, generally vinyl planks flooring products can be install onto existed flooring surfaces. Therefore check the condition of your subfloor, if a surface is in poor conditions, you may need to substitute it. You can drill in a plywood underlayment with screws fairly easily, nevertheless it is important to screw heads below the surface of the wood. If you install an underlayment over your existing subfloor, make sure the surface is level. Afterwards, sealing is our next step. Paint a coat of sealant onto your subfloor. Protect the bottom of your walls or cabinets with strips of masking tape to avoid splash. Once the floor is sealed, let it cure for as long as required before you start laying your vinyl planks.

Phase 2:

Now is time for you to make an important choice. Decide on which direction you will lay your vinyl planks. Subsequently, measure the floor to work out where the middle of your middle row will sit. This is your middle line. In order to be double extra sure, I personally suggest (and if you have the time) to face vinyl planks on the floor to get a clear idea of how can tiles adjust to the space. This also can help you to get a visual plus of the vinyl planks you might have to cut in order to fit edges. Next, hammer a nail at each end of this line and then tie a string chalk line between them. Snap your string chalk line to mark your center line on the floor.

Now proceed to set each plank by laying the first row of vinyl plank flooring, whether is by peeling them off on the back for each plank (in the case they are the adhesive type) or by assemble them if they come with the interlocking system. Subsequently flatten them it into place, over the top of the center line and remember that each vinyl plank has a directional arrow on its backing paper. At FinishBuild we strongly suggest that in order to obtain the finest visual result, lay all your planks facing the same way.

Lay the second row of vinyl plank flooring next to the first. Stagger the second row so the end of each plank lines up with the middle of the plank in the previous row. When laying the third row of planks, use your combination square to make sure its joins line up with the joins in the first row and try to maintain this staggered pattern going the whole way across the floor.

Phase 3:

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 8 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY InstallationOn this phase you must let go the extra vinyl material. Some of your vinyl floor planks will need to be trimmed to fit around the floor corners. Take into account that in phase 2 you can be aware of how much material is not going to be longer needed however, this phase allows you to measure and mark out your lines on each plank and make your cuts with a trimming knife. In order to get finest results, go over the cut line two or three times instead of trying to cut all at once. When your trim is finished, remove the backing paper and stick the plank in place hoping for the best. We recommend you (in case you have adhesive type) to curve and bend the board as you lay it down, visualize that when installing part of the vinyl plank would be against the floor while the part yet to be placed is in the air. Successively, roll the board down and onto the surface of your floor. The aim with this procedure is to avoid the development of air pockets, however you can also help yourself with a piece of fabric on your hand to press the boards to the ground.

4 300x300 How to Make a Proper Vinyl Flooring DIY Installation

To sum up, after installation, clean adhesive from tile surfaces with wet cloth. Fasten trim and moldings to the wall, not the flooring. In addition, avoid heavy traffic on the new installation for at least 72 hours while adhesive sets. If you are interest on see more about vinyl interlocking systems installation, we invite to check this video:

How To Install A Floating Vinyl Plank Floor


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CAT DEPARTAMENT DESTACADA 300x138 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

Numbers of pet owners are stupendously increasing nowadays. Whether is for those who are looking an extra- companion in their lives or those who decide to add a guardian to the little ones, we must agree that pets make us feel a lot of things. Nevertheless, when space is tiny such as an apartment, having a cat living inside the home is an experience that might pop your daily routine, however does not imply that cannot be makeable. For this reason FinishBuild has come with a couple of advices that can help you through the meow-journey inside a flat.

The good side of having cats in an apartment

Cats are among the best-suited of all companion animals to have in apartment. Since you do not have to take them out as a dog for example, cats are at much less risk of being hit by cars, getting into fights, or even become pregnant. Most cats are extremely well-suited to living indoors for their entire lives. In fact, many veterinarians and breeders recommend that cats be kept inside at all times, for their own health and welfare.

Disease-free: Cats inside apartments have a generously reduced risk of contracting infectious diseases from other domestic or wild animals. In addition due to the fact that they are widely available to a variety of high-quality commercial feline foods, cats do not require of a supplement on their diets.

the floors of cats 300x300 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

Walking-time free:  On the contrary to dogs, cats do not crave for outdoors to exercise, they are masters of finding curious ways of stretching up. However, you can contribute to your cat physical activity by adding some cat toys that will definitely maintain your indoor cat occupied and active for hours.

However, before bringing a cat into a flat, you as a prospective owner should consider whether or not this arrangement is going to be right for you, and for the cat in question.

Before cat-comfort inside your apartment, consider

CAT DEPARTAMENT 1 300x300 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

Risky areas: One of the biggest dangers for cats living in high-rise homes is that they can fall from a balcony or open window. For this reason owners who live in high places must be sure of adapting a suitable environment for your kitten. Netting, fencing or other barriers around balconies and windows that remain open, can help you greatly. Are you worried about the looks? Try FinishBuild advices on camouflage, plants and ornamental decorations can solve the problem.

Things you love: Remove the things you love. Kittens are curious and they will be ready to play with anything they can find, especially inanimate objects that you might love. Remember those lovely fabrics you use for having on the couch? Yes, those you might want to remove them. Try instead a couple of wicker balls for keep your cat busy.

What you must have for your cats inside you apartment

  1. Padded Perches: FinishBuild suggest you to yourself and your cat a good time by purchasing a padded perches which can be useful for them in order to have claws fun. Another option is to attach larger perches to the side of the ceiling.

CAT DEPARTAMENT 2 300x300 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

2. A cardboard box: Best human invention that cats would always be grateful for. Bring into your apartment a box, since cats love to get into suitcases, wardrobes, this items would be a very and simple toy to get.

