Table for everyone

Love enters through the mouth but if there is no where to eat, it is as if there was no love. There is a place that we pass almost by inadvertent as a space that, although we use much, is always at our disposal.

For each family and home, people usually have a place, some give priority to lunch, others do not hesitate to use it as a table for multiple uses and much less it is a suitable place to be the center of the home As decoration space.

We always have to think about our priorities and then start thinking about what we will choose. For this, as we mentioned before, there are several topics that will adapt to our needs or those things that we want.

# 1 Use

Every table has a main use, eat. But it can also serve for a social visit, to do works, to gather around her. There are different materials, wood, glass or marble.

At the moment of choosing, people should think not only about what they use it for, but who are the people who live in the same place as they could be useful because the table will not always be under our control.

# 2 Material

Of the first thing we talk about, the use is super important when it comes to choosing the table, if you have children that need to do activities on it, chances are you want to get materials that have been arranged for this like woods that are resistant to blows And scratches.

If you are a very sociable person and you are always surrounded by people to eat and dine also you must have resistant materials like specially treated wooden tables with great strength and durability.

You can also opt for these tables of noble wood, very beautiful but at the same time very sacrificed, since you must be very careful against scratches and blows. But that will give a very outstanding touch in your dining room.

# 3 Measurements

When we know the variables of use and material, we can jump to a third step, which are the measures to choose and that will only give us the space that we have. For this we will need to take the necessary measures not only from the table but also from the chairs

For the standard table, the minimum measurements are closed 51 inches long and about 39 inches wide. It is prudent that if it is a small place or that does not go against our decoration or what we want, we can think of an extendable table.

# 4 Shape

The shape will only depend on the tastes and colors that we want to have for our home, or also the space we have in it.
Square tables: These are advisable for small dining rooms. Ideal for those intimate dinners, having a smaller space among the diners.
Rectangular tables: They are the most used, especially in the family environment. It is a form that offers more comfort and amplitude.
Round tables: Diners feel closer and are distributed in a way that facilitates the conversation.
Oval tables: This shape is halfway between rectangular and round. It offers great breadth and comfort. It is recommended for long and narrow spaces.
Extending tables: they are usually very practical for large dining rooms, since if you have enough space you can expand it and get more comfort when there is no space for so many guests.

# 5 Location

To finish it only remains to know where to locate it. Depending on the space and the decoration we have will be arranged on one side or the other.

The dining room has its own essence so the best thing is that this place can be defined depending on your taste and space but that maintains its nature of dining room. The table is the one who marks the identity.

 In this way we delimit the area and create a comfortable atmosphere and stability in the room.

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