Small bathroom 300x138 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017

Social Human condition has established that healthy body habits are highly recommendable nowadays or mandatory in other cases. This form of self – caring is part of some cultures between hygiene conditions and the fact that self-bathing is a matter of reducing skin and emotionally breakthroughs. Therefore, whether you are in the mood for spoiling yourself or just do it because it makes you happy, we remind you that at FinishBuild bath-time is me-time.

First of all we must agree on the fact that taking a shower can be easily accomplished by water and soap. Nevertheless, shower-times are more than that. We believe that we can create space that not only would satisfy your eye but also we would talk about how to make bigger than it looks.

Elements you must take into account

Small bathroom 1 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Mirrors:

In Feng Shui, the use of elements such as metal, can help you enormously space saving as well. Mirrors have the honorable addition of being able to reproduce what it reflects, therefore if you happen to have a very tiny piece of toilet and a sink side by side, we suggest you to place and long horizontal piece of glass just above these pieces, in order to get the best of visual tricks. Mirrors are not also a good way of enhancing your bathroom area but also are a nice functional addition.


Small bathroom 2 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017If your bathroom and you happen to have a space problem, there are some elements you can exchange in order to get the view of a bigger bathroom. Let´s begin with sizes, when it comes about bathroom, the proportions are a vital, and it highly influences decoration and can increase or reduce your bathroom physical areas.

Flooring Tiles:

According to some interior design companies, in order to get the best of space inside a house, flooring tiles and wall bathroom tiles should match. This addition can help you with harmony creation and in the case you need a visual but also spacious home area, continuity is vital and an important element. Therefore, we suggest you to get tiles that go with minimal contrast, lighter colors like BLANCO from our brand KRONENHAHN, line CASONA.


Small bathroom 3 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Opt for going with ¨less is more¨, when it comes about small sized bathrooms. Regarding the bathroom, aesthetics is the reflection of what your daily life can be and when there is less you gain in space. Therefore try by getting the goodness of our FinishBuild BA130 15″ SQUARE CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL model, which comes in 13″ H x 22″ W x 22″ D, ideal for tiny spaces. This reloaded versions not only can help you to safe space but also adds an outstanding aesthetic for guests including yourself. We also suggest you the BA129 16″ ROUND CERAMIC ABOVE MOUNT BATHROOM BASIN VESSEL that can offer a more uniform geometric appearance if you are not that into corners or pointy edges.


Small bathroom 4 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017How can we forget the proper use of manual locking systems? When it comes about bathing experience, you must be aware that privacy is everything and priceless. Regarding the materials you can use for shower doors, at FinishBuild we strongly recommend you to explore with glass materials that can easily help you to get a closer look of things and at the same time you can get the sense of spaciousness. In order to get the best of comfort, try by setting a focal point, we suggest you to start matching the perfect combination of unpretentious additions such as the glass on the door, the light clear tone on the tiles and even the size if the mirror you are going to get.


When it comes about illumination, remember to take into account that natural light can enhance your home spaces at reasonable prices. Natural light can work perfectly when you happen to own small spaces, which allows you to get the best of both worlds: privacy and nature. Therefore try by adding upper sliding windows that can easily offer you an outlet to unexpected odors and concentration of fumes. The use of recessed lighting is a choice in case you have no option but adding artificial light. Try non-direct lights that might come from the ceiling.

Go vertical:

Small bathroom 5 300x300 Small Bathroom Ideas for this 2017Try to storage as much as you can but in a scaling way, customized medicine cabinets for instance, can be a nice solution to space craving. Therefore if you are into having your own personal items properly organized, going vertical is a cool option. On the other hand, when it comes about small bathroom dimensions, you should take into account that if cabinets are located on the base of your floor.

To sum up we would like you to remind you that you deserve a nice experience, and making yourself happy should be the journey not the task. Therefore if you happen to have a small bathroom, we suggest you to go functional with maximizing your space, with a Lazy Susan addition for personal hygiene products. Believe or not when it comes about physical illusions we must agree on the fact that theory is not necessarily better than practice. For this reason we have come with this research regarding which particular items should you avoid when it comes about small spaces. There are tricks everywhere therefore we must share them.

You start.We Finish!

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puerta destacada 300x138 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Did you know when Queen Victoria died the Irish were ordered to paint their doors black as a sign of grief. Doors symbolize hope, opportunity, communication and liberation. To rebel, Irish painted their doors in all different colors. When it comes to pick a door for interior areas the task is easy, but when you have to choose a suitable door that divides a space from your backyard, options are endless. We would love to offer you a brief review on the options you can think of.

