puerta destacada 300x138 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Did you know when Queen Victoria died the Irish were ordered to paint their doors black as a sign of grief. Doors symbolize hope, opportunity, communication and liberation. To rebel, Irish painted their doors in all different colors. When it comes to pick a door for interior areas the task is easy, but when you have to choose a suitable door that divides a space from your backyard, options are endless. We would love to offer you a brief review on the options you can think of.

Give it a meaning

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 2 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Our first suggestion is starting on the purpose of your backyard. A place like this can have several uses; therefore by sketching which ways you would ideally like to use your exterior, you can define the style you need. With a settled resolution you can begin on creating an interrelated look.  So, whether is a garden, family reunion area, kids’ recreational space or a simple personal favorite place, once you have chosen the meaning, the rest is a guiding process. Keep in mind that whatever is your purpose, compromise is determined and unclutter is vital. Simplify your design by keeping decor items on a slight side. Additionally, since backyards are outdoor areas, make sure that your green sides stay well-maintained with regular cuttings and proper plant care. Keep into account that any aspect of our life’s that we pay attention to receives power, therefore, if you are not that into taking care of plants, do not have them. Perhaps you might prefer a plush seating area, perfect for relaxation or even a fire pit. Depending on how much space is available, you can consider sticking with one main function or breaking your yard up into a few distinct areas.

puerta 5 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?On the other hand, it is important to preserve the harmony between spaces, for example, if your home is based on cedar looks, try to use a solid wood or high-end wood finishes on the frames of your door choice. French sliding doors offer the most design options, because you can select the door style, accessories and glass. If you want your patio door to have the same architectural style and feel of your front entry and garage doors, than a hinged or French door can do the job.

Backyard doors provide open access and allow interior spaces to embrace natural light. Generally, we tend to think that patio doors are only suitable for houses with a backyard, a swimming pool, or for breathtaking views. Not necessarily. Doors of this type are used for exterior areas, which can be easily installed on balcony facing towards a beautiful view. What we really enjoy about these exterior doors is that catches the eye of anyone entering the room and it is one of the most defining style signs of your home.

Sliding Doors

puerta 2 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

 Nowadays, frames and glass are more energy efficient now and many products incorporate multi-point locking mechanism. Sliding doors are also known as gliding doors and besides being operational they also allow people to get a clear view into another space, which add an air of glamour to the interior and exterior of a home.. Regarding function they are very practical and the fact that offer a clear, minimalist design allows you to match it with almost any style you like.

Sliding doors let in a lot of natural light and you can create a dramatic effect by combining colors on a colored curtain for instance. They are made from reinforced glass or plastic, polycarbonate in some cases. Even though might seem made of thin glass this feature makes of sliding door a charming but strong door.

puerta 1 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Sliding doors are energy efficient, since they are able to remain open, ventilation is constant, and therefore, rooms would receive excellent airflow. On the other hand, on some specific models, the glass provide excellent insulation from the extreme weather of the desert. Another plus is the external screens placed on the sliding doors which gladly provides defense against unwanted bugs and insects.

Another outstanding feature is the space, sliding glass doors provide a large doorway which is highly appreciated when moving big items between rooms or in and out of your home. With its sliding mechanism, there are no external hinges which could damage the items being moved. Nevertheless, if you live in a cool weather area, extreme conditions including ice, tornados and wind storms might cause damage to the glass in these doors.

Hinged Style

puerta 4 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

puerta 3 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Nowadays, technology developed new hinges models and at the present moment is found almost everywhere, in the aerospace field, military, and computing. In fact, the desk on which the average reader’s computer sits probably has more hinges than one might expect. Hinged patio doors are the classic look for most of homeowners. Generally manufactured in pairs, two doors connected by a hinge in a continuous sill frame where one is fixed, and the other is active and swings in or out. Double-hinged patio doors are often used to create expansive views from interior spaces.

Hinged patio doors are commonly the focal point of a room due to its glam and elegance consists of panels that have large glass areas. The in-swing door has interior-mounted hinges. The out-swing door has tamper-proof exterior hinges. Its screen is on the interior side of the door. If security is one of the things that concerns you, most of hinged doors come with multipoint locks offering you a distinctive locking system that secures the door in three locations for your mind peace.

When it comes to outdoors areas, backyards never overestimate the power of visual points. Subsequently we encourage you to add some color to ornament your outdoor areas. Just the same as you would do it with your interiors, bring some color through chairs or benches. Nonetheless, seek inspiration from nature as well; there are some flowers that can live happily without much of attention, such as, lavender, jade or black rose if you are on a busy schedule.