3. A pet case: They might be a little freaked out by the unusual activity, especially if you have people your cat does not see regularly. Even though cats tend to be very detached and independent, others can be very territorial when it comes to guests reunions. Therefore, you might want to consider a pet case to keep them safe. You also do not want them running outside unnoticed when you are leaving doors open to carry stuff in or out.

  1. The litter box: Last but never least. This item is crucial for a cat apartment, since cats need to have free access to a clean litterbox at all times you might want to consider at least two litterboxes in appropriate locations throughout the home, especially if more than one cat lives there.

Are you considering more than one cat?

Despite cats might seem reserve at times, most cats are extremely social and do well when it comes to living together, so Finishbuild suggest that as long as they are properly introduced to their housemates, life can be joyful. The ideal scenery would be to have both from the very beginning, with the same age in order to learn together.

the floors of cats 3 1 300x200 Tips for a Happy Cat Caring Inside Your Apartment

According to reviews, it seems especially nice to have at least two cats in an apartment, this way both animals would have companionship, social interaction and a playmate, even though they probably will sleep most of the time. However, FinishBuild reminds you that cats are nocturnal by nature; they are naturally more active at night than during the daytime. Therefore beware at night for its own safety, you might want to let your cat know its spot for bedtime.

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WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT RUBBER FLOORING destacada 300x138 What Should I know About Rubber Flooring?

Well-known as a fantastic resilient flooring option Rubber flooring is part of our today’s post. In FinishBuild, what we would like to focus in, is in the prevention of misfortunes that rubber flooring presume as one of its important characteristics. Even though Rubber flooring is generally focused on particular areas such as, basements, gyms, playgrounds, trailers, garages, dog kennels, and industrial areas, you can also use it inside households or offices, because rubber flooring aims to all areas that manage high amounts of foot traffic and abuse.

Rubber Flooring contributes to a Green Style: Rubber flooring easy qualify as an eco-friendly product, due to the natural and recycled rubber materials that they are made from, meaning that you would be helping on decreasing the non-biodegradable waste in the ecosystem. Rubber flooring in most of cases contribute to your pocket, these products tend to be more affordable than their non-natural synthetic rubber counterparts.

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT RUBBER FLOORING 1 300x300 What Should I know About Rubber Flooring?Form: Rubber flooring products can come in a diverse gamma of presentations. The common features you might find are:

  1. Rubber flooring roll.
  2. Rubber flooring tiles.
  3. Standard rubber mats.

Rubber flooring Rolls: Easy to work with, rubber flooring roll can be laid down similar to wall to wall carpet. When it comes about the requirements of your project, sizes of the rolls you need are based on the longest wall in the space. You can easily cut the flooring roll to make it fit around obstacles and corners, for a perfect result. This type of flooring is presented in a range of different designs and provides the benefit of enabling patterns to be used and easily continued. It is possible to use this method for commercial and residential properties, and when it comes about the thickness of the rubber, you chose according to the use.

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT RUBBER FLOORING 2 300x300 What Should I know About Rubber Flooring?Rubber flooring Tiles: Rubber flooring tiles in allows you more freedom at installation time besides it came with a multicolored patterns options. This method requires some additional calculation, because in order to obtain the right number to cover the entire surface you need to do your own calculations. In addition, some tile cutting might be necessary to ensure that they fit precisely, in corners for it example.

Rubber flooring Mats: The convenient way to lay an additional floor covering over one that already exists. This is the best choice for a non-slip pathway from one point to another on a hard surface in the house or office, such as slate or marble, or as a waterproof cushion for tired feet in the work area for your kitchen. These mats are available in a range of different thicknesses and styles, to make it easy to find one to suit your needs. FinishBuild rubber flooring thickness depend, for instance a thin rubber flooring mat is accurate for a simply walked across area, while a thicker grooved mat is better for areas where you might be standing for extended periods.

Therefore, depending of the style you prefer between the style and the location area you are planning to upgrade. For example a small area might be served well with interlocking tiles, while other areas such as a hall could be suited for a runner mat. FinishBuild reminds you that even though rubber flooring products can be easily installed you can ensure them by using either polyurethane-based adhesive glue or double-sided tape. Thinking wise is one of the best installation steps for a long-lasting rubber flooring addition. Comfort and safety are the two words for describing this type of flooring besides being eminently adjustable, rubber flooring can be transported and refitted easily into a variety of situations and environments.

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT RUBBER FLOORING 3 300x300 What Should I know About Rubber Flooring?

What FinishBuild loves about Rubber flooring?

  • Durable under heavy training equipment: Rubber flooring provides a soft surface, that it is also low maintenance, needing only an occasional washing with a mop and natural cleaner. Due to the fact that rubber flooring is durable enough to absorb physical impacts and prevent the force from reaching the surfaces below, in the gym, garage, and playground flooring are great examples of how rubber flooring tiles and mats can resist physical damage.
  • Comfort: Rubber flooring naturally comes with a high level of friction, which essentially means more traction and stability for you, which enhance the level of grip and safety while your feet are on top of them. In addition rubber flooring also comes with textured surfaces so as to provide an even more resilient and trustworthy flooring option, which make of rubber flooring a nice options for matching safety and style in the house.
  • Moisture: The texture and makeup of rubber flooring dissuades the buildup of germs and other harmful microorganisms. FinishBuild rubber flooring does not provide a suitable surface for dust mites and allergens. Although it is often unnoticed as a source of potential hazard, water can cause serious damage and rubber flooring prevents this because rubber has an innate ability to resist water. It prohibits the formation of microbial byproducts like mold, which helps to make an area safer and healthier.

WHAT SHOULD I KNOW ABOUT RUBBER FLOORING 4 300x300 What Should I know About Rubber Flooring?

What should I be aware of regarding Rubber Flooring?

