6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring destacada 300x138 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

According to Chinese culture, strength and softness is exactly how a Chinese person was supposed to conduct himself in society which happens to be Bamboo characteristics. This trendy flooring material can elevate the elegance of a space almost instantly. At FinishBuild we care about your flooring aspects but most of all, we give special attention to the feeling that well-finished surfaces can provide you. Similar to hardwood and yet, still distinct and different, comes Bamboo flooring to add some long-lasting support. Bamboo is a natural surface covering material that has many of the properties of hardwood flooring, even though it is actually produced from a type of grass.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 6 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

What FinishBuild loves about bamboo flooring is that it will bring you joy, stability and well-based memories. Sustainable but also eco-friendly, Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Because this material grows so rapidly, it can be harvested frequently without damaging the ecosystems of bamboo forests. Nevertheless, choosing Bamboo flooring is a great choice that US households make every day in contribution to Mother Earth for those interested in green building materials.

 Bamboo has been used through history not only because of the strength of the material. Bamboo sticks are hollow and it has become a symbol of the internal capacity of a modest person to accommodate the opinions of others. For these reasons, in China, bamboo was also eulogized in songs and poetry. With the stability of planned building, Bamboo flooring would be a great decision for flooring in an endless number of home applications.

The Benefits of Natural Bamboo Flooring

1.Ecologically Friendly: Bamboo is made from natural vegetation. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable resource, which means that while it takes a tree 50 years to reach a height of 10 m, a Bamboo can easily reach the same height after only 50 days, and after five years it can be used for commercial purposes.6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 2 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

2.Water Resistant: Bamboo belongs to the lily family and is native to shady, tropical rainforests where there is plenty of water. This material is slightly more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping than hardwood materials, although it is still a concern. As people are becoming more ecologically conscious they are demanding products that reflect these values.

3.Price: When it comes to prices, Bamboo flooring is valued at about the same level as most hardwood floors. Prices you can find in the market might rank from $2.00 per square foot – $8.00 per square foot. Bamboo flooring is a relatively economical material considering it is a natural resource and the resilience properties it carries; however prices per square foot would depend on a variety of characteristics.

4.Quality: Bamboo, is extremely strong, because of the principles of mechanics Bamboo happen to own much greater flexural and stable capacity than a solid structure. These variations allow bamboo to combine its lean elegance with immense strength; no wonder why we already are seeing bamboo bicycle and bamboo houses.

6 reasons for choosing bamboo flooring 4 300x300 6 Reasons for Choosing Bamboo Flooring

5.Long-lasting material: Thanks to its large number of fibers, Bamboo remains connected with very fine fibers, which are the secret that makes it unbreakable, these fibers run the entire length of the bamboo stem connecting all the segments. However, FinishBuild experts says that the darker the bamboo the less long-lasting it will be. That is due to the dark kinds are caused by a process known as carbonization, which places the bamboo under a high level of heat and pressure. This both changes the color and weakens the material.

6.Refinishing: Over time Bamboo flooring might discolored, scratched, or marred. FinsihBuild is glad to work with Bamboo Flooring because its surfaces can be refinished, sanding it down and subsequently re-enhance with finishing coats to add a fresh new look.

Bamboo gives and provides by empting its interiors, so if you are into a humble but strong and also stable lifestyle then this Chinese Plant would be the best companion. FinishBuild is glad to have the opportunity to learn from Bamboo who when in the storm times, it bends with the wind. And when the storm ceases, it resumes its upright position. Its ability to cope with adversity and still stand firmly without losing its original ground is moving.

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types and materials for cabinet 300x138 Types and Materials for Cabinets

Earliest cabinets were specifically designed for the storage of papers and other valuables. Cabinets as a way of obtaining the best of space and functionality, provide front access rather than the top which makes it more convenient, and instead of raising the container, FGVgggggggggDAare located on higher positions   allowing an easier frontal access and more storage areas. Consequently, the cabinet, as a form of front-opening chest placed on top of another chest or on a table, has become the ultimately solution for kitchen areas, laundry rooms, and work areas in general.

Cabinets are usually a medium to large size piece of furniture dedicated to storage, which is accessed by doors and may consist of many small drawers or open shelving. Regularly cabinets base are around 24 inches deep and 36 inches tall. However, these numbers can vary due to the fact that some furniture requires semi-custom and custom presentations. For custom areas specialty units make best use of space resulting on corner cabinets, sink & cooktop fronts, suspended units, hutches, bottle racks and appliance garages.