Give it a meaning

kitchen design on 2017 bring fresh outdoor vibes 2 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Our first suggestion is starting on the purpose of your backyard. A place like this can have several uses; therefore by sketching which ways you would ideally like to use your exterior, you can define the style you need. With a settled resolution you can begin on creating an interrelated look.  So, whether is a garden, family reunion area, kids’ recreational space or a simple personal favorite place, once you have chosen the meaning, the rest is a guiding process. Keep in mind that whatever is your purpose, compromise is determined and unclutter is vital. Simplify your design by keeping decor items on a slight side. Additionally, since backyards are outdoor areas, make sure that your green sides stay well-maintained with regular cuttings and proper plant care. Keep into account that any aspect of our life’s that we pay attention to receives power, therefore, if you are not that into taking care of plants, do not have them. Perhaps you might prefer a plush seating area, perfect for relaxation or even a fire pit. Depending on how much space is available, you can consider sticking with one main function or breaking your yard up into a few distinct areas.

puerta 5 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?On the other hand, it is important to preserve the harmony between spaces, for example, if your home is based on cedar looks, try to use a solid wood or high-end wood finishes on the frames of your door choice. French sliding doors offer the most design options, because you can select the door style, accessories and glass. If you want your patio door to have the same architectural style and feel of your front entry and garage doors, than a hinged or French door can do the job.

Backyard doors provide open access and allow interior spaces to embrace natural light. Generally, we tend to think that patio doors are only suitable for houses with a backyard, a swimming pool, or for breathtaking views. Not necessarily. Doors of this type are used for exterior areas, which can be easily installed on balcony facing towards a beautiful view. What we really enjoy about these exterior doors is that catches the eye of anyone entering the room and it is one of the most defining style signs of your home.

Sliding Doors

puerta 2 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

 Nowadays, frames and glass are more energy efficient now and many products incorporate multi-point locking mechanism. Sliding doors are also known as gliding doors and besides being operational they also allow people to get a clear view into another space, which add an air of glamour to the interior and exterior of a home.. Regarding function they are very practical and the fact that offer a clear, minimalist design allows you to match it with almost any style you like.

Sliding doors let in a lot of natural light and you can create a dramatic effect by combining colors on a colored curtain for instance. They are made from reinforced glass or plastic, polycarbonate in some cases. Even though might seem made of thin glass this feature makes of sliding door a charming but strong door.

puerta 1 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Sliding doors are energy efficient, since they are able to remain open, ventilation is constant, and therefore, rooms would receive excellent airflow. On the other hand, on some specific models, the glass provide excellent insulation from the extreme weather of the desert. Another plus is the external screens placed on the sliding doors which gladly provides defense against unwanted bugs and insects.

Another outstanding feature is the space, sliding glass doors provide a large doorway which is highly appreciated when moving big items between rooms or in and out of your home. With its sliding mechanism, there are no external hinges which could damage the items being moved. Nevertheless, if you live in a cool weather area, extreme conditions including ice, tornados and wind storms might cause damage to the glass in these doors.

Hinged Style

puerta 4 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

puerta 3 300x300 2016 Backyard doors: Sliding or Hinged?

Nowadays, technology developed new hinges models and at the present moment is found almost everywhere, in the aerospace field, military, and computing. In fact, the desk on which the average reader’s computer sits probably has more hinges than one might expect. Hinged patio doors are the classic look for most of homeowners. Generally manufactured in pairs, two doors connected by a hinge in a continuous sill frame where one is fixed, and the other is active and swings in or out. Double-hinged patio doors are often used to create expansive views from interior spaces.

Hinged patio doors are commonly the focal point of a room due to its glam and elegance consists of panels that have large glass areas. The in-swing door has interior-mounted hinges. The out-swing door has tamper-proof exterior hinges. Its screen is on the interior side of the door. If security is one of the things that concerns you, most of hinged doors come with multipoint locks offering you a distinctive locking system that secures the door in three locations for your mind peace.

When it comes to outdoors areas, backyards never overestimate the power of visual points. Subsequently we encourage you to add some color to ornament your outdoor areas. Just the same as you would do it with your interiors, bring some color through chairs or benches. Nonetheless, seek inspiration from nature as well; there are some flowers that can live happily without much of attention, such as, lavender, jade or black rose if you are on a busy schedule.