FinishBuild would like you to pay special attention on the materials behind rubber flooring, otherwise you might be missing an important part of information that might help you or affect you in any flooring project:

-Industrial level: Keep in mind that synthetic rubbers are made from petroleum, which means that are low impact and generally energy efficient. What makes synthetic rubber attractive is the fact that it is extremely durable and lasts longer than other types of rubberised flooring. It is more expensive than regular rubber, but the initial high cost is offset by its long life.

-Allergic concerns: Natural rubber is made from latex, and it is also popular with many customers, but the drawback is that some people are allergic to it.

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6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring destacada 300x138 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

According to Chinese culture, strength and softness is exactly how a Chinese person was supposed to conduct himself in society which happens to be Bamboo characteristics. This trendy flooring material can elevate the elegance of a space almost instantly. At FinishBuild we care about your flooring aspects but most of all, we give special attention to the feeling that well-finished surfaces can provide you. Similar to hardwood and yet, still distinct and different, comes Bamboo flooring to add some long-lasting support. Bamboo is a natural surface covering material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 6 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

What FinishBuild loves about bamboo flooring is that it will bring you joy, stability and well-based memories. Sustainable but also eco-friendly, Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Because this material grows so rapidly, it can be harvested frequently without damaging the ecosystems of bamboo forests. Nevertheless, choosing Bamboo flooring is a great choice that US households make every day in contribution to Mother Earth for those interested in green building materials.

 Bamboo has been used through history not only because of the strength of the material. Bamboo sticks are hollow and it has become a symbol of the internal capacity of a modest person to accommodate the opinions of others. For these reasons, in China, bamboo was also eulogized in songs and poetry. With the stability of planned building, Bamboo flooring would be a great decision for flooring in an endless number of home applications.

The Benefits of Natural Bamboo Flooring

1.Ecologically Friendly: Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource, which means that while it takes a tree 50 years to reach a height of 10 m, a Bamboo can easily reach the same height after only 50 days, and after five years it can be used for commercial purposes.6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 2 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

2.Water Resistant: Bamboo belongs to the lily family and is native to shady, tropical rainforests where there is plenty of water. This material is slightly more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping than hardwood materials, although it is still a concern. As people are becoming more ecologically conscious they are demanding products that reflect these values.

3.Price: When it comes to prices, Bamboo flooring is valued at about the same level as most hardwood floors. Prices you can find in the market might rank from $2.00 per square foot – $8.00 per square foot. Bamboo flooring is a relatively economical material considering it is a natural resource and the resilience properties it carries; however prices per square foot would depend on a variety of characteristics.

4.Quality: Bamboo, is extremely strong, because of the principles of mechanics Bamboo happen to own much greater flexural and stable capacity than a solid structure. These variations allow bamboo to combine its lean elegance with immense strength; no wonder why we already are seeing bamboo bicycle and bamboo houses.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 4 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

5.Long-lasting material: Thanks to its large number of fibers, Bamboo remains connected with very fine fibers, which are the secret that makes it unbreakable, these fibers run the entire length of the bamboo stem connecting all the segments. However, FinishBuild experts says that the darker the bamboo the less long-lasting it will be. That is due to the dark kinds are caused by a process known as carbonization, which places the bamboo under a high level of heat and pressure. This both changes the color and weakens the material.

6.Refinishing: Over time Bamboo flooring might discolored, scratched, or marred. FinsihBuild is glad to work with Bamboo Flooring because its surfaces can be refinished, sanding it down and subsequently re-enhance with finishing coats to add a fresh new look.

Bamboo gives and provides by empting its interiors, so if you are into a humble but strong and also stable lifestyle then this Chinese Plant would be the best companion. FinishBuild is glad to have the opportunity to learn from Bamboo who when in the storm times, it bends with the wind. And when the storm ceases, it resumes its upright position. Its ability to cope with adversity and still stand firmly without losing its original ground is moving.

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MATERIALES PARA TECHOS DESTACADO 300x138 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

When it comes to choose the right roofing material, a variety of products are available, ranging from natural products, like thatch, slate to polycarbonate sheeting. Water-resistant materials known as underlayment are also another option to home roofs. On the other hand, metal roofing materials are often lighter in weight than wood shingles. Industries are always improving and with progress many different types of roofing materials are available now, including a lot of roofing materials that have a variety of green attributes, such as being eco-friendly products that contain recycled ingredients. FinishBuild has come with a compendium of the most common and useful materials for roof projects, we would go through the most popular roofing materials.

Asphalt shingles Pizarra 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

Standard asphalt shingles are made from petroleum products and are not usually recyclable because of the layer of fiberglass added to the shingles. On the other hand this material option comes in a selection of colors, and the fact that 75% of American roofs have asphalt shingles due to low cost and ease of installation makes of asphalt shingles a very appealing option to your home. Depending on the size of the roof and the experience of the crew, regarding the installation process it is possible to remove old shingles and apply new ones on one day.


MATERIALES PARA TECHOS 1 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

Heaviness is an important feature of Metal. Aside from its longevity, metal shingles are much lighter than most materials and very resistance to adverse weather. Materials like steel, aluminum, tile and copper are the common material on this section. With the characteristic of being the coolest roofs around regarding temperature and style, these metal looks can add an industrial look for new homes. Metal roofs are available in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, and often have a high percentage of recycled components. Aluminum, besides having most of 98% recycled content, in most of the cases, have extremely long life-cycles, which reduces construction waste. Metalworks ceilings can also be integrated with radiant heat and cooling technology to reduce energy costs and perforated panels with acoustical backing reduce reverberation time and improve acoustics. Subsequently if you are thinking on invest on a business indoor areas, aluminum is the one for you on environmental quality and on durability. On the other hand, metal products in general provide high insulation solar reflectance, and durability, often lasting twice as long as wood or asphalt. Metal shingles typically simulate traditional roof coverings, such as wood shakes, shingles, slate and tile.


