Supercharge Your Toolbox at Home: Tools You Need

Prevention. This is a fine-looking word that sometimes we take for granted, the idea of prevention aims to beware of possible situations and the anticipation of action measures. Just like Chinese medicine in league with Taoism, attempt to centering on the prevention of illness, instead combat it when there fully developed, other cultures and other fields make a huge emphasis on this word.

Humankind is always planning effective strategies and plans of disaster risk reductions based on the understanding of risks that community might be facing. Therefore, evaluation, measurements and setting up materials are important steps for any the social order to make of prevention a suitable plan.

At FinishBuild we believe that any house or apartment should come with a toolbox. Even though we might think that there is nothing to worry about “right now” at some point you might have to use it, at least to build or fix something.

What any toolbox need

Even though you might not be the multitasking man does not mean that you should be vanished from fix something in the house from time to time. At FinishBuild we embrace the opportunity of being beginners, but before jumping into the fixing-everything field, we might like to suggest you a couple of tools that might come handy in those unexpected situations.

Hammer. This is our first toolbox handy item for you, man. Taking into considerations that you might need to pounding nails, pulling nails, crowbar action or tapping things into place every once in a while, FinishBuild goes with hammer option. There are several options nowadays but for what is worth,  go for a lightweight hammer, you will thank yourself.

Flathead screwdriver.  Priceless friend for any giving situation, whether is setting a new DIY cabinet or trying to fix light switch plates, straight screws, are a very nice tools to storage in your toolbox. Start with at least a set of three in order to match the right size which can make a difference in repairing circumstances.

Electric Drill. This is one versatile tool. If you are not into multiple set of gears, an electric drill can be a nice purchase to begin with. It will drill holes, sand and grind and stir paint.

Pliers. These items can become very handy depending on the purpose you want to achieve. Serrated jaws of pliers, for example can assist you with holding objects firmly, as well as with pulling, pinching or bending metal. They can also be impeccable at making precise bends in wire, so we must count with them on our toolbox.

Cutting Pliers. When it comes to cut a thick materials, such as heavy-gauge electrical wire and even small metal hardware like nails and screws, cutting pliers are very useful instead a regular knife.

Flashlight. This is one of FinifhBuild must-have items for your box, with a rechargeable flashlight you can safe a couple of bucks looking for fresh batteries. Think wise, so next time you have work to do under a dark sink cabinet, this item would definitely help you.

Tape measure. Even though you might not use it as often as a hammer, a  tape measure is indispensable for estimating material quantities, figuring out placement of objects, and calculating floor plans and furniture sizes. Therefore, do not hesitate on acquiring one of these friendly must-have items.

Putty knife. We strongly suggest you to have at least a pair of these items. It is rarely the frequency of use but when the time comes they might ease your life in an 80%. A putty knife is great for scraping dry glues and paints and for spreading putty, paste and spackle and if you have a pair you can also have a partner to join you. Regarding sizes try a 1½-inch size for scraping and a  5-inch one for spreading is helpful.

Level. Regarding DIY projects, levels are always nice items to own for if you need to know if surfaces are correctly situated. While people are good at eyeballing whether something is level or not, levels are necessary in order to make a well-based project.

Modifiable crescent wrench. A wrench would come handy on any situation that might require closing, opening or just adjusting any nut or screw. Adjustable wrenches have a screw built into the head of this wrench; turning it adjusts the size of the opening, so that it fits onto most any hexagonal nut.

Electrical cord. A long, well-insulated indoor-outdoor power cord can make your life at least 10 times easier when it comes to work with for example electric drills or lighting adaptation in order to work properly.  However, before purchasing make sure it covers high-amp and matches also with your voltage tool requirements.