“If opportunity doesn´t knock. Build a door”

Milton Berle

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  destacada 300x75 Convex Molding: Molding Tips on Exterior Doors

At FinishBuild every end is considered a new beginning; therefore we have decided to start for one of the elements that usually allow us to get into a different area, or the opposite, to get out of a particular place. Anyhow, these transitions from a zone to another can be delightful having the knowledge to the direction. But what if you would have to choose, based only in the look of a door. How would that door be?

Whether are made from a combination of materials, wood, stone, metal, glass, paper, leaves or hides, doors can fluctuate among cultures and purposes. According to Enciclopaedia Britannica, doors are consider basically on wood-paneled doors, constructed of stiles or vertical beams and rails horizontal beams, framed together to support panels and occasionally equipped with locks and hinges.

1 4 300x300 Convex Molding: Molding Tips on Exterior DoorsAn example of how culture influences is The Republic of China the wooden door usually consisted of two panels, the lower one solid and the upper one a wooden lattice backed with paper. On the other hand, the typical Western medieval door was of vertical planks backed with horizontals or diagonal bracing. Furthermore, in domestic architecture, interior double doors appeared in Italy in the 15th century where the paneled effect was simplified until, in the 20th century, a single, hollow-core, flush panel door has become most common.


There also are several types of specialized modern doors. The louvered (or blind) door and the screen door have been used primarily in the United States. Another style also display is the Dutch door, which is a door cut in two, just by the middle, permitting the upper half to open while the lower half remains locked.

Other innovations such as, the revolving door and the folding door are great options for small areas where space is vital. The sliding door inspired by the Japanese shoji is another classic and zen example. For outdoors, the canopy door which turns out at the top of the frame and the rolling door that also opens to the top, commonly used on garage.

 Convex molding: The basics

The Classic moldings may be divided into two classes, simple and compound; generally employed for the bases of columns, which are seen below the eye, both concave moldings and convex moldings. The compound moldings are those composed of curves of contrary flexure, where the upper part is concave and the lower convex.

2 3 300x300 Convex Molding: Molding Tips on Exterior Doors

Convex molding: Color

 Regarding color, molding is a blessing because match with almost any shade of the palette. Usually the come on cream colors, such as beige or white. Other styles resembling wood look can be display on brown or oak. On the other hand you also have the option of painting outdoors in order to contrast you door and molding combination. If you have for example a white door, we suggest you to combine it with a white molding to continue with the harmony of elements. Try to match it with a colorful wall paint cover, in order to add light and a modern look, strong colors can go perfectly as well.

A few more tips on Convex molding

According to TrimGuide regarding installing crown molding here are just a pair of tips to make the decision easier on you:

Molding painting? Never paint crown molding white, over time crown molding might collect dust, and with the addition of another element such as the paint cover might look grimy. Therefore, unless you want to go and clean these commonly high surfaces frequently, we suggest you to choose your colored crown molding.

Matching. If you cannot find the proper color to match your molding with your doors or walls then choose paint but always on different color than the ceiling and the wall.  Remember that these elements are designed for ornamental purposes. Therefore they should make a detectable contrast.  In an ideal world, we have considered that you might want to paint your crown molding the same color as the window, door, and floor trim, in order to avoid a rainbow style.

Last but not least, to maintain the accordance of elements, try to paint the crown molding the same color in the whole house to produce unification of your home.  There are exceptions to this however, if you happen to join one unique porch area that has exposed stained wood beams for instance, you might want the molding to combine with the beams shade.

FinishBuild Molding

%name Convex Molding: Molding Tips on Exterior Doors

At FinishBuild Molding such as M18968 is the most elaborated one. Others like M614 and M734 come with a succession of alternate rounds and hollows, the latter very deeply cut, and a few small fillets. With molding the main goal relays on the desire to draw attention to the ornament view. This seem to be subject to The Greeks and its decorative sense of design which originally were merely painted. Nowadays the carving extended from flat surfaces patterns to convex and combined designs.


 As we have checked, the success of a clean molding porch area would depend on how constant your cleaning and vacuuming method is. Regarding molding dirt and dust will be your elements to take into account. So, in order to preserve relaxing areas such as moldings on doors, FinishBuild consider that attention once in a while, might be enough, remembering that it would be a non that affected area such a laminate kitchen floor. Therefore it should be deep vacuumed once in a while just to remove the dirt on the surface. Vinegar, can be a deep cleaning ingredient mixed with water of course.

Finally, last but never least, you should take care of yourself first. Go and take action, going fashion with gloves. And please do not forget to cover your mouth while this cleaning task. Anyhow, we hope this article might help, enrolled or entertained you in relation to molding on exterior doors. And remember…

You start. We Finish!

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