Slate has a beautiful, distinctive appearance. Although its weight is very heavy, a slate roof is non-leaching and will last for hundreds of years. Nevertheless, its high cost assures you a life expectancy of 80 to 400 years. Regarding care and maintenance it is easy to repair and recycle, however due to the fact of the dark color slate it is rarely recommended for high-heat locations.

Wood Shingles and Shake

MATERIALES PARA TECHOS 2 300x300 Top 5 Roof Materials FinishBuild Suggestions

This is one of the most common regular options to many home-owners due to the look of wood. Wood shakes are handmade and rougher-looking than wood shingles, which are usually cut by machine. Wood roofing products can also be installed inside your home, and nowadays there is a wide set of patterns and style to choose from, some even include shingles treated with a fire-resistant coating. What we love about wood materials is the rustic but classic shingles look. Since is a natural product usually made from cedar, redwood and southern pine, nevertheless wood shingles can be a concern in wet climates, and can bend and even cracked or split.

Mineral fiber and Fiberglass materials

According to Armstrong web page mineral fiber ceilings is another eco-friendly option which are recyclable manufactured with recycled content. Regarding sound aesthetics, mineral fiber brings the perfect combination of acoustics and audibility. On the other hand, fiberglass ceilings has besides its stylish  looks, the significant energy savings which tends to be very appealing to business areas where  funds are important.

Care & Maintenance

Ceilings that will get partial treatments such as medallion and layered drywall or soft coverings with wallpaper for example, should be repaired and cleaned with diluted TSP, or trisodium phosphate according to Meghan Drueding. But when it comes to repairing cracks options are several, you might want to add drywall tape and mud, and thoroughly cover stains with a white shellac-based product like B.I.N. In most cases, renovating ceilings can be a very single and located process by attaching the new ceiling to joists underneath the surface of the existing ceiling, nevertheless locating the joists is the essential first step.

Currently, on this technology era production methods have changed from the toxic-dispelling processes they used to be, into clean and energy-efficient manufacturing procedures. So, whether you are building a new home for your love ones or replacing your old-fashioned roof, take into account that conventional power sources have been substituted by renewable energy. Even business offices can be and provide a more eco-look and influence positively on coworkers. Manufacturers are now harnessing the power of natural resources like water, wind and the sun to produce electrical energy.

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AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES destacada 300x138 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

2016 has been a good year itself. For us as a company, FinishBuild has been growing with the purpose of evolving to a new way of approaching simple projects as an enjoyable journey. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this post on a matter that concern to us all, because it goes as an inherent element on the set up of projects course: Interior Design.

This year, so far, has brought a swing towards indoor atmospheres. Even though companies insist on establish a particular style. We might like to share some variations on what we have seen as a pattern up to now. 2016 has taken the appearance simplicity craving.  Let’s call it and spiral easiness. If you are able to recall the image of a spiral, there is a pattern but with swing gravitation. Minimalism style it has been mixed. As a result, a luxury plain space, but decorated with wonderful objects, art, fabric, and even furniture transport you to exceptional scenes. The interesting fact is the refining visualization and distilling it to the best things that speak to you, in order to create your magnificent nest.

When it comes to interior designs, possibilities are uninterrupted, which leads us from eclectic interiors combined with minimalism style. Modernism joins this year in order to please individual interests giving birth to a fresh traditional style. Earth colors stamped on furniture, antiques and classic items mixed in synchronization. It is all about comfort, tradition, and valuing the coziness of home areas.


AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 2 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

Currently, the palette for 2016 is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colors that mark the new trends.  Style without the gloss, on solid colors invades the décor field, and one of the advantages is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.

The tendency for this year is dull colors, such as black, which goes perfectly in combination with other colorful items. Black is back and popping up all over the living room scene on the walls. We get that a big black living room may not be for everyone, but these darker hues instantly add drama to your space or at least at one of your living room walls. If you are not ready to darken your room then bring in some black through accessories or furniture.

Metallic samples are also very on right now, but gold is having a more refined line. Therefore you might want to add some golden looks on coffee table or decorative accessories. Brushed, satin, or matte finishes can also go very well on fabrics or curtains.


Regarding the use of materials, Interior Design has established an open-mind point of view. A solid trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds on the indoor ornament items. Therefore, the multiple usages of the glamorous materials, such as copper and brass, combined it harmonically can make of your home spaces  a rich field for art application.

Furniture options

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 3 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

In the case of living rooms: Minimal living has always been on trend with a certain sector of society, and minimal look it is the result of the tendencies contest. FinishBuild definitely support luxury and dramatic styles, a well accessorized living room can be inviting and also feel like home, look amazing in photographs.

 Nevertheless, sparse and open living-rooms redefine the idea of having more. The idea of starting fresh with the support of the functionally aspect, provides a peaceful idea of having all you need with beautiful things. It is not about having unattractive- cheap belongings. It is about having the perfect item, unique & beautiful on an uncluttered space.

On the other hand, modern farmhouse style has made a trend much more accessible to those of you that are not quite ready to go full royal style. This trend is all about blending your classic rustic pieces with some of up-to-date and modern items. By bringing in some aged leather club chairs, for example, warming your living-room areas can be a piece of cake!

FinishBuild staff has a very special item to offer as a trend for 2016. According to this year tendencies wood plat-formed furniture can go awesomely on between a zen style or rustic Scandinavian attitude. The wood plat-formed furniture is surprisingly on or at least we do love to look at it. This type of furniture may not be for everyone, but for those of you who appreciate clean lines, simple forms, and a streamlined look this trend is for you and your living-room areas.

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 1 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendenciesClustered Coffee Tables are another option. For those of you with a bit more eclectic mind, FinishBuild propose the clustered coffee table trend that might be your ally. Regarding sizes this item works in a small space, when a large coffee table that takes up a lot of real estate may not be the best option. As we have said in other posts, we always encourage you to keep it simple, vary the heights, or try modular furniture items to keep the multifunction ability.