“If opportunity doesn´t knock. Build a door”

Milton Berle

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AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES destacada 300x138 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

2016 has been a good year itself. For us as a company, FinishBuild has been growing with the purpose of evolving to a new way of approaching simple projects as an enjoyable journey. Therefore, we would like to dedicate this post on a matter that concern to us all, because it goes as an inherent element on the set up of projects course: Interior Design.

This year, so far, has brought a swing towards indoor atmospheres. Even though companies insist on establish a particular style. We might like to share some variations on what we have seen as a pattern up to now. 2016 has taken the appearance simplicity craving.  Let’s call it and spiral easiness. If you are able to recall the image of a spiral, there is a pattern but with swing gravitation. Minimalism style it has been mixed. As a result, a luxury plain space, but decorated with wonderful objects, art, fabric, and even furniture transport you to exceptional scenes. The interesting fact is the refining visualization and distilling it to the best things that speak to you, in order to create your magnificent nest.

When it comes to interior designs, possibilities are uninterrupted, which leads us from eclectic interiors combined with minimalism style. Modernism joins this year in order to please individual interests giving birth to a fresh traditional style. Earth colors stamped on furniture, antiques and classic items mixed in synchronization. It is all about comfort, tradition, and valuing the coziness of home areas.


AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 2 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

Currently, the palette for 2016 is filled with shades of pink, red “meat” and peach. The designers do not hesitate to bet on colors that mark the new trends.  Style without the gloss, on solid colors invades the décor field, and one of the advantages is the possibility of being used in any room of the house in multiple combinations.

The tendency for this year is dull colors, such as black, which goes perfectly in combination with other colorful items. Black is back and popping up all over the living room scene on the walls. We get that a big black living room may not be for everyone, but these darker hues instantly add drama to your space or at least at one of your living room walls. If you are not ready to darken your room then bring in some black through accessories or furniture.

Metallic samples are also very on right now, but gold is having a more refined line. Therefore you might want to add some golden looks on coffee table or decorative accessories. Brushed, satin, or matte finishes can also go very well on fabrics or curtains.


Regarding the use of materials, Interior Design has established an open-mind point of view. A solid trend for 2016 is the visibility of materials such as brass, copper, wood and marble compounds on the indoor ornament items. Therefore, the multiple usages of the glamorous materials, such as copper and brass, combined it harmonically can make of your home spaces  a rich field for art application.

Furniture options

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 3 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendencies

In the case of living rooms: Minimal living has always been on trend with a certain sector of society, and minimal look it is the result of the tendencies contest. FinishBuild definitely support luxury and dramatic styles, a well accessorized living room can be inviting and also feel like home, look amazing in photographs.

 Nevertheless, sparse and open living-rooms redefine the idea of having more. The idea of starting fresh with the support of the functionally aspect, provides a peaceful idea of having all you need with beautiful things. It is not about having unattractive- cheap belongings. It is about having the perfect item, unique & beautiful on an uncluttered space.

On the other hand, modern farmhouse style has made a trend much more accessible to those of you that are not quite ready to go full royal style. This trend is all about blending your classic rustic pieces with some of up-to-date and modern items. By bringing in some aged leather club chairs, for example, warming your living-room areas can be a piece of cake!

FinishBuild staff has a very special item to offer as a trend for 2016. According to this year tendencies wood plat-formed furniture can go awesomely on between a zen style or rustic Scandinavian attitude. The wood plat-formed furniture is surprisingly on or at least we do love to look at it. This type of furniture may not be for everyone, but for those of you who appreciate clean lines, simple forms, and a streamlined look this trend is for you and your living-room areas.

AND ITS INTERIOR DESIGN TENDENCIES 1 300x300 2016 and Its Interior Design tendenciesClustered Coffee Tables are another option. For those of you with a bit more eclectic mind, FinishBuild propose the clustered coffee table trend that might be your ally. Regarding sizes this item works in a small space, when a large coffee table that takes up a lot of real estate may not be the best option. As we have said in other posts, we always encourage you to keep it simple, vary the heights, or try modular furniture items to keep the multifunction ability.


Least but not last. Try colorful covers. A few slipcovers might boost your living-room spaces. Keep into account that this element can be a lifesaver if walls and furniture seem too uptight. Therefore in order to lose it off, the fabric in washed linen or canvas, and a table slipcovering can decorate even more beautifully, than a ballerina. Keep it modern but simple.

Your living-room interior is like your mind interiors. Keep it simple
You start. We Finish!

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b1 1024x567 Engineered Flooring and New York TimesThis section is dedicated on a New York Times article by Fred a. Bernstein. Even though was publish on 2011, Engineered Floors Are Getting Serious provided us an interesting review of why engineered flooring products are so popular on many construction fields.