Types of cabinets

Ready to assemble Cabinets

types and materials for cabinet1a 300x300 Types and Materials for CabinetsNowadays, companies allow multi- functional ways of installing cabinets. For the DIY enthusiastic there is the ready to Assemble (RTA) type which is basically an easy constructed way of cabinet purchasing, they are already boxed from series home stores. Since they are lump together the only necessity is home installation. Nevertheless, in terms of resilience and toughness results are not that promising.  Even though the purpose and constantly use you might apply on them is important. If you are considering purchasing RTA cabinetry, make sure you are conscious on the fact that you might have to replace over time.

Standard Cabinets

types and materials for cabinet2a 300x300 Types and Materials for CabinetsAlso known as stock cabinets, these cupboards come on a manufac turer pre-sized presentation with standard measurements. Standard cabinets are mass-produced which can be translate as a nice reasonable option. Therefore is you are looking for a friendly budget price, these cabinets are constructed on site from modular units, with makes them also stress-free to install. Regarding resilience and durability, standard cabinet materials range from particleboard covered with plastic laminates to solid wood.

However, when it comes about style and variety, stock cabinets might offer you a relatively limited range of appealing looks. Minimalist look, with flat simple lines are shown in these types of cupboards. FinishBuild suggest that if you are into an affordable material and a non-extravagant look, then stock cabinets can help you up.

Semi-Custom & Custom Cabinets

types and materials for cabinet3 300x200 Types and Materials for CabinetsQuality and uniqueness are the word for any custom cabinet. At FinishBuild, we believe that distinctiveness is significant in any modern place. Semi-custom & custom cabinets have a comprehensive selection mixed with both style and material. Therefore, in comparison with stock cupboards, semi-custom cabinets provide some adjustable features that allow you swinging between finishes, storage solutions and decorative enhancements. Semi-custom gives you a made to order appearance option at a reasonable price and generally includes installation.

On the other hand, customized cabinets are a completely personalized way of storage your items. These cabinets offer the most diversity in style, material, finishes and accessories besides innovating design solutions. But when it comes to your budget, you might want to ready, custom cabinetry is highly priced, but you will get exactly what you want. Adapted to a style flexibility of any size, shape, depth, options are endless with custom cabinets.

Cabinet materials


types and materials for cabinet5a 300x300 Types and Materials for CabinetsFirst option despite of being a classic, wood have numerous kinds that might work with any appearance you are trying to pulled off. Among the varieties you can find, the top popular wood are oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, birch and pine. Subsequently, you have an interesting set of colors that can add to your spaces a warm but also robust atmosphere. These woods also carry grain and pattern styles, typical of wood. If you are looking for beige and cream colors, oak and maple tend to be lighter in color, while cherry and mahogany have a wealthier tint. Regarding prices, pine is the cheapest cabinet wood you can use while mahogany is one of the most expensive. On the other hand, durability is also important to keep into account while Pine’s scratches and dents easily, oak and maple are very hardy. If you are looking for a well strong material then mahogany ranks as the most durable among common cabinet woods, but make sure to check the price first.


When choosing cabinets, shelves and other food storage areas, attempt to get hold of the most rational options, those used in room corners or upper wall, which is a perfect way to save on space. Modular furniture is another answer to save space and laminate is o cabinets too. Laminate is a synthetic material placed on particleboard, which is made of compressed wood. It comes in high-pressure and low-pressure varieties. In cabinets laminate doors are made by applying the synthetic material on top of particleboard or MDF. FinishBuild flooring products might reflect a good mixture between style, color and adhesive friction. Driftwood line has the traction cabinets grip and they are available on clear colors, such as, Arena, Caliza and Lava.types and materials for cabinet4a 300x300 Types and Materials for Cabinets

  Bamboo & Stainless Steel

Last but never least bamboo is one of our eco-friendly options in order to bring the best of nature to our daily basis. Bamboo as a renewable resource can go perfectly if you are thinking on getting a new cabinet set or even remodel your areas. Bamboo is highly known because of its resilience, low maintenance and light color. If bamboo is one of your options to cabinetry we assure you that modern and fresh would be a long-term look on your home or even business areas.

Stainless steel, is another option if you are into a more industrial appearance, is a highly sturdy and low-maintenance cabinet material. Whether is contemporary or modern feeling you might be into, take into account that stainless steel might not be a pocket-friendly. However, when it comes to durability this material is corrosion, fingerprint resistant and this is why is often choose for commercial areas that have need of  practical, efficient solution for low maintenance cabinets.

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