Least but not last. Try colorful covers. A few slipcovers might boost your living-room spaces. Keep into account that this element can be a lifesaver if walls and furniture seem too uptight. Therefore in order to lose it off, the fabric in washed linen or canvas, and a table slipcovering can decorate even more beautifully, than a ballerina. Keep it modern but simple.

Your living-room interior is like your mind interiors. Keep it simple
You start. We Finish!

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pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 300x138 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areas

But why are we talking about that phenomenon today? From matches to machines to molecular structures, friction is one of the most significant singularities in the physical world and that happens to be the most important characteristic on Vinyl flooring. And here are our reasons why we think this type of flooring is suitable for traffic areas at home.

1. Variability

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 11 300x300 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areas

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 7 300x300 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areas

This is a very plus for vinyl laminate products, at our online store we now count with several floor tiles selection, with a collection on colors, designs textures and shades. So, if you are looking for versatility, at FinishBuild, SMOKED TAWNY, MOJAVE DESERT y WILD LAVA are a few samples from our  NUVELLE line that echoes your uniqueness, Vinyl flooring might do the job for you. Our team is currently working on a range of singular items. So, if you are adopting forest appearances like dark shades, such as, hardwood, toast walnut or oak which would provide wood look patterns.

2. Composition

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 1 300x300 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areas

Vinyl tiles have high resilience to abrasion and impact damage and can be repeatedly refinished with chemical strippers. Selecting between vinyl sheets and tiles is simply a matter of taste and installation preference. Vinyl flooring products are used mostly in commercial and institutional applications, and home areas are no exception. Vinyl flooring products commonly come on tiles and sheet versions. They are available on single rolls of large sheets. But it has improved through the years and is now available in more practical, much easier to set up formats. Generally, modular shapes are 12″ x 12″ squares or 12″ x 24″ rectangles, regarding thickness 1/8″ the most common. During 1980s vinyl material were composed of colored polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC chips formed into solid sheets of varying thicknesses by heat and pressure. Therefore, we implore you to check your vinyl configuration in order to avoid toxic materials at your place and on our planet.

3. Easy to install

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 8 300x300 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areas

FinishBuild vinyl flooring tiles are frequently chosen for high-traffic areas because of its low cost, durability, and ease of maintenance. In installation the floor tiles or sheet flooring are applied to a smooth, leveled sub-floor using a specially formulated vinyl adhesive or tile mastic that remains pliable. In commercial applications some tiles are typically waxed and buffed using special materials and equipment.

As we have said on previous articles on FinishBuild, “click” installation systems make the job. We enjoy the fact that our vinyl flooring products come with unpretentious process to put in place besides you evade the need for gluing and other products during the installation. In case that occasionally you have to cut the plank to fit in a smaller space, a pocket knife is all that is needed. If properly installed, tiles can be easily removed and replaced when damaged. Tiles are available in a variety of colors from several major flooring manufacturers. Some manufacturers have created vinyl tiles that very closely resemble wood, stone and concrete and literally hundreds of varying patterns.

Setting the project

While some vinyl products allow you to place the material over old flooring, others require you to install it directly on top of the subfloor or underlayment. If you are into a current flooring project, floors can be uneven, especially old ones; placing vinyl on the underlayment is in general the best choice. Keep into account that you can always find a way with Laminate flooring products, including vinyl. Consequently, your first installation step would be removing the old flooring. If you use a scraping tool to remove tiles, for example, apply pressure horizontally rather than downward, this way, you avoid denting the subfloor.

A flat surface is always welcomed exclusively for the elder ones. With this having said, it is important to check your surface flooring levels. However, a surface that might be in disrepair possibly must be replaced. Options like drill in a plywood underlayment with screws fairly easily, with the screw heads should be below the surface of the wood, can be a suitable loophole. If you install an underlayment over your existing subfloor, make sure the surface is equal.

Cleaning spaces are very important when laying tiles or any type of flooring products. Due to dust, debris and wood chips can cause bumps in vinyl plank flooring, you should thoroughly sweep before moving on to the next step. Use a broom first, and then pull out a vacuum with a hose attachment to pick up the remaining particles. Avoid tracking new dust and dirt once you’ve cleaned the subfloor. In fact, if you’re doing the project over the course of several days, you may want to stop after leveling the subfloor, then start the next day by cleaning.

Sizes & Dimensions

pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 13 300x300 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areas

We believe that checking twice is not overrated. Taking measurements of your room in order to properly place your tiles is actually a wise step. You may have already done this when ordering your vinyl plank flooring but still, we recommend doing it a second time in order to decide how you will lay out your tiles. In many cases, you may need to cut some of the boards to fit into the room. In order to make your project efficiently you should measure twice or more than once. Taking all the help you need is wise, the cutting for later in the pros and cons of vinyl flooring destacada 16 300x300 3 Reasons why Vinyl is Better for Traffic Areasinstallation process you may want to leave it to a professional. That way, you can see exactly where

pieces will fit, just remember to score a line on either side using a box

cutter, then fold the pieces and pull them apart.

It is always a pleasure and we would always try to help you on any task you have, nevertheless remind yourself that working together is always better and effective. You start, we Finish!

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destacada 1 300x138 RV Flooring Ideas & Options Liveproof Reviews: RV Vinyl Plank Flooring for RV Trailers & Motorhome. Best Replacement Flooring for RV.

Travel Trailer Flooring Options

¿Do you want travel trailer flooring options? RVers seem to be the perfect match to explorers. Adventurers at heart, settlers came in search of freedom and opportunities to grow and discover. And discover they did – first by ship, then by horse, in groups by Conestoga wagon trains and, ultimately, by motorized vehicles that ushered in the RVs of today.