To start, FinishBuild is glad to show you a little introduction to a few engineered flooring product users that support this ecofriendly material as a solution to special measurement areas but with a classic look that resembles nature uniqueness. Take for example, supporting engineered flooring products, Lee F. Mindel, an architect with Shelton, Mindel & Associates, Mr. Mindel said, that he has used engineered floors -which eloquently refers to, irreverently, as B.L.T. sandwiches- in boats and airplanes, where thickness and weight are crucial.

Regarding resistance factors, supporters of engineered floors also note that engineered floors are not subject to the “cupping” or “crowning” (respectively, concave or convex warping) that are major complaints about traditional wood floors. These important fact relays on the quality which makes engineered flooring products valuable in places with much moisture or buildings where large windows mean that every flaw will be seen under bright light. They can also be precut to fit rooms precisely, avoiding the possibility of sharp edges, a big advantage in dwellings without baseboard moldings.

Environmental benefits

Another fact that is well highlight on the article is the fact that engineered flooring products are almost one-quarter-inch thick, which means that a piece of wood would produce one solid floorboard can produce four or more engineered boards. James Caroll, who owns LV Wood, also contributed on adding that the under-layers of engineered floors are made from fast-growing, and therefore rapidly renewable, trees.


Engineered Hardwood

 When it comes to laminate flooring it is important to mention that engineered wood floors are not laminate. Laminate flooring does not contain wood, and if it does, is on a very low amount of wood.

According to BuildDirect Company Engineered hardwood flooring products are prepared by gluing a real hardwood veneer to a core board made of plywood or high density fiberboard. Because its assembling method, engineered hardwood is further dimensionally stable than solid hardwood, meaning that these flooring products will not contract or expand on the exposure of humidity or temperature changes.

Kindness of engineered hardwood can be display on its cost. In relation with other flooring materials such as solid hardwood, for example, engineered hardwood is generally less expensive.

Another particular characteristic is its diversity and multipurpose feature. Engineered boards can usually be installed on all positions, including beneath grade. It also tolerates heat exposure, allowing planks to be installed over radiant heat. And furthermore, its well base structure can agree on concrete subfloor installation.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account that not all engineered flooring products can be rub down or sanded, floors with veneer thickness less than 2mm should be refinished-evade. This matters relays on sanding the top layer more than once or twice may expose the base layer underneath.

Non warp or squeak floors

b3 1024x683 Engineered Flooring and New York Times

Engineered Flooring is prepared with hardwood thin pieces, came with a crisscross layering manufacturing, which seems a suitable option for floor conditions that require a strong flat for extra weight and strength, avoiding warps or squeak issues. Its core is usually plywood or high-density fiberboard (HDF) and the top layer is composed of a of hardwood veneer which is glued atop the core to mimic nearly any species of hardwood.




FinishBuild online store

Engineered hardwood has the natural characteristics of the selected wood species, and at Finish Build, kinds like EARTH FRENCH OAK, WARM SUNSET, are available if you are in the mood for a forest pigment. The reason people tend to choose engineered hardwood over natural hardwood is because the greater moisture and heat resistance. This is due to the layers assembling process, engineered flooring floorboards normally has three or more layers. Therefore, there is superior stability with the company of additional layers. The core layers may be made of plywood, high density fiberboard or hardwood. For example, Vanier engineered flooring has five to seven hardwood core layers.

At our 2016 catalog we currently count with brand such as, Parkay Floors which offer you clear shades that goes from, BROWN VALLEY, PEARL FRECH OAK, NATURAL FRENCH OAK to more smooth colors like NIGHTFALL, ROCKY MOUNTAIN.

Engineered floor maintenance

 As your skin, flooring layers are also significant. If the area in which your hardwood floors are laid has a broad window, protect your floors from the direct sunlight by using sheer drapes or blinds.  Hardwood floors may be ill and affected by ultra violet rays.

According to HomeFlooringPros, a broom is the first main step in order to get rid of dust, dirt and debris. Subsequently a slightly-damp mop can be used to remove remaining debris. If you have tough spots, try to use non-abrasive products, water mix with a few drops of lemon juice and a bit of common soap, will be enough to remove stains. Once again we remind you that ammoniac or steam cleaner because you might create the right conditions for moisture spreading.

Remember that ecological floors would always match with ecofriendly products, so do not be afraid of trying new natural ways of cleaning your engineered flooring products. FinishBuild flooring products performance has a very special positive influence by keeping nature and wood-look styles. So, whether you are thinking about a home redesign project with comfy and warm purposes, engineered flooring could be the finest choice for your house, family and planet health itself.

