Superb & Functional Materials for Patio Covers

There was a time when home patios were not considered as a significant part of a house; homeowners did not pay too much attention to them, and therefore this adjoined area remained as a place to store unutilized objects. Nonetheless, today people have changed their way to see a home patio; they do give more importance to their patio area and realize how recreational and functional this spot can be. This outdoor living space not only contributes to the quality of your home but also to the quality of life, there are a bunch of benefits you can enjoy and today we have decided to dedicate this post to you, a homeowner that have made the decision to add a gorgeous home’s extension, but is not sure about the type of material that best works as a patio cover.

Choosing the right patio cover material is a crucial step in such home improvement, it can determine the quality and durability of this outdoor space. This is why you need to make sure that the materials you opt for are strong enough to withstand the elements in the long term, they need to be lightweight at the same time so they keep you and your family comfortable while spending time underneath it. We at FinishBuild have researched what are the choices on materials that serve as patio covers, and among the most common ones we can mention: metal, fiberglass, plastic, wood, vinyl, aluminum.

Base on your lifestyle’s needs as well as the region and climate, any of these materials can provide shade and shelter for your outdoor activities; not to mention that the size, style and shape can be suitably adjusted in order to fit the structure and design of this exceptional outdoor area.

Superb & Functional Materials

Give your outdoor room eye- catching appeal, the following materials promise to help you create a unique and protected environment that suitably matches with your furniture and amenities choices.

Wood Patio Covers

As you have probably read it from our previous posts, wood is such an amazing construction material, its versatility is certainly what makes it one of our favorite options to cover your patio. Wood patio coverings are available in many shapes, sizes and prices. We believe that homeowners decide on wooden patio covers due to their natural beauty; this material also has de ability to fit exceptionally into almost any landscape and another great feature of it is that you can structure it to match your home’s architectural design.

On the other hand, you can even find coverings made of this material that have very little impact on the environment, for instance: bamboo or maple, these are sustainable choices because the wood is not being cut down faster than it can be replaced by new trees. Great complements for such patio cover, which not only looks charming but functional, are climbing plants and vegetable which can be grown in your outdoor space. Since every gorgeous appearance has a price, the downside of wood patio cover is the demanding upkeep needed; since this type of material is prone to warping, peeling and rotting, regular sanding and repainting are essential cares you should keep in mind for extending the life of your wood patio roofing.

Aluminum Patio Cover

This option is easy to install and as wood patio cover, aluminum covers can be purchased in the size, style and color that best suits your needs. This covering material is strong and lightweight at the same time; it is durable and high- resistant to outdoor conditions. Aluminum patio coverings are able to provide superb protection from any type of weather and keeping the comfort intact. Unlike wood, insects, warping, cracking or rotting would not be problems you will have to deal with if you opt for this patio roofing alternative. When it comes to aluminum patio cover, you need to know that minimal upkeep is necessary to make it looking awesome; furthermore this is a low cost option which is also able to fit in with most patio styles. As you may know, metals is a great conductor of heat, so if you’re your patio covering is made of regular aluminum panels, this might keep your patio uncomfortable for you and your loved ones when you stand beneath it.

Fiberglass and Plastic Patio Cover

Fairly low-priced, these are very durable patio covering materials that last more than any other types. Both of the mentioned materials are designed to allow a complete light exposure without leaving your unprotected from rain or harmful UV rays. Generally, plastic patio cover comes in lightweight panels that can be adapted to match your design, this is a very accessible patio covering that is able to withstand unpredictable weather conditions. Fiberglass can be a little bit harder to find in the market but it is important to highlight that is also an earth- friendly alternative; this covering option is made by using recycled materials that contribute to reduce the massive amount of waste on our planet.

Vinyl Patio Cover

Virtually maintenance free, vinyl covers are lightweight structures available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs. Since this is a synthetic patio covering, you will have the opportunity to purchase it in wood finish simulation. It is true that if compare with other types of material, vinyl is more expensive, however by choosing it you get an excellent covering material which does not need to be sanded or repainted and if your choose a high- quality material, you get an even more durable covering option for your patio that is less likely to rot, peel or crack. Regarding its appearance, we have to make notice that in terms of beauty vinyl can fade over time and unfortunately cannot be painted to more suitable tones in order to complement the look of your home.

Your patio is an excellent place to unwind; this outdoor living space is where you, your family and friends can relax at the end of a hard week of work. This will be an all season outdoor area, therefore you need to keep in mind that sometimes weather can be unpredictable; your patio can be affected by a sudden rainstorm or a heat wave, any of these circumstances can prevent you from enjoying a relaxing weekend (and we are sure your would not like it!). So why not to make sure to provide your patio with a great protective cover? Strive to research each of the materials we have suggested above, make sure to align their features taking into consideration your needs and create a gorgeous spot that is not only functional but distinctive…you dream it, we Build it!