On 1910 Trailer Works and Auto-Kamp Trailers, the commercialization of RVs automobile, refined roads on America’s passion for exploration giving growth to people who did not want to be limited by the rail system. In 1910 is when the first auto-related camping vehicles were built for commercial sale.

2 1 300x300 RV Flooring Ideas & Options Liveproof Reviews: RV Vinyl Plank Flooring for RV Trailers & Motorhome. Best Replacement Flooring for RV.

RVs offered the autonomy of traveling anywhere. Minimal comforts compared to today’s homes-on-wheels, but then again they did provide the freedom to travel everywhere,

But in 1930s RVs are fully reloaded equipped with beds, dinettes, electricity and water. After World War II, the RV industry succeeded as more Americans pursued movement. Nowadays, evolution has taken an important role on RVs progress, including notable advances in aerodynamic design and interior coziness.

Even though RVs lifestyle has been accepted and is still going strong, in spite of today’s challenging economic times, FinishBuild would like to dedicate this section to what kind of ecofriendly elements can you use for this road tripping way of life.

RV Flooring Options: lifeproof vinyl flooring reviews

Hard surface flooring is a great option for RV owners in need of a more tough and long-lasting flooring option than carpet. Although there are many hard surface flooring options, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl, we would like to recommend one in particular FinishBuild thinks is the best choice, regarding RVs: laminate. Unlike hardwood and tile, laminate flooring products is considerably less weight and particularly durable.

RV Flooring Ideas: Carpet

Pros RV Flooring Carpet

1 300x200 RV Flooring Ideas & Options Liveproof Reviews: RV Vinyl Plank Flooring for RV Trailers & Motorhome. Best Replacement Flooring for RV.

Carpet is a fine choice if you tend to stay in cooler climates where walking on carpet can be more comfortable than harder floors. Carpets are also friendly to our senior pets and folks in our lives that may have trouble getting around.

Carpet is really cheap to install as well as way easier than any of the other flooring types listed. You can knock out your stairwell with new carpeting in less than an hour; probably not the case for the others that require measuring, cutting and maybe even edge-finishing.

Cons RV Flooring Carpet

The weakness of carpet flooring products is that even though you choose this material is the cleaning & maintenance time. Vacuuming can be a daily routine since carpet tends to collect lots of dirt and dust. Keep into account that just because you do not see the debris with carpet, does not mean it is not there.

RV Vinyl Plank Flooring Installers

Pros of Vinyl Flooring Installation

Vinyl flooring products can come in cheap squares with sticky backs for ease of installation or you can buy what’s called luxury vinyl planks that mimic a variety of wood types. The luxury vinyl planks not only look like wood but they even have engravings on them to enhance the grain appearance and feel less fabricated.

4 1 300x300 RV Flooring Ideas & Options Liveproof Reviews: RV Vinyl Plank Flooring for RV Trailers & Motorhome. Best Replacement Flooring for RV.

Vinyl tiling is the best option in wet areas of the house or RV, like the bathroom and possibly the kitchen. Another pro is that vinyl flooring products are waterproof, and easy to install, vinyl tiling has layers of thin rubber with a printed and embossed top pattern. These types of products can either be floating installed, which means they are stuck together and just covering the already settled floor without actually being attached to the floor or they can be glued down.

Cons of Vinyl Flooring Installation

A downside of vinyl tiling is that it must be directly placed on its sub floor. Other flooring types like hard wood and laminate planks can have extra padding and insulation installed below them for extra comfort.

Also, the tiles and planks are not rigid or thick enough to hide surface imperfections below them. So, if there’s a small difference in sub floor board pieces that don’t line up to be flush and no leveler is used to compensate for the raised edge, this will eventually make its way visually through the vinyl flooring. Exposed nail or screw heads can undoubtedly cause this effect, too possibly puncturing through the vinyl depending on traffic.

Increasingly luxurious vinyl tiling products have certainly changed the former trend somewhat that laminate flooring has a higher resale rate than vinyl but not fully. Buyers may tend to prefer the look and feel of laminate over vinyl. However, in the perfect conditions and compared to laminate without insulation below, resulting in a harder feeling floor, it might be hard to know the difference between the two. Considering vinyl flooring, it would be easy to install carpet or laminate right over the top if a future owner ever wished to do

Best Replacement Flooring for RV: Vinyl Tile Flooring for Motorhome

This vinyl-based product is among the most durable floors we offer. It is the best replacement flooring for RV. With styles in both hardwood and tile looks, this floor is commonly used in grocery stores and other high traffic venues due to its awesome durability. Combine this with its lightweight and shallow design, this floor works great for RV owners looking to maximize gas mileage and use a new flooring option under a tight slideout clearance.

5 1 300x300 RV Flooring Ideas & Options Liveproof Reviews: RV Vinyl Plank Flooring for RV Trailers & Motorhome. Best Replacement Flooring for RV.

Laminate Best Flooring for RV Trailers

Pros of Plank Floor (RV flooring ideas)

If you are looking for wood look, laminate flooring products are the best choice on ecofriendly materials, plus they are installed to be floating, meaning that they are not adhered to the sub floor below. The best part about its floating the capability along with its rigidity is that insulation can be laid down before the planks are installed above. Doing so gives extra comfort when standing and walking and added insulation to the floor.

As an ecofriendly product, laminate flooring boards state the type of cleaner you can use on it, non-abrasive specific type of cleaner is recommended and it is better to be sprayed onto the rag or mop than straight onto the floor. Laminate flooring can be customized to mimic the look of tile or even hardwood flooring. It’s easily cleaned and can tolerate quite a bit of abuse. Installing it is a simple process of cleaning the underlying floor, then peeling and sticking the laminate down. FinishBuild have a variety depending on the wood type look you might be looking for. Parquet flooring is one of the features we can offer if you are in the mood for clear and light colors. Since, it can come in a variety of patterns you would definitely have plenty of choices. Look range from natural hardwood to even stone colors.