Engineered flooring not only can reflect your personal style but also your personal values as well. By acquiring these types of products you are contributing to the planet, by saving earth lung flora.  FinishBuild staff hopes that not only physical beauty came into your living accommodations, but also a new vision for what is important to human race, which is preserve life above all.





Men were design for accomplishment, engineered for success and gifted with the seeds of greatness



You start, we Finish!

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Destacada 1 1 300x138 Best Flooring Options for Art Spaces

Nowadays, art galleries purposes have changed, in order to develop a more appealing art areas artists have had done the unthinkable by getting out of their comfort zone. According to Director of The Rider University Art, Harry I. Naar the purpose of an Art Gallery is to cultivate and displayed a diverse range of high quality exhibitions, lectures and programs, including educational offerings, concerts, and special events to the University and the surrounding community, which allow students and general public insights into the visual arts and creative process. Based on that premise, FinishBuild is attempting to offer another perspective of what an art gallery could be. Even though we will advise you on laminate flooring options we have carefully choose for you we would also like to see art as a tool to explore new perceptions.

 Eilean Hooper-Greenhill on Museums and Interpretations of Visual Culture, said: the idea of the arts center has to be ‘reborn’ and some of its characteristics and challenges are clear. Seeing communication as the basis on which culture is both maintained and transformed, demands a new approach to arts center pedagogy. With that being said, in the purpose of mixing cultures and personal perspectives, we have come with the idea of setting an art area that succumbs to a unique style.

Multidisciplinary spaces and flooring variation

2 300x200 Best Flooring Options for Art Spaces

Anthropologist Margaret Mead, believed that arts center should invest in shops, restaurants. We believe that, in order to extending a warm atmosphere gathering social areas can provide a more welcoming notion of a social and culture place. Arts center have invested, take a look of the Louvre, for example, that have its famous café Louvre. You might want to take into account what flooring variety can do to social areas. Fluctuate between floors in art galleries or arts center can set the mood for a specific activity. Usually neutral colors are a wise choice in order to get the best profit of your social areas potential.

What we recommend 


2 2 1 300x300 Best Flooring Options for Art Spaces

Therefore, in order to improve your art area into a social dynamic one, FinishBuild considers that clear wood look flooring is a boosting option in order to provide a charm but also well-dressed style. Bring the best of your creativity by choosing from Kronenhahn laminate flooring options like ARENA. Flooring flowing between rooms is also considerable when it comes to flat surfaces, NEIGE OAK of Kronenhahn as well can help you to set a more neutral environment.

On the other hand, if warmness is part of your goals as well, then we would love to advise Parkay Floors which is also part of our selection on laminate flooring products. SAPELLI has the particular uniqueness of a solid wood look.

LION and OAK CAMEL are also another feature of our brand supplier Swiss  Krono on clear and fine laminate flooring products. Display on different thickness, we are confident by saying that you will find the tile style specifications you are looking for.

Advantages on maintenance

1 2 1 300x300 Best Flooring Options for Art SpacesLaminate floors besides of its adding a shiny surface, come with an extra strength and protection to the floor tiles against day-to-day use and splits. It also makes cleaning time easier. Footprints and stains can be washed and wiped off from the surface with no struggle. The floorboards pigment will not fade or vanish easily and it is highly impact tough.

Tiles Patterns

Floorboards textures will add noble and realistic look, no wonder why numerous people engaged them. Styles and tones are virtually endless, ranging from dark to light wood effects such as cherry and ash. Alternatively there are also laminate floorings that mimic the look of stone tiles. Therefore, by using laminate flooring means you will be saving wood and less natural resources which automatically made you ecofriendly as well.


1 3 300x300 Best Flooring Options for Art SpacesWhen it comes to specific purpose, Finish Build flooring material might vary too, if it is about space with the aim of display fine arts for instance, hardwood flooring style would be the best option in order to reproduce the charming classic reputation. Things to picture are the type of traffic, the impact on the flooring as well as the softness of the floor. Accordingly, the flooring material for your dance studio floors should have high level of scratch resistance. We adore the shades on our hardwood section, and TOPAZ from our Nuvelle collection is among our favorites.

Keep in mind that Hardwood flooring strips generally produces a larger vision of the room than it actually is. Plank hardwood boards are wider than strip hardwood flooring, most of the time 3 inches to 6 inches in thickness. This is an important characteristic if your art spaces are small and want to improve your customer’s perception.

Your comfort, last but never least, you should always trust of your guts. Art is invisible only to those who do not have passion for what they create. Give the best of you on every single element of your project and it would be definitely reflected on your spaces. We are Culture.

Art and love is the same thing: It´s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you

 Chuck Klosterman

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