6 1 300x300 RV Flooring Ideas & Options Liveproof Reviews: RV Vinyl Plank Flooring for RV Trailers & Motorhome. Best Replacement Flooring for RV.

Cons  of Plank Floor (RV flooring ideas)

Finish Build staff considerate that there are no cons with laminate, but if we should mention one would be the fact that some laminate boards may not fit on specific areas, such as, fitted spaces and under sits, in an RV. Therefore, you might need some matching trim pieces to hold down the free-floating floor, and thus, rounded corners and other custom features are ruled out with laminate. On this kind of situation we recommend a specialist, in order to obtaining best results.  Nevertheless, it is possible and many RVs have it on these restless vehicles along the road.

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There is a section of the surface covering market that has been     noticeably evolving these last years; vinyl, which made its big first appearance in 1933 in a composition tile displayed at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago, however war years made scarce the product and it was not until the late 1940 that vinyl became well marketed. Since it is not a rigid material, and instead it can bend or roll and it can even react to the environment in a flexible way, vinyl flooring belongs to the “Resilient Flooring” category. In addition, as reported by Floor Covering Weekly (2012) in one of its article, vinyl flooring is experiencing high records in sales, and this is certainly due to the unique benefits provided by this covering material.  This affordable flooring option has made quite a few improvements to the classic designs when first introduced. Today’s flooring vinyl is available in advanced printing and texturing technologies, offering both the best looking and best performing; whether the style you are looking for is chic, rustic or contemporary, vinyl will definitely surprise you. What in FinishBuild likes us the most is the fact that when it comes to vinyl, this is another easy to install as well as maintain, long lasting option, and it also provides a comfortable surface to walk on.

Benefits of choosing vinyl as your flooring surface

By using advanced photographic technologies, the ability to imitate real hardwoods and stones is an incredible process done by vinyl flooring manufacturers. The following are some of the many benefits you take home when you decide on this flooring option:

Vinyl is an amazing realistic replication of natural materials; so the look and feel you can achieve at a lower cost are some of the features you can identify in this flooring product.

There are many brands that offer 100% vinyl material; and this especially for Luxury Vinyl Tile, which satisfies Green building standards and earns LEED points in commercial applications.

Vinyl eases the maintenance process; by simply use a damp mopping you can successfully cover the cleaning aspect.

Exceptional selection of sizes and shapes; they vary from each manufacturers but there are many available styles. FinishBuild’s planks have 6.5mm (9).

Highly resistant to scratch, stain, dent and scuff; and this is thanks to vinyl’s specialized wear layers, floors are also coat with urethane to enhance durability.

Extraordinary durability; most of the vinyl floors that have been treated with high technologies are constructed to withstand commercial war and tear, which make them ideal for high traffic areas and other areas of the home.

Budget friendly; economics factor are very significant for both commercial and residential applications, providing the look and feel of rich and natural material at a lower cost.

Our recommended areas to install it

There are some distinct layers applied in every vinyl sheet or plank that make it a quality product to be installed whether in light or high traffic areas. Here you will find the most suitable areas you can consider vinyl as your underfoot surface:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Living rooms
  • Laundry rooms

Get the best from vinyl: FinishBuild Luxury Living Room Styles

With so many different colors and patterns, vinyl’s versatility makes it a homeowners’ perfect choice. These are FinishBuild’s luxury living room styles:

Our Smoked Tawny looks great in a smooth dark look; its aged effect is perfect for an authentic luxurious living room.

If you want to achieve a wood look in your living room, we totally recommend you FinishBuild’s Wild Lava; let the furniture and a fire place inject personality into your living area, and enjoy of a warm cozy space.

Go for a rustic appeal with our Mojave Desert; and add some stylish pieces of furniture to create a beautiful contrast between modern and light country style.

Show off the best of a sleek simplicity look, by selecting neutral colors in your furniture and our Silver Dollar vinyl planks to create an anchor between your living room and a pleasant conversation.

Repairing vinyl flooring

Accidents on any type of flooring are very common, and when it comes about vinyl surfaces there is no need to replace a whole plank or sheet just because it Is sustained some damage; instead of thisuse a scrap piece of the flooring material and install a “patch” which is practically undetectable.

Cut the vinyl piece

In this step you will need to cut a piece of scrap vinyl that matches the pattern around damaged vinyl. This piece should be longer and wider than the pattern around the damaged area.

Use adhesive tape in the scrap vinyl

Make the pattern of the scrap vinyl and the vinyl on the floor match, and tape the pattern down with duct tape; be sure the tape holds the piece firmly, however do not cover the pattern around the damaged area.

Cut the lines of the pattern

In this step we recommend you to use a straightedge and a sharp utility knife, and then cut along the lines of the patterns. Hold the utility knife straight up and down, cut along the break of the line rather than the center of the pattern line. Next, score the vinyl and press securely so the blade goes through the patch and the flooring vinyl.

Take out the damaged vinyl piece

Once you cut out the pattern, remove the tape and take out the damaged vinyl. To break the vinyl away from the adhesive you can use a putty knife.

Dry fit vinyl patch

Make sure to clean off the old adhesive and dry fit the patch; for this step use the utility knife to trim the patch where necessary and bevel the bottom edges.

Apply the vinyl floor adhesive

You can use the putty knife in order to applya coat vinyl floor adhesive to the floor.

Put the vinyl patch into place

Achieve this, press the patch into place; after that clean the seams with damp rag and lay a heavy object on the patch, so the drying time of the adhesive is properly achieved.

Mix a vinyl seam sealer

Once the adhesive dried, clean the patch’s seam and mix a vinyl seam sealer; sealer will melt the seam and so it will blend in with the rest of the floor.

As you could read vinyl is a very useful and adaptable material; it can be installed over concrete, wood or existing flooring. This durable flooring option stands up to moisture and it also  provides a broad range of natural designs, from realistic wood grains to elegant stones. Thanks to the important improvements vinyl manufacturers are showing, thinking of vinyl as your flooring option can make you imagine there are an endless design ideas to choose from.

As always FinishBuild encourages you and your design project, revolutionize your living room…you start, we Finish!

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INDIA INSPIR DESTACADA 300x138 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Every flooring choice you made should bring a comfortable as well as an inviting feel to your home; this will deliver a striking design aesthetic to your space. Hardwoods are among the most durable and beautiful of flooring options; they are one of the few that will truly boost the value of the property as well, since there is a huge number of wood flooring styles and finishes that home and property owners can find. From FinishBuild’s point of view, this flooring alternative is a simple way to add luxury to a space. Aside from its visual appeal, hardwood is sturdy nature and its affordable price makes it a popular choice among other flooring options. Your living room is where you and your loved ones spend quality time, is the shelter where you and your family gather to talk over new projects, and furthermore your living room is what tells you have finally arrived home. What we are trying to say is that flooring plays an essential role in your house; this is why often upgrades can increase its value, and also help to better its aesthetics and functionality.

Create an authentic impact in your living room: FinishBuild suggestion

INDIA INSPIR 2 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

A living room inspired by India

India is known for its delicate silks as well as other textiles, which are integrated from everywhere. Not for nothing this country is worldwide known for owing one of the seven wonders, which is the Taj Mahal; an architecture marvel, where it can be clearly appreciated the role of interior design. Through times, we have seen the different changes in interior design styles, for instance Minimalist or Contemporary, however Indian interior design style remains intact and clear stated. In case you are still wondering why we chose this country to be part of this article; the answer is very easy: based on India’s culture, amusing heritage and history, designers are embracing the rich colors and textures which are key elements of Indian design to incorporate them into their design projects. There are some other reasons that drove us to choose this style, and in order to add one more FinishBuild believes that handcrafted furniture (made with traditional Hindu methods), and printed cottons are two significant aspects that paired with our Calico hardwood as a surface for a living room with this style, will add a rustic appearance and really solid quality to any living room space.

INDIA INSPIR 1 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Before purchasing hardwood

Ok, you have made your decision on taking hardwood as your living room flooring, because you know this choice is both timeless and timely, plus it will add a beautiful look to your room; however there a few things you should review before you hand over that credit card, or sign any check.


6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 1 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

You might probably know it, however we would like to let you know that each species of Harwood comes with its own particular characteristics; and depending on which part of the tree is cut, the wood’s color is determined. Moreover, natural variations of this material combine to create your floor’s unique natural beauty.

Pre- finished

This version of hardwood comes with multiple coats of sprayed urethane on its boards, which then turn into UV dried, and in this way creates a lasting finish. Pre-finished hardwood floors are already sanded, screened and stained from really manufacturing plants. This is the hardwood version we can offer you in FinishBuild, the one that can be screened and recoated at home in order to revitalize its finishes and refresh the flooring’s natural beauty.

Finish in Place

On the other hand, there is “finish in place” hardwood what basically means to having unfinished hardwood installed, sanded nor stained, and the coats of urethane needed are apply in your home; this version takes more time than pre- finished boards, however the results is a level of customization that cannot be found on any flooring store.

Consequences based on the effects of weather

Since it is a natural product, hardwood can asymmetrically expand and contract, depending on the changes in moisture and temperature. As a result, you can be found dealing with hairline cracks or some variations in height or width. In any case, if you are planning to install hardwood in a wet climate, be sure your home is well insulated. In opposition, if you live in a dry climate, you should think of using a whole house humidifier, this way you minimize the effects of weather.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 6 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More


Try to maintain the life of your hardwood by doing annual deep cleanings; remember that as your supplier, FinishBuild would be glad to help you with care guide for cleaning and maintenance.

Some of the hardwood flooring trends

Today’s flooring market opens up a whole new world of design possibilities, which certainly ease your making-decision process; these latest trends fit impressively your personal style and add more natural looks to the spaces where are installed.

Wider and longer planks

This is a great improvement since wider planks visually open up a small area; they are excellent for living rooms, master bedrooms or any area in your home, and furthermore they can be installed horizontally, vertically or even diagonally. Wider and longer planks are definitely on the rise.

INDIA INSPIR 3 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Gray tones

Regardinf this we need to emphasize that this hardwood style is gaining popularity in recent years, although it was first introduced to add a “neutral” tone whether for wall, carpeting or tiles. Now hardwood comes in this tone, and is the perfect way to revolutionize any of your areas at home. It comes in a range selection from light neutrals to deep saturated charcoals. Gray hardwood trend is absolutely a true statement piece.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 5 300x300 Hardwood In A Living Room Inspired By India...And More

Darker woods

People might think this trends resembles the traditional look pattern in any room, however today’s hardwood flooring is all about color, so as you choose a deep and dark color, you will reach an awesome bold design impact. Darker hardwoods come in an amazing variety of finish; from oak to cherry or walnut, they would help you create a sleek look.

Reclaimed hardwood

It is made from solid wood sources, and originates from old barns, farmhouses, beams or logs salvaged from rivers and lakes. Reclaimed hardwood is eco- friendly and this trend is appealing today’s green customers.

In brief, installing hardwood as a living room’s surface is one of the most popular flooring choices available, due to its ability to coordinate with any design style. The different tones it can be found nowadays, add to its beauty and its resistance a great option for high-traffic areas. FinishBuild is aware of the fact that flooring customers are looking for more personality from their hardwood floors; and as new technologies are emerging in the hardwood flooring industry, there will surely be more options available than ever before to suit consumers’ tastes and styles.

Whichever your favorite style is…you start, we Finish!

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